Sunday, November 30, 2008

CHN Publishes KRACH Ratings

College Hockey News has published its KRACH ratings following the loss of undefeated Air Force to Denver last night.

Our Wildcats will close out the first half of the season two weeks from now when they host Holy Cross with a home-and-away series versus Lowell up next weekend - see the title-linked release to find out where New Hampshire stands.

Go 'Cats!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

You Had To See This Coming

Merrimack 4 - New Hampshire 3

Thanks for making the end of the game interesting guys.

Nation, enjoy Metallica's, King Nothing:

2008-2009 UNH Mens Hockey Playlist by TUMHBG

Go 'Cats!

Saturday Already?

Huh?... What?... I slept for 36 hours after Thanksgiving dinner!?

Um, oh yeah, Merrimack skates into town tonight.

Don't expect a pushover like Providence - Merrimack actually HAS a Hockey East win and TWO ties.

There won't be any wire-blogging this evening as I'll be at the game but I'll be sure to post what I see as soon as I can get back to my computer.

Hope to see you there!

Go 'Cats!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hockey News Tonight

Found the game-sheet on this one interesting. Mike Radja's teammate, Pascal Pelletier, scored a natural hat-trick in just eight minutes and twenty-four seconds - the third coming at 10:42... of the first period! Unfortunately, Mike does not have a point tonight.

In other action, Kevin Regan suits up for his fifth straight start. He has gone 3-2-0 in those five starts and the two loses, including tonight's, I'm sure he would rather not think about. He has struggled in this, his first professional season, going 5-3-0 but allowing 3.22 goals per game and managing just a .870 save-percentage. Here's hoping the puck starts bouncing your way, Kevin!

Derek Bekar laces them up with his Springfield Falcons as they find themselves behind 5-3 on the road at the Norfolk Admirals' Norfolk Scope Arena.

Eric Boguniecki and Darren Haydar each got their team on the board first tonight where Bog's, an assistant captain, Iowa Chops maintain a 2-0 lead and Haydar captains the Grand Rapids Griffins who are equaled by the visiting New Hampshire Monarchs, 2-2.

Ty Conklin is suffering his worst start in net recently as the Montreal Canadiens are taking it to the Detroit Red Wings by a score of 3-zip after two.

Daniel Winnik has been placed on the Phoenix Coyotes injured reserve retroactive to November 15th.

That's it for Wednesday, November 26th...

Go 'Cats!

Return of the Condor

Late-breaking update: Kevin Truelson has returned to the Bakersfield Condors.

See the title-linked post by Condor's journalist, Mike Griffith on his site - Condors Talk.

Glad to see you back at it, Kevin!

Go 'Cats!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Congratulations Men's Football

The University of New Hampshire Football Team has secured a post-season berth for the fifth consecutive season.

Congratulations Wildcat Football!

Make the best of it!

Go 'Cats!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Change of Pace

First from our Finnish Bureau:

The title-linked video (just to forewarn, the video plays automatically and the first half or so is in Finnish) features two Wildcat Alumni now playing for Sport Vaasan, Justin Aikins and new arrival Josh Prudden.

This clip provides some insight into what these players experience as they traverse the ranks of professional hockey.

Good luck out there Josh! And continued success to Justin!

Sean Collins was with this team earlier in the season but it did not work out - I'm unsure of what he is up to these days.

Back on this side of the pond:

As for fellow Alum, Kevin Truelson, the story I'm hearing is that he has settled down in the Bakersfield, California area and moved on from professional hockey where he played multiple, extremely successful seasons with the Bakersfield Condors. He married this summer and then signed for the season this fall but reconsidered, eventually deciding to move on to a career in hotel management. But wait. There is a rumor that Kevin may have changed his mind as a spot has opened up on the Condor's blueline with the team really hurting in the absence of one of their star blueliners this season.

We certainly hope to see you out there having fun Kevin, but wish you all the best in whatever choices you make!

That's it for now...

Go 'Cats!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Round One: UNH 4 - PC 3 Final

The puck has dropped.

Up and down, little puck control either way.

Crowd is subdued.

Closing in on the halfway point of the first period - a little bit of pressure coming from the 'Cats... a little.

Weak defense down low allows Cavanaugh (stats show Fayne - Dan and Pete got it right of course - thanks guys!) to work out from behind the net and beat Foster. And it is REALLY quiet. Fourth line and Kessel/Kapstad d-pairing on.

