Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Rumor Would Have It

Greg Burke('09) it seems has received our wishes and according to latest intel will be out for a mere six weeks. Six grueling weeks to be out for sure but a lot better than six months! We're still wishing you well Greg and James, who should also be near returning!

Paul Thompson('08 or is he '07) also may or may not be on the move. He is graduating this spring and will make a choice to either stay with the Monarchs and work at perfecting his overall game (he's got offense down!) OR join the University of New Hampshire Wildcats in the fall. If you ask me he is in a win-win situation except that by coming to UNH in the fall it may be, as it often is, a case where he sees less action his freshman year than if he stayed with the Monarchs next year but I can't be sure - however, I am sure, whatever his choice, it will be well considered and will work out well in the end.

I was generously passed along these nuggets of information to which I added my own analysis, from a trusted third-party source, who obtained it from Coach Tremblay of the the very New Hampshire Junior Monarchs (congratulations again Coach and team!) who I think I will hit up for my next installment of 'Behind the Bench'!

Stay tuned!

Go 'Cats!


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