Wednesday, November 12, 2008


The response to the question of how those in Wildcat Nation feel about the loss of the NHPTV broadcast is overwhelming.

50% of the 120 respondents said "Bring'em Back!".

39% reported being just plain emotionally "Crushed" by the loss.

A mere 17% report that "(They'll) live" or "Whatever" - I have the feeling that the 9% represented by the latter are not even members of Wildcat Nation.

The parent, family and extended family and friends of at least one of our Men's Hockey players are also deeply disappointed that the NHPTV broadcasts have been dropped.

We really do need to see something done about this.

Let's start with a letter writing campaign to UNH Athletic Director, Marty Scarano,

Resurrect the tradition that represented what was the first state public broadcast organization to televise live college hockey games.

Bring back the NHPTV broadcasts!

Go 'Cats!


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