Sunday, November 12, 2006


In my best Will Smith voice - That's how you play! From now on, that's how you play!

The Hockey East blog poll doesn't lie - as far as the current poll goes - neither does that great Wildcat fan who posted the comment below the poll results!

Lights out, baby!... is right! 8-2 'Cats!

Now, I didn't hear much of the game, but I like the results. If they played half-as-well as the results indicate then all I've got to say is DO IT AT HOME! This is the link for the UNH sports by Yahoo events that can be heard online. I'll post this in my links too.

Lastly, an apology to the loyal fans of the UNH Hockey Blog... the BU game ref was Jeffrey Bunyon - congrats on the weight loss and finding your long lost brother... Tim Benedetto, who ref'd TODAY'S game! I don't know how much you meddled in this game but I like the results this time around!

8-2 'Cats!

As Always,

Go Cats!

8-2 'Cats!


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