Friday, March 16, 2007

It's Game Day!

Go 'Cats!

90 seconds into Double OT - mass was getting away with murder (they have all game thanks to Benedetto) when Butler ripped his stick away from the mass defender and swiped a rolling puck right between the hash marks, that Greg Collins had knocked loose as mass was trying to head up ice, and it went over Quick's shoulder!

Of course the 'real' story according to nesn is not the UNH win without senior Brett Hemingway (stomach flu) but how umass stayed in the game with a lucky bounce to begin with - essentially nesn's story is umass's sad, undeserved loss. I say it's nesn's loss, as in losing the ne - they should go by ms (pronounced 'mess') for 'mass sports'. They are so biased that you can hear the 'ms' announcers loathing every time they even have to mention New Hampshire or UNH which they avoid even that! Oh well, Go 'Cats!

3-2 'Cats!!!!!

Bobby Butler(8), Collins(7)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want to see a good real-time box score check out the Hockey East Blog!

Double OT!


<2:00 in regulation

4-on-4 - the Charlie Holt Sportsmanship Team takes a diving call... good call Hockey East

End of Second

15:17 of the second period

UNH on the powerplay

13:57 of the second period

2-2 - Rossman(1)(Vinz(2))! Hustles and takes control beating the sieve!

:16 of the second period

1-2 - defensive breakdown against a set play.

End of First

Go 'Cats!

18:12 of the first period

1-1 - own goal off Flaishans foot - UNH is owning mass...

3:29 of the first period

1-0 'Cats!

Greg Collins(4) (Butler(3), Fortney(7)) puts home his own rebound!


Hemingway out with stomach flu.

Go 'Cats!


Whooo! Time to go boys!

I want to see that New Hampshire Hockey!

Jump! Hustle! Fight for the puck! Control the puck! Crisp Passing! Find the Back of the Net! Shut them down! Regan, you know what to do!

New Hampshire Hockey all the way!

Feel that love from Wildcat Nation? Send some back at us!

Go 'Cats!


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