Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Open Fire - ESPN I Mean OHL, No It's...

As you read through the analysis provided to ESPN covering the pending draft (click on the title of this post) you might begin to wonder if this person knows what they are talking about - then you get to the bottom of this heap and realize that it was written by none other than the assistant general manager of the erie otters of the ohl.

That's right. Now those otters who get ridiculously positive write-ups and slams aimed at the USHL all over the place make sense. Sam Gagner, who was outscored by UNH recruit, Phil DeSimone, while with the Sioux City Musketeers in the USHL then moves on to the OHL where he seems to have put up three times the points that he was able to score in the USHL THEN fails to do well at the World Juniors only to return to 'dominance' in the OHL - sounds like returning to the cake walk to me. He was so good that when he moved on to the OHL, DeSimone put up even more points this year!

Now, nothing against Sam or any player born of any nationality but I hate to see such despicable analysis based on a bias that is basic bigotry trying to make a pariah of the United States hockey community even though the OHL is glad to have American born players like Seidel's number one, Patrick Kane - which admittedly we in the college hockey community are totally accepting of Canadian born players.

This is not the only article out there right now either. This is becoming part of a broad, political style campaign aimed at dragging USA Hockey through the mud. From the youngest right up through the college hockey ranks the OHL has no scruples and no qualms spreading lies and misinformation throughout the hockey world. Speaking of our beloved college hockey check out this gem brought to us by that great champion of college hockey, Chris Heisenberg.

So I say we turn broadside and open fire in response to these acts of aggression. If the OHL wants a fight, let's drop the gloves!

Go 'Cats!


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