Thursday, November 30, 2006

Firefox Revolution

You might have noticed the new tag at the bottom of the page.

I've joined the Firefox Revolution!

Now, so far I am TERRIBLY HAPPY with it! The ONLY problem that I've had so far is that it won't display my Frapper Map! So, the answer is to get more people to go to Firefox! The more people that are using Firefox, the better it will get! It WILL play the music though which I changed so people don't get caught at work or anything by the automatic start-up(was that cool or what the first time you heard it!?). You can play it whenever you like to get that game-feel, or just a pick-me-up, here at the UNH Men's Hockey Blog! I'll see what I can do to get the full version with the same start as the game version! Any leads would be helpful - all I need is a link to an accessible file of the song.

Anyhow, those of you who haven't joined Wildcat Nation on the Frapper Map, do so! I can still see the map with my other browser!

Go 'Cats!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Hockey East Online drops the puck again and they're not starting a hockey game - they're starting a firestorm! This cannot be tolerated!

Just look at their player of the month!

Trevor smith outscored him in any reasonable way you crunch the numbers!

They tried to make it up by making Regan goalie of the month! And HE DIDN'T HAVE THE BEST GOALTENDING NUMBERS FOR THE MONTH!

Numbers don't tell the whole story, but this time they are just plain spot-on. Anyone who's been following Hockey East Hockey and therefore UNH Hockey would know how key Trevor Smith has been to our team. I know, I know, I'm preaching to the choir. But the Hockey East Online writers have a journalistic responsibility to give it to us straight as opposed to here where just about anything goes as long as our 'Cats are winning.

Once again, by the power vested in me by the Hockey Gods, I hereby decree, Trevor Smith, Player of the Month. Please continue to take out your wrath on the poor teams in the basement of Hockey East (and the pathetic, nearly defunct ECACHL) - who, contrary to the "frothing at the mouth" HE commentators, make Hockey East a disparaging tale to two hockey leagues and one of the most disparate leagues in college hockey.

Trevor Smith, Trevor Smith, Trevor Smith!
(Two time Player of the Week, and now, Player of the Month for November!)

Go 'Cats!

College Hockey News Blog At It Again

When the rest of the college hockey world seems like it's closing in... no not FRIENDS, College Hockey News Blog comes to the rescue with the best poll in the land. There are only some subtle differences at first glance but they are extremely significant to getting undeserving teams (Cornell!) out of the rankings.

College Hockey News Blog PUCK PollUSCHO 'PATHETIC' Poll

1 Minnesota
2 New Hampshire
3 Maine
4 Notre Dame
5 Michigan
6 Miami
7 Denver
8 St. Cloud State
9 Boston College
10 Boston University
11 North Dakota
12 Vermont
13 Colorado College
14 Michigan State
15 Yale
16 Michigan Tech
17 N/A
18 N/A
19 N/A
20 N/A

1 Minnesota
2 New Hampshire
3 Maine
4 Miami
5 Notre Dame
6 Michigan
7 Boston College
8 Denver
9 Boston University
10 St. Cloud State
11 North Dakota
12 Michigan State
13 Cornell
14 Alaska
15 Colorado College
16 Yale
17 Dartmouth
18 Vermont
19 Massachusetts
20 Northern Michigan

Now. The differences don't affect us (NOW, they did in earlier weeks) but I think the PUCK Poll puts some better teams in better spots and doesn't show as much 'favoritism'. And you know what I think of US'uck'CHO. Come on, Alaska!?

For those of you with a sense of humor check out the fine work that I someday hope to rival of the LetsGoDU bloggers - my oh my. And by the way, if you really think their blog is better than this one then get on over here and start working!

Don't forget to add a name and a shoutout to your Frapper Map tag at the bottom of the page!

Go 'Cats!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The World Is Not Enough

One day Wildcat Nation will probably have members on the Moon and Mars. For now they range the Earth. Make sure you show your blue and white and show everyone the extent of Wildcat Nation on our Frapper Map at the bottom of the page and spread the word.

So, how do you like the tunes? I can't hear it when the page comes up and for those of you like me who would like to hear the tunes just go to the Audio Clip on my profile (beneath the poll). If you don't want to hear the vibe you should be able to click and stop it right above the poll. Someday I hope to be able to alter the clip to the version used at our beloved Whittemore Center.

The game against Merrimack looks alright on the score sheet but I remain displeased. I really expected more and the slow start against the Cub Scouts will not be sufficient in the Battle Royale on Sunday. The top Cat will be decided on Sunday and this game is really the start of the rest of the season not the last before the break. It's a must win and a can win - and we will win.

Right Now, UNH 5-1!

Shawn Vinz is working on confirming my prediction - way to go!

Congrats to Kevin Regan on his first shutout this year! I'd like to see you do it to UVM!

This is my mantra!

I want game-in, game-out domination! I want the net bricked-in! I WANT BUCKETS OF FIRST PERIOD GOALS as well as second and third!

Keep your noses to the grindstone! Bury every puck in the back of the opposition's net and plow under anyone who gets in your way!

Go 'Cats!
You can now vote again in the scoring poll for tonight's game vs. Merrimack!
Tonight's Game

Warriors? More like Cub Scouts!

No need to scout these scouts.

Just take a look at College Hockey News' UNH - Merrimack "Tale of the Tape"!

It certainly tells a tale!

I want annihilation! I'm talking double-digits!


This is my mantra!

I want game-in, game-out domination! I want the net bricked-in! I want buckets of first period goals as well as second and third!

Keep your noses to the grindstone! Bury every puck in the back of the opposition's net and plow under anyone who gets in your way!

Go 'Cats!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Home away from home. Illinois?

It seems UNH is a home away from home for Illinois hockey home-boys according to the Wildcat Nation Frapper Map. Represented by players such as...

