Monday, November 10, 2008


It's What Happened Hockey Monday.

I refuse to get negative on our guys so let's look at what went right.

Brian Foster is the backbone of this team. He is getting peppered night-in, night-out and getting it done. A nice special interest piece from CHN - Foster-ing Something Special

James van Riemsdyk continues to set the pace. While seeming lackadaisical at times, James' extraordinary skill continues to result in points on the board - I would have like to have seen the move on Saturday night but there were some programming snafus with Time Warner Cable/Fox Collegiate Sports and though it showed the game in the schedule it was not shown - very disappointing even with the lopsided loss.

Blake Kessel. Leads the team in plus-minus with a plus-eleven (thanks to the elf who helped get my sortable tables working - they're midway through the right-hand sidebar of course, you can't miss'em! And to dhtmlgoodies for providing the script! If they don't work, I'm sorry but your browser is not supported so get it updated as it is very nice to be able to click and sort the stats and I'll be adding more) the youngster is solid!

Kevin Kapstad! Second in plus-minus, +7, and leads the senior class in scoring with four assists!

Belated props to Matt DiGirolamo on an awesome collegiate start! Turned aside 22 shots on hostile territory from a much improved Northeastern Huskies team.

That's all I've got for now.

Go 'Cats!


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