Wednesday, November 29, 2006

College Hockey News Blog At It Again

When the rest of the college hockey world seems like it's closing in... no not FRIENDS, College Hockey News Blog comes to the rescue with the best poll in the land. There are only some subtle differences at first glance but they are extremely significant to getting undeserving teams (Cornell!) out of the rankings.

College Hockey News Blog PUCK PollUSCHO 'PATHETIC' Poll

1 Minnesota
2 New Hampshire
3 Maine
4 Notre Dame
5 Michigan
6 Miami
7 Denver
8 St. Cloud State
9 Boston College
10 Boston University
11 North Dakota
12 Vermont
13 Colorado College
14 Michigan State
15 Yale
16 Michigan Tech
17 N/A
18 N/A
19 N/A
20 N/A

1 Minnesota
2 New Hampshire
3 Maine
4 Miami
5 Notre Dame
6 Michigan
7 Boston College
8 Denver
9 Boston University
10 St. Cloud State
11 North Dakota
12 Michigan State
13 Cornell
14 Alaska
15 Colorado College
16 Yale
17 Dartmouth
18 Vermont
19 Massachusetts
20 Northern Michigan

Now. The differences don't affect us (NOW, they did in earlier weeks) but I think the PUCK Poll puts some better teams in better spots and doesn't show as much 'favoritism'. And you know what I think of US'uck'CHO. Come on, Alaska!?

For those of you with a sense of humor check out the fine work that I someday hope to rival of the LetsGoDU bloggers - my oh my. And by the way, if you really think their blog is better than this one then get on over here and start working!

Don't forget to add a name and a shoutout to your Frapper Map tag at the bottom of the page!

Go 'Cats!


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