Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hemingway Signs With Albany

Trumped on this one all over the place (still no more comprehensive Wildcat Hockey coverage anywhere!) but Brett Hemingway has been assigned to the Albany River Rats by the Colorado Avalanche but has yet to sign any agreements as far as I can tell.

Most of our 'Cats in the pros will be in action again tonight just refer to the article about "Cat's In Action Tonight" for links.

Congrats All!(Guys, you can let me know any time if you're heading to another team, anytime...)

Good Luck!

Go 'Cats!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Micflikier's Done It!

Jacob Micflikier put home his first professional point and goal scoring in the third period to bring his Springfield Falcons within two.

The score came about mid-way through the period and was scored by bouncing it off of a Providence defenseman in a play generated by Jacob's speed and hustle stopping Providence from moving the puck out of their zone.

Congrats Jacob!

*Josh Ciocco picks up his first pro point just a little over five minutes into the game assisting on Wheeling's first goal of the night to put them up 1-0.

Congrats Josh!

Sean Collins continues his dominating play for Wheeling picking up 2 goals and an assist including the game winner shorthanded with just 23 seconds left in the game and then serving a roughing minor for the last 5 seconds. BOTH of his goals came on the shorthand.

**Nathan Martz starts off the scoring for the Stockton Thunder. I don't know how I could have missed him but Justin Aikins has been with the Phoenix Roadrunners all season and has 25 goals and 29 assists for 54 points in 64 games. Nathan worked his way around both Yandle and Aikins to put Stockton up 1-0. (this would prove to be the game winner)

**Got to love it when you 'Cats give me lots to write about. Kevin Truelson leads Bakersfield to a 3-2 victory with two goals with the game winner coming, get this, on the shorthand with just over five minutes left to play! Unbelievable! Two 'Cats score game-winning shorthand goals on the same night! Did you guys plan this or something?!

Go 'Cats!

Truelson Tooted

Kevin might or might not get a kick from the title of the post. Hopefully he knows that it brings my best wishes and the utmost respect.

The title-linked article on the ECHL website is a wonderful article that provides amazing insight into a player that I knew little of personally (the few guys from teams past that I got to know on a personal level were great guys) but he sure seems like a great guy. Definitely a must read!

Enjoy and...

Go 'Cats!

'Cats in Action Tonight

Several 'Cats will be in action tonight, here's what I know...

Chris Murray is on roster with the Peoria Rivermen for his first professional game.

Jacob Micflikier is on for his second pro game with the Springfield Falcons.

Jason Krog and Darren Haydar will be on tap for the Chicago Wolves.

Josh Ciocco will team up with Sean Collins and the Wheeling Nailers in the ECHL for the second time. He was in the line-up when Wheeling beat Dayton back on Tuesday.

Kevin Truelson will continue his great season with the Bakersfield Condors that has him with 48 points in 62 games including 15 goals. As well, Tyler Scott, is also playing for the Condors and has career best 30 points and 12 goals in 61 games.

Nathan Martz is have a career high year with the Stockton Thunder. With just 8 goals but 53 assists! Martz has 61 points in 55 games.

Brian Yandle, sometimes playing alongside Daniel Winnik when he is in the ECHL, is playing for the Phoenix Roadrunners. He has 4 goals and 9 assists for 13 points in 22 games.

Jeff Pietrasiak has only recently been back with the Reading Royals after a nearly month-long stint with the Hershey Bears in the AHL. I am currently unable to locate where he is and have no information as to whether he will be playing tonight as Reading is due to face the Dayton Bombers.

Use the links to get directly to the team pages where you will be able to find various media options for tuning into the game. Most of the teams have free radio webcasts and a number of them also have b2's video webcast of the games so be sure to follow your favorites.

Hope I didn't miss anyone in these leagues - let me know if I did. As for additional leagues and players, perhaps in the future as this is all I can handle for now.

Go 'Cats!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

AHL Report

Most of our 'Cats have yet to get the chance to tear up the NHL but they're doing a fine job in the AHL.

Darren Haydar continues to run away with the AHL scoring race adding his 38th goal and 72nd assist last night to bring his point total to an astounding 110 points in just 66 games. He has been boosted recently by the return of fellow Wildcat, Jason Krog, to the Chicago Wolves. Krog added two goals last night bringing his scoring line to 25 goals and 45 assists for 70 points in 37 games.

Eric Boguniecki has been a force for the Bridgeport Sound Tigers until becoming injured recently. Boguniecki has 54 points in 48 games with Bridgeport including 22 goals. Hopefully he will be healthy soon for his and the Tiger's sake who I believe have gone 1-5 since losing him.

Playing for Worcester we have Joshua Prudden and Garrett Stafford. Prudden fought his way back on to his club's AHL affiliate team after the franchise moved from Cleveland to Worcester. He has played in 48 games for the Sharks and is having his best AHL season yet with 6 goals and 21 assists in that span. Stafford is one of the Shark's best defensemen and the powerplay quarterback. He has 34 points in 68 games with 9 goals on the year. While he probably won't catch his rookie year mark of 46 points in 73 games he will probably put together his best year since then in this his fourth professional year.

