Thursday, March 15, 2007

Rumor Has It

I shoulda checked my email last night as I received an email regarding Future 'Cat, Greg Burke.

The word is that he has suffered a laceration to his Achilles tendon from a skate and will be off skates for 6 months.

Wildcat Nation wishes you a speedy recovery Greg! Get healthy and get back out there! We're pulling for you!

Thanks to my informant - can always use good information - who would also have me know that 'Showtime' has experienced that time honored growth spurt that men-children like Burke undergo, adding 2 inches and who knows how many pounds of muscle, to his previously 6'1" frame to top out above 6'3" - I'm still wondering why I never got those last two inches leaving me stuck a 6'1"! Well, hopefully you can get some good upper body workouts in during your recovery!

Get well Greg!

*It just occurred to me that I was being rather thoughtless for not extending a get well to James VanRiemsdyk! Hey, James, hope you are soon well yourself! So, get well James! Go figure, you'll be doing lower body work while Greg does upper! I definitely look forward to seeing (mostly reading in Greg's case - but I'll try to catch a game if I can) BOTH of you healthy in the fall!*

Go 'Cats!


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