Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Belated Happy Hockey Monday Wednesday Wildcat Nation!

Not a bad weekend taking three of four from a previously undefeated, and still Hockey East leader Northeastern.

But the fact that the guys haven't found the 'W' on the away ice sheet will have to change this coming weekend if our 'Cats (and Hockey East itself) are going to be in good standing when the final iteration of the PWR and RPI takes place.

And on the docket this weekend? Yet another undefeated team in the Minnesota Golden Gophers. Looking at Don Lucia's maroon and gold, their best tests to date were ties in the preliminary conference match-ups with both Wisconsin and Minnesota State only to see them come back the next night and beat each of them soundly. It's going to be some great early season hockey!

Welcome back The Other UNH Men's Hockey Blogger Guy! He fibbed a little as he did write this article and this article WAY back in December... of '06! Sorry to ambush you with this one TOUMHBG (just pronounce it 'toombug' - I'm 'tumbug', the 'h' is silent). Oh, and there was this one as well - ha ha!

Oh my! I just realized! Tomorrow is the two year anniversary for The UNH Men's Hockey Blog! Crazy. It's come a long way - do not, I repeat, do not go back and relive those awful early posts. Luckily my bloggerism skills have improved and that I'm still able to offer this resource to all of you fans out there who appreciate this blog (and even those that don't appreciate it!). To those of you who suffered through those early posts - thanks for sticking with me!

So this weekend it's Friday at 8:00pm (EST) and Saturday at 7:00pm EST.

I've got the game on Metrocast channel 227 Friday at 8:00pm... Ot-oh... I don't see a listing for Metrocast carrying the game on Saturday night. And I can't guarantee that you'll be able to get the game on at my favorite Irish haunt but get there early and order up some grub and a brew - you should have a good shot. Time Warner Cable, for those up north (Berlin area for sure), is airing the Friday game on the FSDC channel 461 at 8:00pm. They appear to be carrying the game on Saturday as well but on FSDA channel 460 at 7:00pm. (And I'll get a Comcast listing in here as soon as I get a hold of TOUMHBG. OG - feel free to replace this with the proper info if you see it before I holler atchya).

I'm not going to fill in where TUMBUG wanted me too because he blew up my spot by roasting me on the previous posting issues. For the fans out there who read this blog and have Comcast cable service, the game will be on channel 263 FSCS starting at 8pm and unfortunately college football will bar the Comcast users from seeing Saturday night's game that starts at 7pm.

On a side note, does anyone think that Minnesota is actually part of Canada? They have the accent and they're really good at hockey, hmmmmm......

*Other Guy out*

I'll be heading to my private retreat up north to catch these games - hey, mom, we're coming up!

Go 'Cats!


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