Additionally, six other 'Cats have put in at least a game in the AHL - Brian Yandle played a game for Worcester before moving down to the ECHL where I believe he got injured which has kept him sidelined for much of the year; Sean Collins played in 7 AHL games this year but has yet to find a permanent spot - he has 3 assists in those games split between two squads; Daniel Winnik has played in 58 games and has 19 points with the San Antonio Rampage - he appears to have struggled at times and has been sent down to the ECHL from time to time; and Jacob Micflikier will most definitely see more action with the Springfield Falcons after putting on an excellent display in his pro debut last night. Two 'Cat goalies have also suited up for a few AHL teams this year with Ty Conklin and Jeff Pietrasiak moving in and out of the league in opposite directions - Ty has gone between the NHL and AHL and Jeff has moved between the ECHL and the AHL. Look forward to Chris Murray and Brett Hemingway to also be putting in time with AHL squads before the year is out.

Joshua Prudden, Garrett Stafford and the Worcester Sharks will visit Daniel Winnik and the San Antonio Rampage tonight in San Antonio, Texas at the AT&T Center. The game is at 8:00pmEDT.

*Stafford assisted twice, once with Prudden in a 3-2 Shark's victory. Stafford received the second star with his second assist coming on the powerplay in overtime.*

Go 'Cats!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Murray Signs With Peoria

Chris Murray has signed with the Peoria Rivermen. Murray like Micflikier signed an ATO agreement - check out the title-linked page.

Peoria doesn't play until Friday night in the Toyota Center - Houston, Texas.

Speaking of Micflikier, I've been listening to the game tonight and while Lowell is destroying Springfield, Micflikier has electrified and seems to be doing plenty to impress the play-by-play guy to the point that he has said that he would not be surprised to see Jacob get his first pro goal and that he seems to be fitting right in. Jacob has taken a holding call that cost his team to go down two to nothing half-way through the second.

Micflikier just picked up an assist on a powerplay goal to bring it to 2-4.

Congrats to Jacob on his first pro point!

*Jacob did not get the assist BUT, WAS heavily lauded by the announcers in his pro debut and given a hearty welcome in the post-game synopsis. According to the announcer he was definitely getting it done even hitting a post at one point.

Doing Wildcat Nation proud! Jacob Micflikier!*

Go 'Cats!

Micflikier Signs With Springfield

Jacob Micflikier was added to the Springfield Falcon's roster today under an Amateur Tryout Agreement.

It is frontpage news on the title-linked Springfield Falcon's website.

Congratulations Jacob! Wildcat Nation is all behind you!

Springfield plays Lowell tonight at 7:00pm EDT.

Go 'Cats!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Open Fire - ESPN I Mean OHL, No It's...

As you read through the analysis provided to ESPN covering the pending draft (click on the title of this post) you might begin to wonder if this person knows what they are talking about - then you get to the bottom of this heap and realize that it was written by none other than the assistant general manager of the erie otters of the ohl.

That's right. Now those otters who get ridiculously positive write-ups and slams aimed at the USHL all over the place make sense. Sam Gagner, who was outscored by UNH recruit, Phil DeSimone, while with the Sioux City Musketeers in the USHL then moves on to the OHL where he seems to have put up three times the points that he was able to score in the USHL THEN fails to do well at the World Juniors only to return to 'dominance' in the OHL - sounds like returning to the cake walk to me. He was so good that when he moved on to the OHL, DeSimone put up even more points this year!

Now, nothing against Sam or any player born of any nationality but I hate to see such despicable analysis based on a bias that is basic bigotry trying to make a pariah of the United States hockey community even though the OHL is glad to have American born players like Seidel's number one, Patrick Kane - which admittedly we in the college hockey community are totally accepting of Canadian born players.

This is not the only article out there right now either. This is becoming part of a broad, political style campaign aimed at dragging USA Hockey through the mud. From the youngest right up through the college hockey ranks the OHL has no scruples and no qualms spreading lies and misinformation throughout the hockey world. Speaking of our beloved college hockey check out this gem brought to us by that great champion of college hockey, Chris Heisenberg.

So I say we turn broadside and open fire in response to these acts of aggression. If the OHL wants a fight, let's drop the gloves!

Go 'Cats!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Maybe This Answers Things

Ray Duckler of the Concord Monitor was able to get the root of the problem that faced our 'Cats from Mike Radja who had this to say:

"We knew we had to come out in the third period and play the same way we did (in the second)," Radja said. "We waited for that chance and thought someone was going to put one home for us."

The result of the recent game versus maimi and a number of other contests this year that did not end so well seem to be the result of waiting. At some point you have to make things happen. You've got to create chances, as Mike did himself, and at times you will create goals, and Mike created an incredible one! If our team succeeded at everything else in this game we failed to create good scoring opportunities and this is exactly why we lost. They got some bounces and we did not create. Anyone at the regional championship game can vouch that the eagles were out played for at least the first half of the game but the bounce was not with miami this night and bc created genuine scoring opportunities and finished even though they did not generate anywhere near as many shots and were beat at nearly every aspect of the game.

What does a National Champion do? Well, they do lots of things and sometimes the only factor left at the end of a game is a lucky bounce, win or lose, but most of all it's what they don't do - wait.