Mike Radja - Yorkville, Illinois

Having quite a nice year!

Nick Krates - Paols Park, Illinois

Keep working!

Mike Lubesnick - Northbrook, Illinois

Mike's a popular name out your way, huh?

John Sadowski - Glenview, Illinois

Man I miss the Sadowski, Shipulski, Roger-ski Line!

All I can say, keep sending'm our way!

Go 'Cats!
Late To The Party

Well, well, well... for us that it is!

Looks like USCHO and the INCH Polls (that's INside College Hockey for those that don't know) were late to the party and their girl's already found her man tonight!

Now they want to be nice and pretend they know what they're talking about. Too late. Who thinks USCHO deserves a YOU SUCK for being lamely late?

And how about the lame writing this year? I'll honestly admit, this has to be one of the wackiest years in college hockey. The only thing that has been consistent is the inconsistency of play for many of the major teams (just look at our 'Cats at home early this year). But, USCHO writers instead of admiting they can't figure out what in the heck is going on just submit past deadline articles that over-analyze trivialities and say a WHOLE LOT OF NOTHING!

Chalk one up for Wildcat Nation!(From all corners of the globe w/ more and more joining the Frapper Map at the bottom of the page!)

Go 'Cats!

Well, yet another Happy Hockey Monday!

Sorry, I'm a bit late in posting this morning. I'm put off of my hockey happiness due to an evil landlady. My landlady is deciding to raise the rent $100 dollars per month for the first of the year. We can barely make it now and another $100 dollars is out of the question. Well timed if I must say so myself with Thanksgiving just finishing up and Christmas around the corner and a new baby on the way for the middle of January. Thanks landlady!

Well, with that out of my system for now, let's see if I can focus on hockey.

Our Wildcats continue their winning ways despite, maybe in spite, of getting no respect from the hockey world. That's okay. All I've got to say is that their respect isn't worth spit. So, even when we do get some respect I say shove it down their throats and continue on our way. Remember the mantra!

This is my mantra!

I want game-in, game-out domination! I want the net bricked-in! I want buckets of first period goals as well as second and third!

Keep your noses to the grindstone! Bury every puck in the back of the opposition's net and plow under anyone who gets in your way!

Go 'Cats!

All I've got to say is our 'Cats have got to keep pushing. I want to see a big push when Merrimack comes to town. And all the stops will have to come out versus Vermont on Sunday in an afternoon game(Televised on ESPNU).

News - Jason Krog gets called up to the NHL (Atlanta Thrashers) and scores just 2:?? into the game then is sent back to the AHL where Krog, Haydar and former college opponent Brett Sterling are now referred to as the "Three-Headed Monster" and continue to put up ridiculous numbers.

Other than that a fairly quiet time in the Hockey World is Thanksgiving Break as far as I can tell. Oh, I did want to say that was VERY funny to whoever voted the correct score AFTER the game! And I really like the 'Cat that voted a 100 - 1! And KEEP VOTING IN EACH POLL AS THEY COME!

Well, Happy Hockey Monday. Somebody comment with some Wildcat News that interests you!

Go 'Cats!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Well, that was BORING!

3-1 'Cats.

Congrats to Kevin Kapstad for getting his first collegiate point!

I was really hoping they would bury them through the last half of the game. Really not an acceptable game practice. If you can't take it to a team like Northeastern then how are you going to take it to a team when you really need to... it's too easy to get into a routine. So, remember the mantra... oops, I forgot to put the mantra in my pre-game.

This is my mantra!

I want game-in, game-out domination! I want the net bricked-in! I want buckets of first period goals as well as second and third!

Keep your noses to the grindstone! Bury every puck in the back of the opposition's net and plow under anyone who gets in your way!

Go 'Cats!
A Day Off, Game Tonight, New Poll, More Members of Wildcat Nation Step Forward...

Well, even the UNH Hockey Blogger Guy needs a day off once in a while. After stuffing MYSELF on Thursday (they should just call the whole meal STUFFING) I got out and played some stick and puck for a couple hours yesterday - good time... then... I just wasted the rest of the day.

New Poll (ya probably noticed - SO VOTE!) - I can't see who votes what, so nobody's gonna get persecuted and the only thing associated with the poll is the results pop-up when you click 'submit vote' so you can see how people are voting and you can always come back and check the results with the 'current results' button and you can even leave comments on the results pop-up if you scroll down. No sign-ups, just a couple ads on the results pop-up, no other junk at all.

Wildcat Nation continues to come forward proclaiming their loyalty. Make sure you include a name and a shoutout - go edit your marker if you haven't! Remember the Frapper Map is down at the bottom of the page - you can see who your closest Wildcat Compatriot is and know that you're not alone in what is looking to be a Wildcat World!

Now, business...

I fully expect to see Brian Foster in net tonight. The coaching staff knows that he's at least ready to be coddled into games like the home game vs. Lowell and I think they'll look to him to start his first road game in the Town of Magical Fruit. Having handled Northeastern like a ragdoll in our first two meetings I expect a chippy game from the kick-me dogs. They will fight hard and scrap, not having won a single Hockey East game this year, but will not find their first (and possibly their last) win tonight.

I'm looking forward to our 'Cats coming out and playing as the dominant team that they are. I think we will see ever-increasing intensity as the season goes on and this game will show some additional grit due to some loose play vs. BC that allowed 3 goals. As much as I'd like to see 7-0 'Cats tonight I'm not feeling it so,

UNH wins 5-1!

Remember to tune in tonight to the Yahoo Sports Broadcast (find it in my Links Section) and

Go 'Cats!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

With boring ol' football on my thoughts turn to hockey. As UNH Wildcats Men's Hockey team fans we have a lot to be thankful for.

