Saturday, November 22, 2008

Round One: UNH 4 - PC 3 Final

The puck has dropped.

Up and down, little puck control either way.

Crowd is subdued.

Closing in on the halfway point of the first period - a little bit of pressure coming from the 'Cats... a little.

Weak defense down low allows Cavanaugh (stats show Fayne - Dan and Pete got it right of course - thanks guys!) to work out from behind the net and beat Foster. And it is REALLY quiet. Fourth line and Kessel/Kapstad d-pairing on.

Redemption and a fish. Mike Borisenok! 12:44 of the first! From Moses and Vranek.

Just a couple minutes to play in the first. No sustained pressure either way and no exemplary play.

A little pressure by the 'Cats and some motivated play with a delayed penalty call - UNH Powerplay 17:37.

A little life from the crowd. One minute to go in the first.

The period will end with 4-on-4 hockey to start the second with the score the same as it was when we started.

End of First.

I'm unimpressed with the first period except for the play of the fourth line - way to go guys! The guys out-shot PC two-to-one and have nothing to show for it and it looks like we'll actually start the second on the penalty-kill thanks to a Danny Dries hooking call.

Start of Second.

Sislo scores! On van Riemsdyk's rebound!

And it was just after what was a 4-on-4.

Dries picks the top corner from a tough angle. Assist by Moses and Charlebois.

A 5-on-3 for Providence.

Back to 5-on-4. Closing in on the halfway point of the game.

Another odd-angle goal for Danny Dries on the powerplay! From Kapstad and Charlebois.

Sounds like they're moving the puck and dictating play much more though they're behind in shots the quality sounds a lot better and the fans are finally breathing again!

Dries hunting for the hat-trick on Operation Hat-Trick night.

More Wildcat pressure another Wildcat powerplay. Four minutes to play in the second.


A minute and a half left in the second.

A last second bid by Bobby Butler but stopped by PC's Gates.

End of Second.

Second Intermission. Obviously a much more motivated and impressive period. Really pouring it on in the first ten minutes of the second. Out-shooting PC overall 27 to 17, 9 to 8 in the second. Sounded like they really controlled play but it seems like they could be a little more practiced, a bit crisper. Keep it going!

Beginning of the Third.

An early push by van Riemsdyk - seems like he's always pushing right out of the gate but just hasn't paid off yet THIS game.

PC's leading scorer streaks in on the left side and scores.

DeSimone picks up a hooking call. The goal came at 1:27 and the penalty comes at 3:51.

'Cats have yet to generate a shot on goal in the third.

12:05 to go and Fortney will go to box putting the 'Cats back on the penalty-kill.

Now Sislo will go as the penalty box parade continues. This is probably what we were all fearing ahead of this period.

Too many penalties... a 5-on-3 goal and will continue on yet another powerplay.

UNH has now given up more goals to Providence than any team besides Bowling Green, Holy Cross (who we'll see in a couple weeks that I'm very worried about) and Massachusetts who beat them 9-4.

Being out-shot 16-2... what a HORRIBLE period of hockey against an absolutely dismal hockey team.

Shots 18-3, 34-30 PC overall.

Empty net for the Friars.

1.3 seconds, faceoff in the 'Cats' end.

Not the win you want, but I guess they can have the 'W' back for now.

-TUMHBG out.


Whoa! Better get going on this one!

Back home. Finally!

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van Riemsdyk-DeSimone-Sislo


Brian Foster

Go 'Cats!


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