Go 'Cats!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

VanRiemsdyk Returns

James VanRiemsdyk returned to the ice in a two-game series over the last two nights. And return he did. He picked up a goal in his first game back and assisted twice in the second game to bring his scoring line to 32 goals and 29 assist in 42 games for the U-18s this year. Now it will be on to the World Juniors.


Go 'Cats!

That's All Folks!

We never even showed up. There's only one positive to this loss - we can't lose any more this year.

I've got to give it up to Mike Radja and Matt Fornataro. Neither of you showed any quit. If there is anyone that I'm missing let me know - I guess I could see this as a game where a number of individuals didn't quit but as a team, well, there was no team.

We had a good ride this year for the most part so it's unfortunate to end it on such a note but every season comes to an end and every year is a new team. We'll take from this past season what we can, mainly that we've got to go all out, all game, and we live and die together.

Seniors, we'll miss you! Hope to see you at the Alumni Game!

New Guys, we're looking forward to October!

The cycle continues - it's already a new season!

As for me, I'll be right here bringing the Wildcat Nation faithful any information that I can find concerning our 'Cats.

Go 'Cats!

New Recruit

We've landed a goalie for '08!

Matt DiGirolamo chose the University of New Hampshire on March 22nd. Currently playing with the Waterloo Blackhawks and fellow Future 'Cat Blake Kessel, DiGirolamo currently leads the USHL with a 2.49 GAA and his .909 save percentage certainly isn't too shabby. An alum of the Texas Tornadoes (as was Brad Flaishans) DiGirolamo will be right at home having played with two other recruits, Matt Campanale and Greg Manz with the Jr. Flyers making him the third Philly native in the next two incoming classes.

Welcome Matt!

*A note for today*

I'll be at the game today! Let's see some good hockey! I want to see balls to the wall! Beat maimi of ohio!

Go 'Cats!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

New Recruit

Our University of New Hampshire Wildcat Hockey Team has added another recruit for the fall of '07. Greg Manz, who played at Choate Prep this past year chose UNH yesterday. Adding size and depth at the left wing, Manz is billed as 6'1" 185 lbs. of fleet footed forward. The Choate Wild Boars forward was his team's second leading scorer tied with linemate Connor Goggin who has also visited the University of New Hampshire! Another Goggin, I can only assume it's Connor's brother, Mark, a year behind Connor, led the team in scoring this past year with 15 goals and 20 assists. Manz lead the Blue and Gold in goals with 17 and is also billed as one of the fastest players in prep hockey by USHR. Choate Prep was also attended by one John F. Kennedy which brings us to this little piece of history that can be yours on eBay.

Welcome to the Blue and White Greg (and possibly the Goggin brothers? - good luck in your search at least!)! I bet you will be right at home in Wildcat Nation!

Go 'Cats!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hope You Enjoyed Your Stephen Colbert Day

Yup, today was Stephen Colbert Day.

For those that missed it - Colbert bet the mayor of Oshawa, Ontario that the Saginaw Spirit would beat his Oshawa Generals and when they did the terms of the bet were for the mayor of Oshawa to declare his own birthday, March 20th, Stephen Colbert Day.

Happy Stephen Colbert Day!

Hope you celebrated this momentous hockey holiday with gusto!

Go 'Colbert!

Go 'Cats!

Rumor Would Have It

Greg Burke('09) it seems has received our wishes and according to latest intel will be out for a mere six weeks. Six grueling weeks to be out for sure but a lot better than six months! We're still wishing you well Greg and James, who should also be near returning!

Paul Thompson('08 or is he '07) also may or may not be on the move. He is graduating this spring and will make a choice to either stay with the Monarchs and work at perfecting his overall game (he's got offense down!) OR join the University of New Hampshire Wildcats in the fall. If you ask me he is in a win-win situation except that by coming to UNH in the fall it may be, as it often is, a case where he sees less action his freshman year than if he stayed with the Monarchs next year but I can't be sure - however, I am sure, whatever his choice, it will be well considered and will work out well in the end.

I was generously passed along these nuggets of information to which I added my own analysis, from a trusted third-party source, who obtained it from Coach Tremblay of the the very New Hampshire Junior Monarchs (congratulations again Coach and team!) who I think I will hit up for my next installment of 'Behind the Bench'!

Stay tuned!

Go 'Cats!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Checking In With The USHL

The USHL is home to SIX Future 'Cats! We'll start with Mike Sislo.

Sislo is the most recent recruit added to the incoming roster from the USHL for obvious reasons. Sislo was named an Honorable Mention for March 12, February 20, January 8 and December 11 as Offensive Player of the Week. He has 21 goals and 43 points in 51 games.

Sislo is a teammate of a player that has waited a while to get here since committing to our 'Cats, Mike Borisenok. Borisenok is having an excellent year for himself with 10 goals and 22 points in 50 games.

Next and the most recent USHL defensive addition is Mike Beck, this is the last of the incoming Mikes for now, although we do have two Matts. Beck was Defensive Player of the Week for February 12. Beck has 7 goals and 39 points through 49 games with a + 22.

Teammate Future 'Cat, Phil DeSimone, is having a banner year. Even though I can't find any immediate evidence that he has been declared Player of the Week he is obviously in the running for Player of the Year. He is currently third (four points out of first with a game in hand) in the scoring race with 23 goals and 64 points in 49 games. This is also happens to be four points back from the mark set by current UNH scoring leader, Trevor Smith (68 points in 60 games) with eleven games in hand.