An 8-2-1 record.

Being King-of-the-Hill ready to take all comers.

Trevor Smith.

Jerry Pollastrone.

Matt Fornataro.

Jacob Mcflickier

Brian Foster

The List goes on...

Be thankful for the incoming recruits...

James VanRiemsdyk

Philip DeSimone

Paul Thompson

Steve Moses

And all the rest...

And the mantra...

This is my mantra!

I want game-in, game-out domination! I want the net bricked-in! I want buckets of first period goals as well as second and third!

Keep your noses to the grindstone! Bury every puck in the back of the opposition's net and plow under anyone who gets in your way!

Go 'Cats!

Happy Thanksgiving and

Go 'Cats!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Just had to note...

Jason Krog tonight had 2g, 3a

Darren Haydar tonight had 1g, 3a

Go 'Cats!
As I said before... The Best Offense in the Land!

Now, officially the best.

Our 'Cats now own a 4.73 GPG average.

I won't expect any write-ups from USCHO to mention New Hampshire. At this point I wonder how they'll figure out how to talk about college hockey come the end of the season without mentioning the National Champions.

My mantra seems to be working pretty well, I think the guys just missed the I WANT THE NET BRICKED-IN part so I tried to make it stand-out! This season is all about tough love - I'm not going to go soft on my critiques and I expect our 'Cats not to go soft either. They've got to play EVERY game like they have something to prove! EVERY game to the mantra!

This is my mantra!

I want game-in, game-out domination! I WANT THE NET BRICKED-IN! I want buckets of first period goals as well as second and third!

Keep your noses to the grindstone! Bury every puck in the back of the opposition's net and plow under anyone who gets in your way!

And I don't think you miss this part but, Oh Yeah, Have Some Fun Out There!

Go 'Cats!
UNH - BC Game Notes (ongoing)
(sorry if anyone was looking for these earlier, computer was needed by others...)

It's 3-3 on a goal at 4.3 secs to go in the Second by Ferrerio

UNH has been up by a goal each time...



First goal was Fritsch,

Second was Fornataro

Third was Radja - guess he tooled on the defense then "waxed" Schneider...

Fourth - Murray (initially credited to Pollastrone, now an assist)

Fifth - Pollastrone (fluke/own goal)

Sixth - Smith

Goaltending sounds weak, play seems fast and loose, blah, blah, blah... Foster better be in next game. Defense seems a little off.

What did I predict? 5-1? I apologize, I underestimated the OFFENSE. I blame Kevin Regan for the 3 instead of 1.

I think this team can do better.
Well, I'll start with the good.*New Stuff As of 6:30pm before gametime*

It's good, great even, to see everyone show-up and show us the extent of Wildcat Nation!
If you haven't already, get your location up on the Frapper Map at the bottom of the page. For those already there, a name (make one up if you don't want to use your own) and a shoutout would be nice (I'm pretty sure you can edit your marker). Thanks to Savo and Jamie for letting us know that we are among former Wildcat greats here at the UNH Hockey Blog!

Now, for the bad.

With a dismal 6 votes (including yours truly) - Brian Foster gets the nod for tonight's game with 4 of the 6 votes. I saw the two votes for Regan but I didn't see any reasoning for the vote in the comment section (you just scroll down the results pop-up). I really can't justify putting Regan in tonight. Brian played extremely well against Lowell, I want to see what he is capable of against BC. Regan has started every game and Foster earned another start with his play against Lowell. I'm still wondering if it's ever been done before - first start, first shutout?

As for tonight's game.

The first line is going to have to produce. Trevor Smith is patched up but I'm going off what I saw last of him and that is someone playing injured - this could reduce his effectiveness, but maybe - more probably - if I can tell anything looking at a player like Trevor Smith he's going to dig deep and have a big night. The third and fourth lines are going to be great for us. They've discovered their role as the heart and soul of this team - I should just call them 'heart' line and 'soul' line. They are going to be crucial to establishing the intensity of the team. I think Brett is just hitting his stride as I saw him on that right post for the first time this year last game. Jacob has been putting up points all year, look for him to figure big in tonights game.

Tonight's going to be all about playing hard, playing fast and dominating the opposition from the start. Cory Schneider has been shaky all season, I expect to see that confirmed tonight. If our 'Cats decide to come with intensity early tonight I would even expect to see him pulled.

*I embarrassed myself for publishing this without mentioning our D. Defense will be tight tonight. Strong, stand-up play at our blue line and bodies on opposing players in front of the net. NO GETTING CAUGHT OUT OF POSITION. I suspect Brad Flaishans will continue to add to his defense-leading point totals tonight and contribute to the W. I'm thinking our 'Cats may be looking to put another 0 in the opposing team's scoring column.*

This is my mantra!

I want game-in, game-out domination! I want the net bricked-in! I want buckets of first period goals as well as second and third!

Keep your noses to the grindstone! Bury every puck in the back of the opposition's net and plow under anyone who gets in your way!

Go 'Cats!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I would have posted sooner but I could not get on after posting this morning.

A couple hours ago I stumbled across an interesting tidbit... well, what do you know, the Under-18 Team played Robert Morris on Sunday, oh, eeeww, a 2-2 tie, that's lousy. Let's see who scored - you guessed it. Down 2-0 early in the third JAMES VANRIEMSDYK scores to get his team on the board. Then, just 5 minutes later, on the powerplay, VanRiemsdyk sets up Colin Wilson, who set him up for HIS goal, to tie the game. They ended the game with the only points for their team 1g, 1a apiece. Not too shabby.

And look at the Frapper Map of Wildcat Nation! Can you believe it?!? Wildcat Nation stretches across the entire world!
*And now it is WAY down at the bottom of the page to help deal with aesthetic issues with some operating systems - I hope you can get to it and everything looks all right. Thanks to the HE Blogger for the suggestion.*

Cool, now come on! Vote in the poll!

