Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Wildcats handle Lowell

It seemed that the ice was tilted to one side tonight and I'm glad we had that side twice. Both teams traded two goal periods, but too bad so sad for Lowell, we had first ups and there are only three periods.

Matt Fornataro scored just 47 seconds into the first period to give the Riverhawks a taste of what the 'Cats had for them tonight. Jamie Fritsch and Trevor Smith picked up their first assists on the night. Mike "Here comes the Boom" Radja banged home his 13th goal of the season with just 1:51 in the first frame. Fritsch, along with Brett Hemingway helped out on the goal. Then we got a little worried.

Kevin Regan faced 18 shots in the second period and let up a couple goals. We can expect him to stop everything, but this isn't Ryan Miller and Michigan St. in 2001. So with the game tied at the end of two, our 'Cats had to ramp it up.

And they did, just 4:50 into the third period, we had the tilt again and Matt Fornataro sealed the deal. This time he took assists from Smith and Pollastrone for the game winner. And just a couple minutes later at 7:09, Hemingway netted his fifth from Radja and Micflikier.

Regan finished the night with 39 saves and his 11th win of the season.

Great job tonight guys, you finished strong and kept the streak alive. We need to keep playing strong. Thanks to Blaise MacDonald for complimenting us.



Yeah, thanks Blaise.

For starters getting rid of that stupid looking bird and replacing it something more along the lines of a cat would go a long way towards being more like us. The rest, ah, what am I saying, you're hopeless!

We'll still come back to beat you from time to time though.

Much Love,
The UNH Men's Hockey Blogger Guy

Dec 7, 2006, 8:35:00 AM  

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