Honorable Mention for the week of February 12 for Defensive Player of the Week was none other than Future 'Cat, Blake Kessel (also HM for Nov. 6). Kessel, '08, has set 8 goals and 26 points in 48 games this year with a +13.

And last but not least, also joining the Good Guys in Blue in '08, is Will O'Neill. This recruit has garnered 4 goals and 6 assist with a +5 rating in 46 games.

Thus ends our USHL, Future 'Cat round-up for now. You can find all Future 'Cat stats in the left-hand column (scroll down) of your Wildcat Nation, UNH Men's Hockey Blog.

Go 'Cats!

EJHL Champions

The Eastern Junior Hockey League has again crowned the New Hampshire Junior Monarchs Champions.

Winning their second title in as many years the Monarchs took it to the Bay State Breakers winning in back-to-back shutouts, 5-0 and 6-0.

'08 Future 'Cat, Paul Thompson, was held scoreless in the first match-up but more than compensated with a first period hat-trick in the second game. Thompson's first goal came at 1:57 of the first with the hat-trick goal coming just 11:10 later at 13:07. His second and third tallies were powerplay goals.

This caps off an incredible season for Thompson who led the league with 45 goals and 38 assists for 83 points in 44 games.

Congratulations Paul, Coach Tremblay and the entire Monarchs Team!

For those that may have missed it, fellow Future 'Cat, Greg Burke was forced to miss these games due to a skate laceration to his Achilles tendon that will have him off skates for approximately 6 months during which time Wildcat Nation wishes you a speedy recovery!

Go 'Cats!


Well, one of the last Happy Hockey Mondays.

I want to thank our 'Cats and all of Wildcat Nation for a great season, now it's time to do it all over - this time it's do or die in the NCAA Tournament.

This team has defied the conventional wisdom of the college hockey community this year, winning the regular season in Hockey East after many had written them off before the season. Then there are the annual predictions of UNH's supposed 'post-season collapse' - which is absurd when the facts are analyzed. For posterity's sake, how much of a post-season collapse is it to go to the NCAA Frozen Four 4 out of the last 9 years, the Championship game 2 out of those 4. For that matter, how about 2 Hockey East Post-Season titles on top of their Regular Season title. In the span of the last 9 years they were also the Hockey East Tourney Runner-Up three times. Doesn't sound like a history of post-season collapse to me. What I do see is a school that has produced a team that has won 20 or more games each of the past 11 seasons. Most of all though, these facts serve only to rebut absurd claims of predicting how a particular college hockey team will do in a given year based on history at a level where history is more or less confined to the four years that a given class stays at the school(which UNH seems to retain more high-level players for all four years than most other competitive programs). While the history of the current coaching staff would do anyone proud this says nothing about the current team. Every team in college hockey makes their own destiny. This team has shaped their season and done Wildcat Nation proud - as individual students and as a fantastic hockey team for the University of New Hampshire. We can only trust them to continue to do so no matter what life brings.

Go 'Cats!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

NCAA Selection Show

Fact: These guys are talking out their rears.

Fact: This is hockey and anything can happen.

Let's see some good hockey! Congratulations and good luck to all of the teams that made this year's NCAA Tournament!

And of course...

Go 'Cats!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Game On! (3/17/07) Hockey East Championship

Go 'Cats!

2006-2007 Hockey East Tournament Runner-Ups!

Thanks for that late play 'Cats!


Smith(21)(Pollastrone(22), Fornataro(27)) scores!

Now some good New Hampshire Hockey!


More ultimate stupidity before Butler(9) scores AGAIN chipped in by the bc defense

Alright guys, there's still games to be played. I just want to say, don't pack it in. I'm not expecting the win or anything I just want to see a good period of New Hampshire Hockey. That's it.

Go 'Cats!

End of Second

0-3 stupid play is just killing us - pack it up, we've got nothing - no bounces our way, no hustle, no control, no good passing - nothing.

Nothing at the halfway mark except that bc has just 1 shot

UNH powerplay at 12:36 of the second

End of First (real time box score)

0-2 both 4-on-4 goals and both to Regan's glove - there is no focus or control in the team tonight and Regan looks off. But, it's not over by a long shot.

0-1 off a failed clear and possibly deflected shot

(Hemingway is still recovering)

Hockey East Championship Game - UNH vs bc

Time to show'm how we roll!

New Hampshire Hockey!

T -6 hours till game time.

See you then Wildcat Nation!

Go 'Cats!

Friday, March 16, 2007

The REAL Story

Kevin Regan!

Kevin has 42 saves or more in EACH of his LAST THREE GAMES with 44 saves in this Semi-Final double OT win over umass! The actual total (42,42,44) is 128 saves over three games! He added to his save percentage. He lowered his GAA. Kevin Regan is the real deal. With a game-saving stop on a clean mass breakaway Kevin Regan is THE STORY!

First Star

Kevin Regan!

Second Star

Greg Collins!

Third Star

Bobby Butler!

Go 'Cats!

It's Game Day!

Go 'Cats!