Oh, I wish it were Wednesday! I want to see our 'Cats dismantle BC!

Go 'Cats!
Sweet, Got Frapper?

I just added a Frapper map so people know where Wildcat Nation is! (It's down at the bottom of the page - no, Wildcat Nation is not at the bottom of the page, that's where the MAP of Wildcat Nation is! - I didn't want it to be in the way and I'm working on getting it setup so it appears right on everyone's system.)

I think we'd all like to know if you're a former player! Let us know your name (and number of course) if you're a former player.

If you are a former player who's playing don't worry, I'll get to adding you to the 'Notables' list - of course all former Wildcat players are notable but it's just going to be a list of the current pros, sorry guys.

Add yourself Wildcats (in case you didn't already know, that's you too fans!)!!!

Go 'Cats!
The Real Deal.

The only real poll out there is of course in the college hockey blog world, our very own College Hockey News Blog PUCK Poll.

Somehow we 'Cats always manage to go unmentioned... we must not be dominating the opposition enough. I say we take BC down hard on Wednesday. UNH wins 5-1!

We have a chance to deliver the knockout punch to a BC team that has been holding itself up by the ropes. The jersey is up over their head all we have to do is deliver one good punch. I'm not saying they're an easy target but this is your one chance 'Cats. Every game - play it like it's your last!

We are the team that gets ragged on as the University of No Hardware. The team that people refer to as being made up of underachievers. It's time to change all of that! We will not quit! We won't back down! We will mount an onslaught on our opposition that will tear down the pathetic edifices of the pretentious old boys hockey system. We've got to bring an intensity that hasn't been seen in years from a Wildcat team. Remember the 98-99 team. Don't give Maine an inch. THIS TEAM CAN BRING IT AND BEAT ANYONE. THIS TEAM WILL BRING IT AND BEAT ANYONE.

I want to remind everyone of TWO back-to-back loses at home. You owe it to the fans, to yourselves, to win every last game at home. And you sure as heck better go into every other building at show them how it feels to lose at home!

As for the game on Wednesday you'll have to catch it on the radio - scan your stations, FM and AM, I find it on 107.7 here. It's a fun throw-back to oldtime hockey!

Go 'Cats!

Monday, November 20, 2006

HHM - Happy Hockey Monday *New Stuff as of 9:15am Today*


Maine Loses to BC in OT - probably not very news worthy to most of you out there but I think this sets us up for a good game against BC on Wednesday in which our 'Cats can put themselves firmly out in front, well that and a REMATCH AGAINST UMASS... I CAN'T WAIT!

Recruits: "I'm so excited! That I just can't hide it..."

Mike Borisenok - after being cut loose by his USHL team last year he was picked up by the Green Bay Gamblers of the USHL. He has already matched last years point totals in a quarter of the games with 3 goals and 6 points. Some may remember another UNH recruit that played for the Gamblers, goaltender, Ty Conklin.

Philip DeSimone - in just 13 games this year he has 8 goals and 20 points (Last Year he had 15 and 53 in 60 games) at this pace he could look to put up more than 80 points.

"Big" Will O'Neill - Drafted by Atlanta - don't know much about him but he has 1g, 1a in 12 games this year. He should be a welcome addition to our 'Cats.

James VanRiemsdyk - last check puts him at 4g and 8p in 4 games for the U-18 team. Look for more of the same. * As of 11-01-06... 16gp, 14g, 9a, 23pts, 20pm - Leads the team in scoring!* YIKES! WOO HOO FOR UNH!!!


Steve Moses - putting up solid numbers with 9g, 11a in 23 games. He plays a very good game and I look forward to seeing more of this forward.

Greg Burke - finally got in the scoring column with 1g, 4a. His name is only going to be showing up more and more frequently in that column.

Paul Thompson - added 3 more points to his excellent numbers for 24g and 20a in 21 games! He will undoubtably find the same touch here.

I don't know about you but I'm excited.

Some outlooks for The UNH Hockey Blog:

Get ALL the alumni that are playing pro in the noteable tracking chart.

Eventually get some more connectivity in the chart to be able to click through/link out and start adding UNH records.

Suggestions for improvement?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

How 'bout a little more Sunday Hockey Review...

Jerry Pollastrone is obviously the Player of the Week. With 3 goals and 2 assists in two games against Lowell. I can see him back in this position before long.

Trevor Smith continues the good fight only just dipping, temporarily I'm sure, below the two points per game mark. I'll have to see this North Vancouver, British Columbia some day!

Shawn Vinz and the third and fourth line. You give meaning to the chant "GO, FIGHT, WIN!!! You guys are the heart and soul of this team. Vinz will finish this year with 6 goals and 7 assists for 13 points. Congrats to Dan Rossman for assisting on Vinz's goal for his first collegiate point. Way to go Danny Boy!

WEDNESDAY (11/22/06) is for HOCKEY!

Our 'Cats will take on BC in the Conte Forum. I expect a struggle. The Eagles, win or lose, come from playing Maine today (still no new computer and I can't get GameTracker to run so I have no idea of the status of this game). I expect to see BC buckle-down. I also expect our 'Cats to bring even more effort and definitely the intensity of a University of New Hampshire, Wildcat Hockey Team. We will have to out-work, out-hustle and plain out-class BC to get out of Bean Town cleanly. I expect Brett Hemingway to break-out in this game. To the tune of "Bringing Sexy Back", "I'm bringing Hemi back, YEAH! I want to see him back on track, YEAH!"

Some other notes:

With just 9 more goals, we will eclipse the ENTIRE HOCKEY EAST SEASON GOAL OUTPUT of the Merrimack Warriors last year. With just 11 goals we will pass the halfway-mark to last season's HE Goal Output.