Redemption and a fish. Mike Borisenok! 12:44 of the first! From Moses and Vranek.

Just a couple minutes to play in the first. No sustained pressure either way and no exemplary play.

A little pressure by the 'Cats and some motivated play with a delayed penalty call - UNH Powerplay 17:37.

A little life from the crowd. One minute to go in the first.

The period will end with 4-on-4 hockey to start the second with the score the same as it was when we started.

End of First.

I'm unimpressed with the first period except for the play of the fourth line - way to go guys! The guys out-shot PC two-to-one and have nothing to show for it and it looks like we'll actually start the second on the penalty-kill thanks to a Danny Dries hooking call.

Start of Second.

Sislo scores! On van Riemsdyk's rebound!

And it was just after what was a 4-on-4.

Dries picks the top corner from a tough angle. Assist by Moses and Charlebois.

A 5-on-3 for Providence.

Back to 5-on-4. Closing in on the halfway point of the game.

Another odd-angle goal for Danny Dries on the powerplay! From Kapstad and Charlebois.

Sounds like they're moving the puck and dictating play much more though they're behind in shots the quality sounds a lot better and the fans are finally breathing again!

Dries hunting for the hat-trick on Operation Hat-Trick night.

More Wildcat pressure another Wildcat powerplay. Four minutes to play in the second.


A minute and a half left in the second.

A last second bid by Bobby Butler but stopped by PC's Gates.

End of Second.

Second Intermission. Obviously a much more motivated and impressive period. Really pouring it on in the first ten minutes of the second. Out-shooting PC overall 27 to 17, 9 to 8 in the second. Sounded like they really controlled play but it seems like they could be a little more practiced, a bit crisper. Keep it going!

Beginning of the Third.

An early push by van Riemsdyk - seems like he's always pushing right out of the gate but just hasn't paid off yet THIS game.

PC's leading scorer streaks in on the left side and scores.

DeSimone picks up a hooking call. The goal came at 1:27 and the penalty comes at 3:51.

'Cats have yet to generate a shot on goal in the third.

12:05 to go and Fortney will go to box putting the 'Cats back on the penalty-kill.

Now Sislo will go as the penalty box parade continues. This is probably what we were all fearing ahead of this period.

Too many penalties... a 5-on-3 goal and will continue on yet another powerplay.

UNH has now given up more goals to Providence than any team besides Bowling Green, Holy Cross (who we'll see in a couple weeks that I'm very worried about) and Massachusetts who beat them 9-4.

Being out-shot 16-2... what a HORRIBLE period of hockey against an absolutely dismal hockey team.

Shots 18-3, 34-30 PC overall.

Empty net for the Friars.

1.3 seconds, faceoff in the 'Cats' end.

Not the win you want, but I guess they can have the 'W' back for now.

-TUMHBG out.


Whoa! Better get going on this one!

Back home. Finally!

Listen Online - 1270AM WTSN

The Live Stats and UNHILDCATS.TV links for home games are, as always, over there! =>

van Riemsdyk-DeSimone-Sislo


Brian Foster

Go 'Cats!


This just in: The UNH Men's Hockey Team has filed with the NCAA to change their name to the University of New Hampshire Ildcats. That's right. After the dismal stretch of the last nine games, the final four of which they have not taken a single point from, they have decided to drop the 'W' from the school mascot name.

I jest, of course, but let me put this clearly unvarnished before you.

No University of New Hampshire Men's Hockey Team has lost four games in a row in at least the last decade.

Let me repeat.

No University of New Hampshire Men's Hockey Team has lost four games in a row in at least the last decade.

While there are legitimate factors that have certainly contributed to these losses - facing good teams and Foster's injury - this result is simply unprecedented in this span as is the trial of the last nine games passing with just one victory where our Ildcats have gone 1-5-3

Tonight, two teams that are each winless in their last six games will meet in Durham, Providence 0-5-1 vs. UNH 0-4-2. With their twin four game losing streaks on the line who will renounce defeat and embrace victory? Or will they confound all and skate to draw?

I have only this to say: the time is now. If we're willing to work hard. Sacrifice. And, with a little luck, we'll put the 'W' back in Wildcats.

Get out there and do it!

Go 'Cats!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Foster's Return: UNH 2 - NU 3 Final

First Period underway.

Early play controlled by the 'Cats.