90 seconds into Double OT - mass was getting away with murder (they have all game thanks to Benedetto) when Butler ripped his stick away from the mass defender and swiped a rolling puck right between the hash marks, that Greg Collins had knocked loose as mass was trying to head up ice, and it went over Quick's shoulder!

Of course the 'real' story according to nesn is not the UNH win without senior Brett Hemingway (stomach flu) but how umass stayed in the game with a lucky bounce to begin with - essentially nesn's story is umass's sad, undeserved loss. I say it's nesn's loss, as in losing the ne - they should go by ms (pronounced 'mess') for 'mass sports'. They are so biased that you can hear the 'ms' announcers loathing every time they even have to mention New Hampshire or UNH which they avoid even that! Oh well, Go 'Cats!

3-2 'Cats!!!!!

Bobby Butler(8), Collins(7)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want to see a good real-time box score check out the Hockey East Blog!

Double OT!


<2:00 in regulation

4-on-4 - the Charlie Holt Sportsmanship Team takes a diving call... good call Hockey East

End of Second

15:17 of the second period

UNH on the powerplay

13:57 of the second period

2-2 - Rossman(1)(Vinz(2))! Hustles and takes control beating the sieve!

:16 of the second period

1-2 - defensive breakdown against a set play.

End of First

Go 'Cats!

18:12 of the first period

1-1 - own goal off Flaishans foot - UNH is owning mass...

3:29 of the first period

1-0 'Cats!

Greg Collins(4) (Butler(3), Fortney(7)) puts home his own rebound!


Hemingway out with stomach flu.

Go 'Cats!


Whooo! Time to go boys!

I want to see that New Hampshire Hockey!

Jump! Hustle! Fight for the puck! Control the puck! Crisp Passing! Find the Back of the Net! Shut them down! Regan, you know what to do!

New Hampshire Hockey all the way!

Feel that love from Wildcat Nation? Send some back at us!

Go 'Cats!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Rumor Has It

I shoulda checked my email last night as I received an email regarding Future 'Cat, Greg Burke.

The word is that he has suffered a laceration to his Achilles tendon from a skate and will be off skates for 6 months.

Wildcat Nation wishes you a speedy recovery Greg! Get healthy and get back out there! We're pulling for you!

Thanks to my informant - can always use good information - who would also have me know that 'Showtime' has experienced that time honored growth spurt that men-children like Burke undergo, adding 2 inches and who knows how many pounds of muscle, to his previously 6'1" frame to top out above 6'3" - I'm still wondering why I never got those last two inches leaving me stuck a 6'1"! Well, hopefully you can get some good upper body workouts in during your recovery!

Get well Greg!

*It just occurred to me that I was being rather thoughtless for not extending a get well to James VanRiemsdyk! Hey, James, hope you are soon well yourself! So, get well James! Go figure, you'll be doing lower body work while Greg does upper! I definitely look forward to seeing (mostly reading in Greg's case - but I'll try to catch a game if I can) BOTH of you healthy in the fall!*

Go 'Cats!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Updates - Black Betty and More

I finally found a complete version of Black Betty to embed in the blog thanks to this great site called imeem! You can get to the site through the embedded song window. Enjoy, and please comment to this post any song selections that you know of to add to my UNH Hockey Songs Playlist!

I've updated many of the totals for our 'Cats playing pro and added another - Steve Saviano! I hope to get every 'Cat playing pro in the list by the end of this summer, as I'll be focused on this year's team throughout the playoffs - Let's go all the way 'Cats! Bring that good ol' New Hampshire hockey to the ice every game! It'll take something special to bring home the first National Title to New Hampshire - just remember we're with you, nothing but love for you in Wildcat Nation!

Go 'Cats!

Monday, March 12, 2007

'Cats And, Well 'Cats!

Just can't say enough about our 'Cats! But I'm gonna take the time to fill Wildcat Nation in on what some 'Cats playing outside the world of the Whitt are up to lately.

Steve Saviano('04), has recovered from a broken foot (and I think is still healthy) according to the last stats I saw he has 21 points in 24 games with the Vaxjo Lakers of the Swedish Tier II League.

Eric Boguniecki('97), put up 4 points for the second time in as many nights, this time reversing the column totals. On Saturday, as I reported earlier, he had a goal and three assists; well, Sunday he led his team to victory with 3 goals and an assist over the Hershey Bears - which for those with a sharp memory will remember that that is the team Jeff Pietrasiak('06) is playing for... he was not in net!

Jason Krog('99) and Darren Haydar('02) are still together in Chicago once more. They chipped in together for an assist apiece on a goal by Brett Sterling - that is point number 96 for Haydar and 59 for Krog (who's played a mere 30 AHL games).

Also finding the back of the net recently - too many to recognize - but Josh Prudden('03) with Garrett Stafford('03) in Worcester, Sean Collins('05) and Nathan Martz('04) in the ECHL to mention some.

Future 'Cats

Mike Sislo scored twice to lead his and fellow Future 'Cat, Mike Borisenok's, Green Bay Gamblers to a 5-3 victory over fellow Future 'Cats, Phil DeSimone and Mike Beck's, Sioux City Musketeers. DeSimone, Beck and Borisenok have all found the back of the net of late as well.

