Monday, November 27, 2006

Late To The Party

Well, well, well... for us that it is!

Looks like USCHO and the INCH Polls (that's INside College Hockey for those that don't know) were late to the party and their girl's already found her man tonight!

Now they want to be nice and pretend they know what they're talking about. Too late. Who thinks USCHO deserves a YOU SUCK for being lamely late?

And how about the lame writing this year? I'll honestly admit, this has to be one of the wackiest years in college hockey. The only thing that has been consistent is the inconsistency of play for many of the major teams (just look at our 'Cats at home early this year). But, USCHO writers instead of admiting they can't figure out what in the heck is going on just submit past deadline articles that over-analyze trivialities and say a WHOLE LOT OF NOTHING!

Chalk one up for Wildcat Nation!(From all corners of the globe w/ more and more joining the Frapper Map at the bottom of the page!)

Go 'Cats!


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