But a defensive lapse and an odd-man rush results in a 1-0 Northeastern lead at 1:43 of the first.

And they've got... nothing. UNH going on its second powerplay with less than five minutes to play in the first. UNH out-shooting NU 15-8 and now four-on-four with Kapstad and Campanale going within seconds of each other with a diving to NU after what sounded like a horrible call on Kapstad.

Northeastern takes a third dangerous hit and gets called for the second time on it - the penalties are racking up now.
End of first.

Let's see if we can't manage a quasi-chat in the intermission through the comment section for this post - just click on the dark gray '# COMMENTS' immediately below.
(feel free to respond to these questions at any time nation)

So, what do those reading think of the YouTube 720p HD?

Have you voted in the new poll?

What's on your mind?

Has anyone tried Or an opponent's service?

Start of second.

Wildcat Powerplay - 4-on-3 with van Riemsdyk due out of the box @ 3:44 of the second.

Just can't beat Thiessen.

ANOTHER dangerous hit by the Huskies and van Riemsdyk has had enough - but the play ends up as a Northeastern powerplay and ultimately a 5-on-3 as Charlebois goes to the box.

Paul Thompson will go for goaltender interference just after the 5-on-3 pk and van Riemsdyk is out for 10 with NU's Guzior.

Just under ten minutes to play in the second.

Foster has been spectacular in this period, really keeping them in it.

Even-strength - 8:27 to go in the period.

The guys just can't generate anything significant offensively - something has got to give - and Dries called for boarding.

Penalty over but yet another failed rush up ice.

They just announced that there have been 99 minutes in penalties in the first two games between these two teams and there are already 60 minutes in this game - for the grand total of 159 penalty minutes with the third period to play.

DeSimone has gone for cross-checking (officially roughing) and NU's Silva has taken two calls to put the 'Cats on the powerplay to get close to closing out the second period.

End of Second.

A Wildcat Men's Hockey Team that can't score!? And can't put a complete game together on the road. I'm speechless.

Beginning of the Third.



Assist to Joe Charlebois.

Up and down hockey - surprisingly no penalties.

Ginand stuffs it short side after shaking Kessel down low. 9:04 into the third.

Come on guys! Just score some goals!

No puck possession... a complete lack of puck control.

McCloud keeps it on the 2-on-1 rush and beats Foster. 2:15 to play.

VAN RIEMSDYK SCORES with the extra attacker. 54 seconds to play.

from Leblanc and Pollastrone.

That's game.

Too little, too late.

Coach Umile audio after the game from Hockey East Online.

Go 'Cats!


Video Link (Cannot Recommend)

Live Stats

sorry this is late!

Brian Foster will play.

DeSimone-van Riemsdyk-Sislo

Fritsch-Campanale(first game this season)

Brian Foster


Brian Foster is in doubt for appearing in tonight's game according to College Hockey News.

I say stay away until you're healthy, Brian.

Injuries that are rushed are only compounded.

Besides. If this team is going to accomplish anything this year they should be able to win a few games with Matt DiGirolamo in net. Let the kid get his time in so that you're 100% for the rest of the season and let the team get its act together before you're back in net covering for their mistakes.

Come on 'Cats - show us what you've got!

As The Other Guy said - Do it!

Finally, if you want to get your physics freak on for the day check this out. UNH Physics Department shout out!(I don't think they had anything to do with this just thought I would throw this in here)

Go 'Cats!

Friday's Here!

This made my morning here at THMHB-Headquarters.

*removed to restore my sanity! see link below to find out what this post was all about!*

Youtube in 720p HD


The change to the page size will be temporary and I hope it doesn't cause too much browser discomfort through the nation.

UNH Media Relations pay attention - if you can't get the home games done like this then you... well, you know.


Go 'Cats!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Almost Home

After a six-game sojourn I'm sure our men will be happy to get home on Saturday to host the Providence Friars but first they have to come full circle and return to Matthews Arena to hopefully put the finishing touches on the Northeastern Huskies Friday night.

Our Wildcats have taken three of four points from the Huskies thus far but that initial victory came at a cost - an injury to starting goaltender, Brian Foster, who is still considered questionable for this weekend. Since Foster's injury the 'Cats have gone 0-3-2.

But records don't mean anything on a given night in the season - it's who wants it more and who is willing to work harder, sacrifice more and sometimes, just a good dose of luck.