Trevor Smith will equal his point output last year with just one more point. Somehow, I don't think he'll be satisfied with this.

Someone who has escaped my verboise is Matt Fornataro. He has quietly amassed his point total from last year and then plus four (16 points this year), in just 10 games! - in this, his third year. Holy Schnikies!

I have to wonder - has any other goaltender achieved Brian Foster's feat? A shutout in his first collegiate start? Can anyone track down this tidbit?

Alright, I'll be back for more tomorrow!

Go 'Cats!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

*NEW STUFF 11/19/06*

This year's team can go as far as it wants but it will want for more intensity to do so.

Brian Foster, I believe, has made an impression. I expected no less. I would like to see what happens when he lets up two goals early. Will he step up? Hold his composure as well as he did for a shutout in his first collegiate game? Time will tell. I bet he will.

Trevor Smith was held to just one assist in the 4-0 shutout over Lowell due to a cut that required a significant number of stiches above his knee. He returned to the game as soon as he could but was not able to be effective. Hopefully he will be back to top form soon.

An awesome weekend, but not good enough. There's more to be done. Hemingway, Micflikier and Radja need to buckle down and take control of their game. There's potential there for them to just explode and put the second line in their place. I must say that I really see the team coming together. Josh, I want to see the Stick Salute tightened-up (make sure you read through the posts to see my suggestions). And WATCH THE PENALTIES! Keep the Defense tight like you did tonight! A couple breakdowns, watch the high-pressure moves above the blue-line.


*And I'll allow 'gman16' to goad me into posting...

CONGRATULATIONS SHAWN VINZ!!! How does it feel to skate the gauntlet after all these years!?


Go 'Cats!
UNH vs. Lowell - 11/18/2006

BRIAN FOSTER is in net for his first career start for our WILDCATS!
Vinnie Monaco

*Announcers dropped their moniter on the fans.

first period

Pollastrone Scores! First Shot!

1-0 UNH! [1:12, Pollastrone(5), {Smith(9)}]

5:30 to go, Smith is MIA - will update...

end of first

'Cats powerplay has been weak...

Defense has been good, Foster looks sharp but has seen little rubber...

Skating and intensity do not look good...

second period

2-0 UNH! [:48, Radja(9), {Flaishans(7),Micflikier(11)}]

3-0 UNH! [2:??, VINZ(1), {Flaishans(8),Rossman(1),}]

Smith IS back (think he has been since beginning of the period) - he looks fine...

end of second

Forgot to mention... I didn't see the fish after the first goal... hmmm?

Foster looks FANTASTIC!

I predicted Vinz's first collegiate goal for last night! Hey Shawn, you could have scored it last night to make my prediction look better - but close enough!

Still noticing a lack of intensity. It looks like they could skate circles around Lowell if they wanted to...

third period

4-0 UNH [11:52, Hemingway(2), {Radja(4), Micflikier(12)}]
- Radja loses the D and he and Hemi go in 2-on-0...

end of game

I didn't notice... were there fans at the game at all? I certainly couldn't hear any...

Hemingway looks like he's working on "bringing Hemi back"... I agree with Bob Norton he needs to get back to that post that he and his brother have worked so well...

THAT WAS SOME D! That's how you play D! From now on, that's how you play D!

Foster is For Real! Hey Brian! Looks like you could land an F-22 on those pads! Better watch out that some of the planes flying around Portsmouth don't mistake those pads for the runways at Pease! No really, keep up the good work

Smith was cut on the leg by a skate and recieved a "significant" number of stitches!


Here comes the BOOM!

What can I say... I'M NOT IMPRESSED.

I want game-in, game-out domination! I want the net bricked-in! I want buckets of first period goals as well as second and third!

Keep your noses to the grindstone! Bury every puck in the back of the opposition's net and plow under anyone who gets in your way!

Wake up Hemingway! All cylinders! THIS IS IT! Your SENIOR YEAR!

And keep the penalties down guys...

As for tonight's game, YOU OWE IT TO THE FANS! MAKE US PROUD! OWN HOME ICE! AND GET THE STICK SALUTE TOGETHER! Here's what I want you to do... First line up around the circle (EVERYONE!) facing in and lift the sticks in unison... when the last stick comes up everyone comes down together! Then turn, everyone facing out, and lift sticks again in unison and drop them again in salute! Then it would be really cool if you all turned to your left and skated in a complete circle around the circle and when Ciocco comes around to the red line on the bench side he peels-off and skates straight for the exit with the players coming out of the circle in a line behind him, but rather than skate off the ice he should turn and lead the team in a victory/salute lap and then leave the ice. Ok, the last part might be a bit much, at least take my offered improvement of the stick salute... if you lose just drop and give the Fans 100, fans count!

Tonight's Game,

UNH 7, Lowell 0

Televised On NHPTV.

Go 'Cats!

Friday, November 17, 2006

For anyone in game-stat limbo

4-2 'Cats! Half-way through the third.

Slow start = 0-1 after one...

Our 'Cats start to play = 2 goals VERY early in the second Very close together (~40 sec.)
... good powerplays lead to 2 more plus allowing one

4-2 'Cats after two...

nothing doing in the third... (did kill 44 sec. 5-3, Kapstad & Charlebois in the box)
Oh, Hutton was pulled after giving up 4 in the second, he didn't come back for the third...

Pollastrone - 2g,2a - unselfishly dishes the puck to Fornataro late in the game... the goalie obviously thought he was going for the trick... stupid goalie...

5-2 'Cats

from what I'm hearing it's our first win in Lowell in five years...

