Monday, March 26, 2007

Maybe This Answers Things

Ray Duckler of the Concord Monitor was able to get the root of the problem that faced our 'Cats from Mike Radja who had this to say:

"We knew we had to come out in the third period and play the same way we did (in the second)," Radja said. "We waited for that chance and thought someone was going to put one home for us."

The result of the recent game versus maimi and a number of other contests this year that did not end so well seem to be the result of waiting. At some point you have to make things happen. You've got to create chances, as Mike did himself, and at times you will create goals, and Mike created an incredible one! If our team succeeded at everything else in this game we failed to create good scoring opportunities and this is exactly why we lost. They got some bounces and we did not create. Anyone at the regional championship game can vouch that the eagles were out played for at least the first half of the game but the bounce was not with miami this night and bc created genuine scoring opportunities and finished even though they did not generate anywhere near as many shots and were beat at nearly every aspect of the game.

What does a National Champion do? Well, they do lots of things and sometimes the only factor left at the end of a game is a lucky bounce, win or lose, but most of all it's what they don't do - wait.

Go 'Cats!


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