So Saturday night the Friars come to town, most likely looking for their first Hockey East win but up first, our Wildcats will look for their first triumph on the road as they close out the season series versus Northeastern tomorrow night.

Bring it on home!

Go 'Cats!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Steve Moses Makes CSS Preliminary Report

The University of New Hampshire's own freshman, Steve Moses, made the Central Scouting Services' Preliminary Rankings, earning a 'C' rating in the NCAA category.

See the title-linking page for a look at the other NCAA players on the list.

Keep up the hard work, Steve!

Go 'Cats! Conklin Perfect...*BONUS*

It's been a good weekend for Ty Conklin who earned a shutout and a hat-trick.

What!? See the title-linked article to find out!

Congratulations Ty!

*Bonus Content* Conklin's on Cloud Nine Brick Wall

Go 'Cats!

Monday, November 17, 2008


I'm going with Wildcat Hockey Monday.

To start, let's put this brutal weekend behind us, fan and player alike. But not without looking at what we'll take forward and build on.

First I want to disintegrate the dissing of DiGirolamo. This weekend is in no way his fault and it is not without precedent. Many UNH goalies have allowed eight or more goals, or have been pulled for allowing fewer - Matt DiGirolamo did not have that luxury and it is to his credit that he stuck it out in net. Few freshmen goaltenders have been tested thus and I'm sure that, though painful, this past weekend will provide a great boost to his continuing growth as a player and a man. DiGirolamo (got any nicknames I could use, Matt?) faced 72 shots over these two games. Completely unacceptable on the part of the skaters even though they out-shot the competition. For comparison, BU's Keiran Millan, had to turn aside a mere 18 shots to shutout Northeastern and Vermont's Mike Spillane made 24 saves for a 2-1 win over Merrimack who knotted BC 5-5 on Friday night. Also, BC's first string goaltender, sophomore John Muse, made just two more saves than DiGiralamo. And let's not forget that one of the BC goals was an empty-netter and by the radio call some were just complete defensive breakdowns that resulted in odd-man rushes and the powerplay marker. Keep battling, Matt! We're all behind you!

Let's talk personnel. Joe Charlebois, Mike Sislo and James van Riemsdyk need to keep doing what they're doing. We've seen both of our Captains struggle with penalties this season and no one more than Joe. But leading by example he has turned it around in the last few games and contributed two assists over the weekend to top it off. Mike Sislo came back more fired up than ever after the loss to Lowell with a career-high game that I hope we'll see him exceed in short order and continue to make strides above the terrific improvement that we've seen already this season. And James van Riemsdyk - I know you've got more in you man! Cut loose! And where is the PB&J line that I know and love!? Someone get Jerry Pollastrone or Bobby Butler some shooting room in the high slot. If we can keep getting production from Danny Dries and just a bit more from Moses, Thompson & Thompson we'll have some exciting hockey to watch. On the defensive side - we've got to buckle down. We are all looking forward to the return of our top goaltender but he needs to be healthy. In the mean time it's tighten the belt and re-double the effort. It's time to earn your defensive badge and lock down the opposition's offense.

Lastly, you've got to love the jump! How long has it been since we've seen a Wildcat team with the jump? 98-99 is the most recent that comes to mind for me. And you have to appreciate that the powerplay was a season best on the weekend, 22.2%.

As I've said - I think there is a lot to like here and while we're nearing the one-third mark of the season there is a ways to go yet - be patient, be positive - especially those who say only the post-season matters.

Go 'Cats!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


To be elaborated on Monday:

A weekend like this can only build character - and there is a lot to build on.

Mike Sislo. I've said it before, I'll say it again: Most Improved.

Why Matt DiGirolamo should keep his head held high.

James van Riemsdyk - just getting started.

Charlebois stepping up.

The jump to get on the board quick.

One-for-three on the powerplay.

There's a lot to like going on - now it's time to build on it and get back home!

Hope you enjoy the new song by Earshot, Again. You can hear it in its entirety by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner to open the playlist in a separate window.

2008-2009 UNH Mens Hockey Playlist by TUMHBG

Go 'Cats!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wildcat Alum Report: Travelin' Man *UPDATE 11/17*

Mike Radja has become a true journeyman, traveling more than 11,000 miles in the last couple weeks between the ECHL's Fresno Falcons and the AHL's Rockford IceHogs in the Chicago Blackhawks system...

