Thursday, November 09, 2006

Two days without a post... I've gotta say something!

Let's see... have you seen the Hockey East Blog ? Great things are going on! There's talk of shootouts over there right now with some interesting comments? Oh, make sure you weigh-in on the poll - remember, we're playing our hated-rival Maine this Sunday! If you scroll down on the poll results there is a nice comment left by some Wildcat that has already weighed-in!

Which reminds me... put your two-cents in here at the TEMPORARY UNH Hockey Blog! Show your Blue and White pride! Comment on the posts, suggest some topics or just say hi and tell me how great this place is! I'm working on getting a new computer and internet connection so I hope to be able to spiffy-up the place. Also, let me know if there is anyone you think I should keep tabs on my alumni tracking chart. If your new around here, leave comments by clicking on the highlighted comment tab below the post and make sure you get a blogger login.

Game notes are available at the Official Wildcats site for the game tomorrow night vs. BU, again televised on NHPTV.

Oh Yeah, Black Betty is Back! Just the tune is fine with me - I wouldn't want UNH hockey endorsing black mistress having our children, getting us arrested and then posting our bail then pawning our clothes! - all by just playing a song that excercises an American citizen's right to free speech! That would be horrible, if they did, some people might choose not to come to the games and actually let some of the thousands of people who would like to attend, and don't give a shit about what songs they play as long as they're good, but cannot find tickets to the awesome tradition that is UNH hockey! Holy shit, someone better shut-up the US Poet-Lauriet, Mr. Donald Hall, of New Hampshire, before he writes more of his philandering ways before someone tries to link him to UNH (since he has lectured there) and therefore UNH hockey - hopefully he doesn't attend the games - oh, the horror! (Sorry for including you in my sarcasm Mr. Hall - I really love your work!)

"... Woah Black Betty, bam-balam, Black Betty had a child, bam-balam damn thing gone wild!"

Ha, Ha, Ha! Find the rest of the lyrics here .

Go 'Cats!


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