Smith - 1g, 2a

Fornataro - 1g, 1a

Radja - 1g

Flaishans & Switzer - 2 a apiece

1:47 Pollastrone (Smith, Fornataro)

2:13 Smith (Pollastrone, Flaishans)

14:59 Pollastrone (Flaishans, Switzer)

19:32 Radja (Hemingway, Switzer)

18:08 Fornataro (Pollastrone, Smith)


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Going Down in a Blaise of Glory! *NEW*Stuff*At*the*End*of*This*Post*(11/17/06)

Lowell will regret playing host to our UNH Wildcats tomorrow night. Lowell, with their diminutive coach, come into the game with a 3-3-3 record and a 2-1-2 record in Hockey East. They've barely managed to outscore their opponents, 25-24, in 9 games. They're coming off a loss to Maine last Friday that was close until the end. I hope they don't expect more of the same.

I expect our 'Cats will come in with a ton of intensity and turn the Riverhawks into sitting ducks. Carter Hutton (freshman goaltender) has played well for Lowell, .905 Save% and a 2.44 GAA but he will be up against the most potent offense in the land of college hockey, the UNH Wildcats, 37 goals in 8 games, outscoring our opponents 37-22. He has only faced an average of 24 shots per game. Look for our Wildcats to fill the back of the net again this night with their new-found intensity against a Lowell team looking to prove itself but just plain outmatched.

My Prediction - 6-1 UNH!

Some notes of interest:

While Lowell brought in an absolutely huge freshman class this year (14) the average age of the team is a quite normal at 20.93 years with a range of just one 18 year old (Jason Bergeron) up to the veteran 24 year old JR Bria. One freshman to keep away from the puck is the playmaker Paul Worthington who has 6 assists on the young year. Another frosh to look out for is Jeremy Dehner who has dished and potted the puck with some success this year at 3-3-6. Lowell's only real guns return in the form of Jason Tejchma and Jeremy Hall. Another look at Worthington may point to the reason for his success - he'll be 21 in a month! The trio of 20 year old freshmen who look to turn 21 by the end of the season may soon put the beer-goggles on Lowell's moderate success - we'll see if they can keep from kneeling to the porcelain god and keep Lowell out of the cellar.

Our 'Cats average age I have at 20.88 years in a rough statistical calculation (I just looked at the average year of birth - leaving it to statistics to plane out the month of birth - it should be close for both teams putting them in a statistical dead-heat with margin-of-error figured in.) Our young-guns include, from youngest, Peter LeBlanc (18 yrs), Dan Rossman, Bobby Butler and Brian Foster(all at 19 yrs). Our wily-veteran at 23 years old is Shawn Vinz - look for him to garner his first colleigate goal in Friday night's game. And let's give Brad Flaishans and Craig Switzer a belated Happy Birthday!, for the only October birthdays.

In case you forgot...

8-2 'Cats!

Go 'Cats!

"catlover" tries to redeem (herself?)... and (she?) provides us with a messed-up link in the comment section of this post... being the Great UNH Blogger Guy I am... I figured it out and fixed it for all of you so you can keep up with another 'Cat doing very well for himself... Sean Collins!

Thanks "catlover" there may be hope for you yet!

I hope everyone gets a chance to at least listen to the game tonight... even my poor dial-up connection and ol' crappy computer managed the Yahool broadcast. Look for it in my link section!

8-2 'Cats!

Go 'Cats!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Heads Will Turn, Heads Will Roll!

Trevor Smith has been "doing it and doing it and doing it wow! " Now he's representing New Hampshire, he was born out in North Vancouver, BC? That's kinda like Canada's Brooklyn, right?

What ever it's like out there they raised one heck-of-a hockey player. Now he's attracted a bit more notice. The pros at Inside College Hockey, have listed UNH's Trevor Smith as their Hidden Hobey(scroll to the bottom for the good stuff).

I just had to post this here even though the blasted Hockey East Blog got to it first - afterall, this IS the UNH Hockey Blog and Trevor Smith is doing the Blue and White proud!

Don't Forget!

8-2 'Cats!

Go 'Cats!
Wednesday = Halfway to Hockey Heaven

Here is a real poll folks. Those sucker polls at USCHO and USAToday are bunk next to College Hockey New Blog's PUCK Poll.

This poll flat-out punishes for bad losses and absolutely rewards good wins. Check it out.

Darren Haydar and Jason Krog continue to tear-up the AHL. Way to represent!

To this year's team: There is a guy talking trash about UNH's lack of hardware at the Hockey East Blog. Care to shove it down his throat this year? Thanks.

Any typo corrections are gladly appreciated... just be nice!

8-2 'Cats!

Go 'Cats!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I want to congratulate Mike Radja on his HE Player of the Week Award (even though he had to share it with Kenny Roche of BU - whom we allowed a hat-trick to - your welcome Kenny.) Hopefully, this will serve as a reminder not to play soft ANY night. Wouldn't want to have to share with a Maine player now would we. It's time to drop the hammer on the rest of the schedule boys - full-throttle from here out!

8-2 'Cats!

An interesting scheduling note: We could play Maine FOUR times during the season this year! At the Florida College Classic (heehee, that's a laugh) tournament in Estero, FL over winter-break. All we have to do is walk over the doormat, Cornell. Maine should easily handle Western Michigan. Leading to a New Hampshire/Maine tournament match! Bring It! After that it's two home games vs. Maine, one at the Whit, the other at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, NH - break-out the silver jerseys!

8-2 'Cats!

I will continue to post 8-2 'Cats until our next game, Friday @ Lowell. Remember, "I'd rather be stabbed in Lowell than a Black Bear in Maine." - Lanny Gare
Saturday finishes out our home-and-away series with Lowell at the Whit and on New Hampshire Public Television, the best public television station in the land. Remember to pledge to show your appreciation!