Steve Moses put up two points, a goal and an assist, for the Jr. Bruins in the Semi-Finals of the EJHL Playoffs which resulted in a 2-2 tie with the Bay State Breakers. This gives him 2 goals and 3 assists in this year's EJHL playoffs.

*Just In* James VanRiemsdyk has missed the last few games with an upper body injury. He will be returning to the line-up in the next few weeks.

That's all for now!

Go 'Cats!


I'm going to let the hockey speak for itself. I'm not worthy guys - for those that somehow missed it, our 'Cats played two beautiful games to sweep the Quarterfinals 4-0 and 6-0 - THAT IS NEW HAMPSHIRE HOCKEY! There just are no words - you have to see it for yourselves - speaking of which I watched the first game on B2 and it was TOTALLY worth it, of course being at the second game was even better!

You know what you have to do! Do it! Keep on rolling!

Go 'Cats!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

'Cats On A Tear

'Cats, Eric Boguniecki ('97) and Jeff Pietrasiak ('05), made a difference last night in the AHL.

Boguniecki shouldered the load and worked Bridgeport to a 5-4 win with a goal and three assists earning him first star honors.

Pietrasiak backstopped Hershey to a 3-2 win staving off a tying rally by Philadelphia for his second win in three starts.

Here's to all the 'Cats out there working hard and doing Wildcat Nation proud!

Go 'Cats!

Saturday, March 10, 2007


A spark has our 'Cats playing like the 'Cats we love and it looks as if Future 'Cat, Paul Thompson, is a sparkplug himself.

In the New Hampshire Jr. Monarch's first Quarter-Final round game, Thompson scored, sparking four unanswered Monarch's goals after falling behind a goal (he scored at 19:08 of the first). Moving on to the Semi-Finals versus the New England Jr. Huskies, the Mo fell behind by three goals until Thompson again sparked a four goal run starting at 17:45 of the second period! Can you say Deja Vu? Or at least something like it. Thompson also picked up a goal in the second Quarter-Final game - a 7-2 win for his team (he ASSISTED on the first goal!).

Thompson and the Mo meet up with the Huskies again tomorrow at 1:00pm ET at the NESC in Marlboro, Mass.

Go 'Cats!

Friday, March 09, 2007

6-0 'Cats! On to the Semi-Finals!

In an inspiring turn around our 'Cats have proven why we love them so! In not one, but TWO SHUTOUTS our 'Cats have replied to the love of Wildcat Nation with a 'Right Back At You!' in a way that makes even the stick salute seem paltry. No need for a stick salute after these last two nights, we hear you loud and clear!

You've made New Hampshire and all of Wildcat Nation proud! Keep on rolling!

Tonight's game was especially impressive - that was one of the most impressive full-team games that I have ever seen. I loved it! And I'm so glad I was there to see it!

On to the Semi-Finals!

Go 'Cats!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

4-0 'Cats, 1-0 Quarterfinal Lead

Mike Radja had three assists and Kevin Regan garnered the shut-out with some great saves. Wildcats Win!

I know you have it in you - Wildcat Nation knows you have it in you! You know what you need to work on, do it!

Nothin' but love for ya 'Cats!

Go 'Cats!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sweet Home, New Hampshire

Alright guys, it's time to get out there and play the game you love. Play it for the fans that love you. Play it for your families that have dedicated so much to see you get so far. The Coaches who have invested so much. Most of all, play it for yourselves. Do yourselves proud on the Whittemore Center ice or wherever this game takes you, and if you do so, we will surely be proud of you, here in New Hampshire.

All I can ask is that you give it your all tomorrow. Forget everything else. Enjoy your remaining time here, especially you, seniors. You have shown us dedication. You have shown us determination. You have shown us skill, and you have shown us triumph. And we've experienced defeat. But we're not defeated. You must play with all of the dedication, determination and skill that you are capable of displaying.

My thanks go out to you, team, and to all of Wildcat Nation. Go out there tomorrow night and play with your hearts. Wildcat Nation is standing by you through every high and every low. So, this is it, Wildcat Nation loves you, now bring it all home to sweet home, New Hampshire!

Go 'Cats!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Matt White To Join UNH In 2009

Extending the prospects of ultimate success for the coming seasons, Matt White, selected UNH on March 2nd (I know four days late, I can't do it all you know, at least I can't do it all in an extremely timely manner - ANYWAY...).

Matt has beaten his own path to the Whittemore Center doors. This 5'11', 170 lb. recruit was highly, well, recruited throughout the United States and according to Chris "There's Not Much Uncertainty Here" Heisenberg (How do you do it Chris?!), quoting Sioux City Musketeers assistant coach, Bobby Kinsella, "He was one of the most sought-after players in the United States and was heavily recruited by the U.S. National Development Program." Sorry Coach Foley.

He was selected by Sioux City but choose to attend Cushing Prep instead and has put together 15 goals and 45 assists in 29 games so far this season, his junior year. Cushing is also home to another recruit sought after by our 'Cats, Ryan Bourque, a sophomore, who has 19 goals and 31 assists - together with their teammates Cushing has put together a 22-0-1 Div. 1 Prep School record this year as of Feb. 19th. White and Bourque are the second and third leading scorers respectively. The only downside to this story is having to watch Cushing's top scorer, New Hampshire native, Broc Little (Rindge, NH) ship off to Yale. I look forward to the day that all top New Hampshire recruits consider UNH as their first choice, and begrudgingly Dartmouth as their second. But in the end you have to find what fits for yourself and I think that any player that chooses UNH sees it like home just as I did.