Read more in the title-linked release from

And the Travelin' Man comes through helping the IceHogs break a six game losing streak, scoring the game winning goal, his first AHL goal in just his second game this season - fifth career game, at 2:23 of the third period.

*One more article on Radja*

Go 'Cats!

Friday, November 14, 2008

New Hampshire @ Lowell

As our 'Cats face-off against the Riverhawks tonight I want to take a step back. I really feel like everything is being over analyzed - What's wrong with the powerplay? Where's the scoring?

The New Hampshire copy.

The Official page for the weekend.

All I've got to say, to the fans and the players, is go out there and enjoy some hockey!

The game stats will be carried on CSTV's GameTracker. And the UNH Sports Network can be listened to online at which can also be entered, as is, in iTunes under [Advanced/Open Audio Stream...]. You can also find video links at the top of the Official page - video of the game will be webcast on B2 Networks tonight.

Go 'Cats!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

US Rules the World...

... Junior A Challenge.

New Hampshire native and Future 'Cat Greg Burke (featured in this picture with his Cedar Rapids teammates) had a goal and an assist in five games as the United States team dominated the competition after dropping their opening game to Germany.

Read more about it at the title-linked homepage.

Go 'Cats!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


The response to the question of how those in Wildcat Nation feel about the loss of the NHPTV broadcast is overwhelming.

50% of the 120 respondents said "Bring'em Back!".

39% reported being just plain emotionally "Crushed" by the loss.

A mere 17% report that "(They'll) live" or "Whatever" - I have the feeling that the 9% represented by the latter are not even members of Wildcat Nation.

The parent, family and extended family and friends of at least one of our Men's Hockey players are also deeply disappointed that the NHPTV broadcasts have been dropped.

We really do need to see something done about this.

Let's start with a letter writing campaign to UNH Athletic Director, Marty Scarano,

Resurrect the tradition that represented what was the first state public broadcast organization to televise live college hockey games.

Bring back the NHPTV broadcasts!

Go 'Cats!

Monday, November 10, 2008


It's What Happened Hockey Monday.

I refuse to get negative on our guys so let's look at what went right.

Brian Foster is the backbone of this team. He is getting peppered night-in, night-out and getting it done. A nice special interest piece from CHN - Foster-ing Something Special

James van Riemsdyk continues to set the pace. While seeming lackadaisical at times, James' extraordinary skill continues to result in points on the board - I would have like to have seen the move on Saturday night but there were some programming snafus with Time Warner Cable/Fox Collegiate Sports and though it showed the game in the schedule it was not shown - very disappointing even with the lopsided loss.

Blake Kessel. Leads the team in plus-minus with a plus-eleven (thanks to the elf who helped get my sortable tables working - they're midway through the right-hand sidebar of course, you can't miss'em! And to dhtmlgoodies for providing the script! If they don't work, I'm sorry but your browser is not supported so get it updated as it is very nice to be able to click and sort the stats and I'll be adding more) the youngster is solid!

Kevin Kapstad! Second in plus-minus, +7, and leads the senior class in scoring with four assists!

Belated props to Matt DiGirolamo on an awesome collegiate start! Turned aside 22 shots on hostile territory from a much improved Northeastern Huskies team.

That's all I've got for now.

Go 'Cats!

Friday, November 07, 2008


Nice title-linked copy from The New Hampshire about this weekend's match-up.

They pass along word that Brian Foster was injured during last Friday's game against Northeastern and that they are in no rush to get him back between the pipes at this point of the season. We'll see who is in net in about six hours - I'm putting my name in Foster's hat as I think he'll be ready and he is going to want these two games.

Hopefully The Other Guy will be able to post the starting line-up for those in the Nation that can't get it but live-stats are also available from the Minnesota site - only once the game starts does the link appear.

New Hampshire. Minnesota. Fox Sports Net North, carried on a variety of Fox College Sports channels.

See the last two paragraphs of the HHMW post below for some specific channel details.

Go 'Cats!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Belated Happy Hockey Monday Wednesday Wildcat Nation!

Not a bad weekend taking three of four from a previously undefeated, and still Hockey East leader Northeastern.

But the fact that the guys haven't found the 'W' on the away ice sheet will have to change this coming weekend if our 'Cats (and Hockey East itself) are going to be in good standing when the final iteration of the PWR and RPI takes place.