8-2 'Cats!

Be sure to go through my links for more great hockey coverage (alright, not this great but I'm trying not to be too redundant of information that can be found through these links so be sure to stay informed!) Weigh in on the referee poll at the Hockey East Blog.

8-2 'Cats!

Go 'Cats!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Hilarity Ensues!

8-2 'Cats!

UNH dismantles the number one team in the nation and they get a measely bump up in the standings but behind the pathetic Terriers who only managed to tie us due to lousy reffing! Well, we all know I wasn't too pleased with the defense, but puh-lease! BU's record is the most horrible thing I've ever seen. Can anybody really justify a top ten team with a 2-1-4 record? Maybe if all 4 of the ties were against top ten teams! AND the wins were against top 5 teams... BUT THEY'RE NOT!

8-2 'Cats!

Well, at least anyone from the absolutely rotten ECAC is behind us! ;-)

8-2 'Cats!

Go 'Cats!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hopefully you are all a-bed by now. Blissfully relishing the pounding that our 'Cats gave to "The Team That Shall Not Be Named"! Ahhh, now those are some sweet dreams. We shall see what the polls bring tomorrow.

8-2 'Cats!

Some news for the worst day of the week. Monday of course is the worse day of the week for being devoid of hockey games and enough things hockey. Well, no longer! I will strive to regal you with hockey relevant material largely - alright, entirely - devoted to our UNH Wildcats!

8-2 'Cats!

Well, you'll recall that I waxed poetic about our '08 recruits. Well, there's more waxing to do and I'm not talking about your body hair. '08 recruit extrordinare, Paul Thompson, has increased his league-leading scoring in the EJHL by going on a tear over this past three-game weekend. He racked up two, three point games then capped-off his stellar weekend with a hat-trick and two assists in the other game. Whoa, don't drool on your keyboard - those things don't take well to drool as it lets the smoke out (ya know all these techno-thingies run off of the smoke inside, right?) Too bad we can't make room for his teammate Matthew Germain who has yet to commit.

8-2 'Cats!

Please share if you have any UNH Hockey News!

8-2 'Cats!

Well, Happy Hockey Monday (will be abbreviated ?HM from now on)!

8-2 'Cats!

Go 'Cats!
The drought is over!

8-2! Go 'Cats! Beat Maine!

USCHO had to mention us 'Cats. And they had to smear "New Hampshire" all over their lead page!

8-2! Go 'Cats! Beat Maine!

Enjoy it while you can as I'm sure they'll overlook us again soon. We'll just have to KEEP SHOWING THEM!

8-2! Go 'Cats! Beat Maine!



Go 'Cats!

In my best Will Smith voice - That's how you play! From now on, that's how you play!

The Hockey East blog poll doesn't lie - as far as the current poll goes - neither does that great Wildcat fan who posted the comment below the poll results!

Lights out, baby!... is right! 8-2 'Cats!

Now, I didn't hear much of the game, but I like the results. If they played half-as-well as the results indicate then all I've got to say is DO IT AT HOME! This is the link for the UNH sports by Yahoo events that can be heard online. I'll post this in my links too.

Lastly, an apology to the loyal fans of the UNH Hockey Blog... the BU game ref was Jeffrey Bunyon - congrats on the weight loss and finding your long lost brother... Tim Benedetto, who ref'd TODAY'S game! I don't know how much you meddled in this game but I like the results this time around!

8-2 'Cats!

As Always,

Go Cats!

8-2 'Cats!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

We're on the College Hockey News Blogroll!

Check it out!
Distaste, Displeasure, Disappointing = Defense!

Gotta say I'm disappointed. Before I get into that let me say that I thought our 'Cats played an excellent first period. They utilized a neat Weak-Side Forechecking Trap to stymie the BU offense (what little there is of such a non-existant thing) before it even got started and they played with SOME intensity. It went downhill from there.

They came out in the second lacking intensity and began playing the unsound defense that we have seen early-on this year. This of course led to that goal 10 seconds into the second for BU - on top of more sub-par goaltending on the part of Kevin Reagan. At this time let me say that if Brian Foster is not good enough to play in Div-I at this time fine, stick with Kevin - but if he is up to the task Kevin needs to be sat as he is not playing well enough for a goaltender on a team of the caliber of the UNH Wildcats.

So, more dilly-dallying play through the second - the only thing keeping BU from scoring more (seeing how much help they were getting from Benedetto - this WILL factor later on!) is their impotent offense. Finally, on the powerplay for the third time, after just missing, our determined captain, Josh Ciocco, fought-off the BU defender and buried the loose puck picked up behind BU netminder, John Curry (must say I found the "I'm Indian and Even I Think Curry Sucks!" sign somewhat humorous), after he mishandled a Jacob McFlicker shot (once again - great reporting Hockey East Online - what are you people watching!?).

In the third the game turned into a shootout. The sieves might as well never have hit the ice. In play that looked like a high-school hockey game - must have had Umile trying to pull out whatever hair he has left (sorry Coach) - the see-saw tilt was on. Culminating in the game-deciding/controlling fashion that Tim Benedetto referees a game (I think he is more responsible for the goals scored when he refs a game than either team), he calls an obvious dive a hooking call with less than 2 minutes to play. Kudos must go out to Jack Parker and the drama coach of the BU Terriers. Their dives and facing into the boards whenever playing the puck in order to invite a hit-from-behind call were the only things keeping them in the game - well, that along with our anemic defense (read goaltending as part of that). On the game-tying goal the defense collapsed allowing Kenny Roche to take his time to shoot and score his THIRD goal of the night with a BU player standing directly in front of Reagan.

The UNH penalty-marred OT is not even worth mentioning.

In all, a disappointing outing at home for the third time this year. With this kind of showing at home, I for one am not going to be paying to attend games, I'll watch from home - thanks NHPTV!