Go 'Cats!

Behind the Bench - With Patrick Foley!

Hi Patrick, uh, I mean Coach Foley! The UNH Men's Hockey Blogger Guy here! Would you mind answering some questions for me and Wildcat Nation? Let's start with how are you? What are you doing?

[TUMHBG], I appreciate you reaching out to me and it's my pleasure to answer some questions regarding the UNH hockey program and my own career for your website. I am currently coaching with the U.S. National Team Development Program in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and have loved everyday of it since I started in 2005.

Could you imagine fan bloggers maintaining websites about the team when you were playing for our 'Cats?

When I was playing at UNH the big website that most fans utilized was This was obviously a forum for fans across the country to express their thoughts on their favorite team in college hockey, or express some unfriendly comments about their rivals. However I think having a website solely dedicated to the UNH hockey program is a great addition, provided these sites maintain the same integrity and honesty that coaches work hard to instill in their players at UNH and in other programs across the country.

So, fill Wildcat Nation in as to what you are up to these days. (Feel free to add personal information such as marital status if you would like)

I am not married [Hear that ladies?! There may still be a chance! Sorry, I couldn't resist adding this!], and currently reside in Ann Arbor, Michigan where I am coaching with the National Team Development Program. My playing days after UNH ran shorter than I ever anticipated due to the high number of concussions I encountered throughout my career. When it was time to make a decision and end my competitive hockey days, I needed some time to get away from the game I loved and invested so much time in. I was hired by the Boston Red Sox and worked in their front office in several capacities before I received a call from the National Program to investigate my interest in a vacant coaching position in Ann Arbor. After making a visit to the NTDP facility and speaking with my family and friends I knew it was time to start my career in coaching. My experience thus far has been far more than I could have asked for. The players have been extremely coachable and just good character players which makes coaching them more enjoyable. The international experience as well as the NCAA competition and the domestic junior teams that we face have exposed me to many diverse levels of hockey. The pinnacle of my brief coaching career came last year when we won the 2005 U18 World Championship in Sweden.

What do you think about your time at UNH? Did it help you in any way concerning your current position? Do you still maintain contacts at or from UNH?

My time at UNH was more than I could have ever asked for. I consider myself fortunate to be part of some successful teams at UNH, as well as receiving a great education from such a strong institution as UNH. The support from the New Hampshire community and the fans who support the hockey program is something that me and my family will always cherish and remember from my years at UNH. The lessons and experience that I gained from the great coaches and players has been instrumental in my own coaching career. I stay in touch with all the coaches at UNH, (Coach Umile, Coach Lassonde, Coach Borek, and Coach Churchard), I even stay in touch with Coach McDonnell with the football team. These are great coaches with so much to offer and UNH is so fortunate to have them leading the way in the coaching profession. My relationship with Coach Umile is a very strong one, that developed with our player coach relationship and has stemmed well beyond that. I try and use him to make decisions that I face on our daily basis with our players here in Ann Arbor and we often talk just to say hello and make sure either one of us hasn't completely lost our minds to the coaching world. I also stay in touch with many of the guys I played with. We seem to have several weddings that we attend ever year that brings a lot of us back together. This summer Mike Souza got married and it was great to be with guys such as , John Sadowski, Dan Enders, Jason Shipulski, Sean Austin, Matt Swain, Tim Walsh. Preston Callander was also married this summer (ironically on the same day) so it was great to be with guys like, Mich Mounsey , Steve Saviano, Josh Prudden, Matt Hoppe, Tyler Scott, Darren Haydar, Mike Ayers. I keep in touch with a lot of the players , I keep in touch via email or phone with Mark Mowers, Lanny Gare, Kevin Truelson, and many other guys. The annual Friends of UNH Hockey Golf Tournament has been a great time for all of us to keep in touch with each other and get together.

Well, congratulations to Mike and Preston - I wish you the best - that's great to hear! Alright, let's get back to the NTDP. Has the NTDP changed much since your days playing there?

The NTDP has changed immensely since I played here in 1998. It has been 10 years since the inception of the program. When we first started the program it was highly criticized and had many unproven aspects of whether the philosophy of the program would work. I think it is safe to say that after 3 U18 World Championships, hundreds of high NHL Draft picks, and a slew of impact collegiate players, as well as several Olympians in Torino, Italy, that those who had doubts have them no more. We have adapted and changed our development curriculum a little over time, however I credit Coach Jeff Jackson (now with Notre Dame), with staying with his vision and idea at the beginning even when many doubted this great program.

So tell us, what do you know about James VanRiemsdyk? Does he have a nickname that you could throw us here in Wildcat Nation?

James VanRiemsdyk or (aka Reemer), is a very talented offensive player that will be a great addition to next year's team. He is a great kid with great hockey sense, he should be an exciting player for UNH. He also knows that he will be on the same playing field as the rest of the freshman class that report for duty in September, and is confident he can help the team in the role that best fits the dynamic of next year's team.

Alright! Thanks so much for your time! It was great to hear from you and Wildcat Nation wishes you good luck with the rest of your season! Hope to see you at the Alumni Game in the fall!

