Sunday, November 19, 2006

How 'bout a little more Sunday Hockey Review...

Jerry Pollastrone is obviously the Player of the Week. With 3 goals and 2 assists in two games against Lowell. I can see him back in this position before long.

Trevor Smith continues the good fight only just dipping, temporarily I'm sure, below the two points per game mark. I'll have to see this North Vancouver, British Columbia some day!

Shawn Vinz and the third and fourth line. You give meaning to the chant "GO, FIGHT, WIN!!! You guys are the heart and soul of this team. Vinz will finish this year with 6 goals and 7 assists for 13 points. Congrats to Dan Rossman for assisting on Vinz's goal for his first collegiate point. Way to go Danny Boy!

WEDNESDAY (11/22/06) is for HOCKEY!

Our 'Cats will take on BC in the Conte Forum. I expect a struggle. The Eagles, win or lose, come from playing Maine today (still no new computer and I can't get GameTracker to run so I have no idea of the status of this game). I expect to see BC buckle-down. I also expect our 'Cats to bring even more effort and definitely the intensity of a University of New Hampshire, Wildcat Hockey Team. We will have to out-work, out-hustle and plain out-class BC to get out of Bean Town cleanly. I expect Brett Hemingway to break-out in this game. To the tune of "Bringing Sexy Back", "I'm bringing Hemi back, YEAH! I want to see him back on track, YEAH!"

Some other notes:

With just 9 more goals, we will eclipse the ENTIRE HOCKEY EAST SEASON GOAL OUTPUT of the Merrimack Warriors last year. With just 11 goals we will pass the halfway-mark to last season's HE Goal Output.

Trevor Smith will equal his point output last year with just one more point. Somehow, I don't think he'll be satisfied with this.

Someone who has escaped my verboise is Matt Fornataro. He has quietly amassed his point total from last year and then plus four (16 points this year), in just 10 games! - in this, his third year. Holy Schnikies!

I have to wonder - has any other goaltender achieved Brian Foster's feat? A shutout in his first collegiate start? Can anyone track down this tidbit?

Alright, I'll be back for more tomorrow!

Go 'Cats!


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