Well, at least Black Betty is back.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Two days without a post... I've gotta say something!

Let's see... have you seen the Hockey East Blog ? Great things are going on! There's talk of shootouts over there right now with some interesting comments? Oh, make sure you weigh-in on the poll - remember, we're playing our hated-rival Maine this Sunday! If you scroll down on the poll results there is a nice comment left by some Wildcat that has already weighed-in!

Which reminds me... put your two-cents in here at the TEMPORARY UNH Hockey Blog! Show your Blue and White pride! Comment on the posts, suggest some topics or just say hi and tell me how great this place is! I'm working on getting a new computer and internet connection so I hope to be able to spiffy-up the place. Also, let me know if there is anyone you think I should keep tabs on my alumni tracking chart. If your new around here, leave comments by clicking on the highlighted comment tab below the post and make sure you get a blogger login.

Game notes are available at the Official Wildcats site for the game tomorrow night vs. BU, again televised on NHPTV.

Oh Yeah, Black Betty is Back! Just the tune is fine with me - I wouldn't want UNH hockey endorsing black mistress having our children, getting us arrested and then posting our bail then pawning our clothes! - all by just playing a song that excercises an American citizen's right to free speech! That would be horrible, if they did, some people might choose not to come to the games and actually let some of the thousands of people who would like to attend, and don't give a shit about what songs they play as long as they're good, but cannot find tickets to the awesome tradition that is UNH hockey! Holy shit, someone better shut-up the US Poet-Lauriet, Mr. Donald Hall, of New Hampshire, before he writes more of his philandering ways before someone tries to link him to UNH (since he has lectured there) and therefore UNH hockey - hopefully he doesn't attend the games - oh, the horror! (Sorry for including you in my sarcasm Mr. Hall - I really love your work!)

"... Woah Black Betty, bam-balam, Black Betty had a child, bam-balam damn thing gone wild!"

Ha, Ha, Ha! Find the rest of the lyrics here .

Go 'Cats!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Wildcats own the ECHL, AHL!

Watch out NHL!

Just go down the list of the 01-02 team on!

You can also check out the ECHL and AHL sites.

Go 'Cats!
Hey 'Cats! Tell your friends about this here blog. Tell them how horrible it is so you're not held culpable for pointing them in my direction.

Also tell them about the game this Friday night (11/10/2006) vs. BU, televised on the wonderful NHPTV - if you're not already a member of New Hampshire Public Television, become one! It doesn't matter where you're located! Make sure you tell them you're donating due to their diligent coverage of UNH Hockey! They also have some excellent science programs.

Donate to PBS (look for "Pledge")

Go 'Cats!
UNH Recruit for '08 Leading the Way

Paul Thompson, playing for the NH Junior Monarchs, is still leading the way in the Eastern Junior Hockey League with 30 points in 16 games. Fellow '08 recruit and teammate, Greg Burke, has just three assists on the year - dissappointing numbers, but he is a year and a half younger, and seeing him at the EJHL showcase in Hooksett, NH a few weeks ago he looked very promising. I expect big things from the two of them.

To finish out this little look at the '08 recruits, Steve Moses, playing for the Jr. Bruins, is playing very well with 16 points in 16 games.

Check out:
Eastern Junior Scoring Leaders

'08 looks to bring some serious talent to our 'Cats. That year will see Seniors Trevor Smith, Jerry Pollastrone, Thomas Fortney and Greg Collins up front with Jamie Fritsch, Joe Charlebois and Kevin Kapstad anchoring the blue-line and an incoming class consisting of the aforementioned recruits and James VanRiemsdyk, Philip DeSimone, Mike Borisenok and Will O'Niell in their sophomore tilt! As well, goaltender, Brian Foster should see his role backstopping our 'Cats increase tremendously that year with current netminder Kevin Reagan having graduated by then - expect to see an excellent number one goaltender in Foster. At this point it looks like our Wildcats could have their best shot at a national title since '99.

The future's looking bright! Hope you've got shades!
Hockey East Online, Hockey East Online, Hockey East Online... YOU SUCK!!!

Trever Smith has a 3-2-5 weekend and you give player of the week honors to Capraro?!?!?!?

What are you judging?!?!?!? If it's hockey you're not paying attention! Teddy Purcell would have been a better choice but I would never say that! The best choice was clearly Trevor Smith. The flashes of brilliance from this sophomore have dazzled the opposition and he has single-handedly kept his team in each Hockey East game this year.

No wonder a lot of great hockey players try to get away from your oppressive regime! Don't make me call for regime change! Stop playing favorites you manipulating meddlers!

I hear-by award Trevor Smith the Hockey East Player of the Week award by no authority what-so-ever except that of the Truth of the Hockey Gods who surely do shine on UNH's saving grace thus far! When Trevor Smith fails to maintain his two points-per-game average then you can rob him of his crown... till then I suggest you respect the once and future King of Hockey East!

Trevor Smith! Trevor Smith! Trevor Smith!

Monday, November 06, 2006

As a word of warning... you're about to be bitten by a bi-polar, rabid Wildcat!

I will often be cantankerous, optimistic and utterly defeatist - all at once.

Now, those Wildcats...

Nice to see the first line decided to show up this season, finally.

To Trevor, Matt and Jerry - way to go boys!

To the 3rd, and 4th lines - keep fighting!

Kevin, battle in those trenches! If you're gonna be the man, be the man!

USCHO = USUCK! You haven't said a word about us 'Cats all season (short as it is at this point).
Show'm 'Cats!

And finally a shout out to two 'Cats tearing it up in the AHL - Jason, Darren - WOW! Can't wait to see you playing in Atlanta!
Just getting started... keep your stick down!
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