This concludes our first edition of Behind The Bench!

If you have any questions for Coach Foley please post them in the comment section and he will respond as he is able.


So, in light of my conversation with Coach Foley I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for any dishonest statements, like my recent sarcastic posts that at best lack integrity and make a promise to try to conduct myself in a way appropriately respectful of the coaches and the team that I love. Thank you Coach Foley! I will do my best to honor the honesty and integrity of the UNH Hockey Program!

Additionally, any errors in transcriptions, etc. are mine in the making - anyone wishing to point out any inaccuracies need only make a polite request - not that I've received anything other - pointing out the offending material.

Go 'Cats!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

A Little Throw Back

I don't know who made this personally but I look forward to getting this year's installment on your UNH Men's Hockey Blog as soon as it's out - lets think later than sooner!

Check this out...

Go 'Cats!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Prudden Scores, Stafford Helps & More

Josh Prudden got the Worcester Sharks rolling tonight with a helper by Garrett Stafford at 3:20 of the second period. The Sharks are up 2-1 at the end of two.

Think that the score will be the same as last night between our 'Cats and bc? It's almost there.

I'll see what other stories are out there tonight. Stay tuned.

Go 'Cats!

Jason Krog has made his way back to the Chicago Wolves and along with Darren Haydar is picking up where he left off. In what will probably be the best bid for a new point scoring record by Haydar just got a lot better with Krog back along side of him. Also adding significantly to the Wolves chances of taking the Calder Cup this year as they've already connected for a powerplay goal for Krog with Haydar picking up an assist and his 93rd point of the season.

BIG SURPRISE, bc is winning 4-1! I'm SO SURPRISED! Come on guys, don't you think that's a LITTLE obvious?

Go 'Cats!

Friday, March 02, 2007

We Suck! *wink-wink*

Alright guys, just one more game to throw before we make our post-season march!

I really didn't know you had it in you to put so much effort into looking bad! I'm impressed. Still that had to be the worse looking game I have ever seen! I feel sorry for bc, to look that bad against a team that is TRYING to lose and putting in the extra effort, even TRYING to look bad. That program is seriously slumping - I bet they don't even make the top four next year.

Well, while it was painful to watch it's all going according to plan - just remember to stick to the plan!

Oh yeah, that was really something special seniors - you put on quite an act for the fans that supported you for four years! Thanks!

Go 'Cats!

New Potential Wildcat

Another excellent hockey player is looking at the possibility of playing for the University of New Hampshire Wildcats.

Brennan Vargas, of Coon Rapids, Minnesota, playing alongside current Future 'Cat, James vanRiemsdyk, may be considering donning the Blue and White.

Coming from a hockey family, Brennan has a tremendous love of hockey. He is described as more of a finesse player who is very good defensively. At 6'1", 200 lbs. he is billed as having "...good tools offensively,” according to NTDP Under-18 Team coach Ron Rolston. β€œHe is a good playmaker. He makes the guys around him better whenever he has the puck.” I've also found reports from USHR describing Vargas as good on draws and having excellent passing ability. They chide the need for quicker footwork, aggressiveness and needing to shoot more but allow that he possesses very good hockey sense.

According to the latest statistics, Brennan Vargas, has played in 42 games for the USNTDP U-18 team with 5 goals and 9 assists. One of the first things that I noticed is his 26 penalty minutes. Few of his teammates come anywhere close to this low number that speaks of smart play. Add this up with the fact that 2 of his 5 goals are game-winning goals and a picture of an extremely valuable player begins to form.

Nice to see that you're considering our 'Cats! Wildcat Nation wishes you much luck if you find your way here in New Hampshire!

Go 'Cats!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

One More Acknowledgement

Senior, Assistant-Captain, Jacob Micflikier, adds another notch to his belt with his selection to the Frozen Four Skills Challenge's East Team.

Of course, Micflikier, will not be eligible to participate when our 'Cats win the Northeast Regional and make their way to yet another Frozen Four appearance.

Congratulations to Jacob, on four tremendous years here, in which he has done a lion's share of the work contributing to our team's appearance in the National Tournament each year he has been at UNH. Scoring 26 points in his freshman campaign and 44 and 42 points in his subsequent years - each year scoring more points per game. Look for him to come on strong after the festivities of Senior Night give way to the last weekend series of his college career and into his final college playoffs.

Go Seniors!

Go 'Cats!

Mowers Leading The Bruins Tonight

With an early break-away goal, a sweet snipe over the glove-hand shoulder of new Philadelphia goaltender, Martin Biron, who made way for Ty Conklin in Buffalo, Mowers put the B's up 1-0. He then picked up his second goal of the night for a 2-0 Bruin lead. Mowers went to the outside on the defenseman in a nice one-on-one play and low in the left circle fired a rocket of a wrist shot this time to the opposite side of the net totally handcuffing Biron, this time over and beyond the blocker at mid-hight.

Mowers has looked like the 'Cat on the hunt of old with his every shift on the ice tonight. This is his first 2 goal NHL game. I'll be on hat-trick watch from here on out tonight.

The Bruins will be heading to the second period with a 2-1 lead courtesy of two great Mark Mowers goals.

Go 'Cats!
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