Saturday, November 25, 2006

A Day Off, Game Tonight, New Poll, More Members of Wildcat Nation Step Forward...

Well, even the UNH Hockey Blogger Guy needs a day off once in a while. After stuffing MYSELF on Thursday (they should just call the whole meal STUFFING) I got out and played some stick and puck for a couple hours yesterday - good time... then... I just wasted the rest of the day.

New Poll (ya probably noticed - SO VOTE!) - I can't see who votes what, so nobody's gonna get persecuted and the only thing associated with the poll is the results pop-up when you click 'submit vote' so you can see how people are voting and you can always come back and check the results with the 'current results' button and you can even leave comments on the results pop-up if you scroll down. No sign-ups, just a couple ads on the results pop-up, no other junk at all.

Wildcat Nation continues to come forward proclaiming their loyalty. Make sure you include a name and a shoutout - go edit your marker if you haven't! Remember the Frapper Map is down at the bottom of the page - you can see who your closest Wildcat Compatriot is and know that you're not alone in what is looking to be a Wildcat World!

Now, business...

I fully expect to see Brian Foster in net tonight. The coaching staff knows that he's at least ready to be coddled into games like the home game vs. Lowell and I think they'll look to him to start his first road game in the Town of Magical Fruit. Having handled Northeastern like a ragdoll in our first two meetings I expect a chippy game from the kick-me dogs. They will fight hard and scrap, not having won a single Hockey East game this year, but will not find their first (and possibly their last) win tonight.

I'm looking forward to our 'Cats coming out and playing as the dominant team that they are. I think we will see ever-increasing intensity as the season goes on and this game will show some additional grit due to some loose play vs. BC that allowed 3 goals. As much as I'd like to see 7-0 'Cats tonight I'm not feeling it so,

UNH wins 5-1!

Remember to tune in tonight to the Yahoo Sports Broadcast (find it in my Links Section) and

Go 'Cats!


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