And on the docket this weekend? Yet another undefeated team in the Minnesota Golden Gophers. Looking at Don Lucia's maroon and gold, their best tests to date were ties in the preliminary conference match-ups with both Wisconsin and Minnesota State only to see them come back the next night and beat each of them soundly. It's going to be some great early season hockey!

Welcome back The Other UNH Men's Hockey Blogger Guy! He fibbed a little as he did write this article and this article WAY back in December... of '06! Sorry to ambush you with this one TOUMHBG (just pronounce it 'toombug' - I'm 'tumbug', the 'h' is silent). Oh, and there was this one as well - ha ha!

Oh my! I just realized! Tomorrow is the two year anniversary for The UNH Men's Hockey Blog! Crazy. It's come a long way - do not, I repeat, do not go back and relive those awful early posts. Luckily my bloggerism skills have improved and that I'm still able to offer this resource to all of you fans out there who appreciate this blog (and even those that don't appreciate it!). To those of you who suffered through those early posts - thanks for sticking with me!

So this weekend it's Friday at 8:00pm (EST) and Saturday at 7:00pm EST.

I've got the game on Metrocast channel 227 Friday at 8:00pm... Ot-oh... I don't see a listing for Metrocast carrying the game on Saturday night. And I can't guarantee that you'll be able to get the game on at my favorite Irish haunt but get there early and order up some grub and a brew - you should have a good shot. Time Warner Cable, for those up north (Berlin area for sure), is airing the Friday game on the FSDC channel 461 at 8:00pm. They appear to be carrying the game on Saturday as well but on FSDA channel 460 at 7:00pm. (And I'll get a Comcast listing in here as soon as I get a hold of TOUMHBG. OG - feel free to replace this with the proper info if you see it before I holler atchya).

I'm not going to fill in where TUMBUG wanted me too because he blew up my spot by roasting me on the previous posting issues. For the fans out there who read this blog and have Comcast cable service, the game will be on channel 263 FSCS starting at 8pm and unfortunately college football will bar the Comcast users from seeing Saturday night's game that starts at 7pm.

On a side note, does anyone think that Minnesota is actually part of Canada? They have the accent and they're really good at hockey, hmmmmm......

*Other Guy out*

I'll be heading to my private retreat up north to catch these games - hey, mom, we're coming up!

Go 'Cats!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Found the title-linked article this morning (do an edit/find for University of New Hampshire).

University of New Hampshire
Students at University of New Hampshire reported standing in line starting at 4:30.

Go 'Cats!


PS - Belated Happy Hockey Monday post coming later tonight or early tomorrow!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

USNTDP Under-18 Team Blanks Harvard

What's this have to do with Wildcat hockey?

Future 'Cats, Ryan Bourque and John Henrion, opened and closed the scoring respectively in the four-to-nothing schooling given the Harvard Crimson. This comes after two victories for Ted Donato's squad - a three-to-one win over Trois-Riviers and four-to-one to top Dartmouth - so you can't quite call it getting the rust off.

Henrion's tally was the lone powerplay marker and Bourque's goal came just forty-nine seconds into the game.

Go 'Cats!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

UNH vs. Northeastern *BREAKING NEWS*

*Brian Foster injured but dressed, will not start.*

Pollastrone - LeBlanc - Butler
van Riemsdyk - DeSimone - Dries
Collins - Fortney - Sislo
Thompson - Thompson - Moses

Fritsch - Charlebois
Kapstad - Kessel
Krates - Kipp

Matt DiGirolamo (FIRST START!)

First Period

Score!!! UNH 1 - NU 0

Paul Thompson! Going to the net! From Alan Thompson! Told you you're going to see a lot more of these two!

P.Thompson(2)[A.Thompson(2), Moses(2)] - 9:33

DiGirolamo - 7 saves

UNH - 16 shots

Second Period

Score!!! UNH 2 - NU 0

Peter LeBlanc! From Butler and Moses! About the five minute mark of the second.

LeBlanc(3)[Butler(3), Moses(3)] ~ 5:00

UNH 2 - NU 1

Tyler McNeely(3) - left all alone in front, powerplay goal.

UNH 2 - NU 2

Ginand(4) - one timer right in front, powerplay goal.

And the Wildcat penalty parade continues.

Fritsch out for contact to the head with just seconds left in the second period.

Third Period

Big scrum with 10:38 to go.

Northeastern is taking penalties with impunity as the Wildcat powerplay remains completely impotent: 0-8 tonight.

3:55 to play.


2-2 Final.

Go 'Cats!
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