Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Real Deal.

The only real poll out there is of course in the college hockey blog world, our very own College Hockey News Blog PUCK Poll.

Somehow we 'Cats always manage to go unmentioned... we must not be dominating the opposition enough. I say we take BC down hard on Wednesday. UNH wins 5-1!

We have a chance to deliver the knockout punch to a BC team that has been holding itself up by the ropes. The jersey is up over their head all we have to do is deliver one good punch. I'm not saying they're an easy target but this is your one chance 'Cats. Every game - play it like it's your last!

We are the team that gets ragged on as the University of No Hardware. The team that people refer to as being made up of underachievers. It's time to change all of that! We will not quit! We won't back down! We will mount an onslaught on our opposition that will tear down the pathetic edifices of the pretentious old boys hockey system. We've got to bring an intensity that hasn't been seen in years from a Wildcat team. Remember the 98-99 team. Don't give Maine an inch. THIS TEAM CAN BRING IT AND BEAT ANYONE. THIS TEAM WILL BRING IT AND BEAT ANYONE.

I want to remind everyone of TWO back-to-back loses at home. You owe it to the fans, to yourselves, to win every last game at home. And you sure as heck better go into every other building at show them how it feels to lose at home!

As for the game on Wednesday you'll have to catch it on the radio - scan your stations, FM and AM, I find it on 107.7 here. It's a fun throw-back to oldtime hockey!

Go 'Cats!


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