Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sweet, Got Frapper?

I just added a Frapper map so people know where Wildcat Nation is! (It's down at the bottom of the page - no, Wildcat Nation is not at the bottom of the page, that's where the MAP of Wildcat Nation is! - I didn't want it to be in the way and I'm working on getting it setup so it appears right on everyone's system.)

I think we'd all like to know if you're a former player! Let us know your name (and number of course) if you're a former player.

If you are a former player who's playing don't worry, I'll get to adding you to the 'Notables' list - of course all former Wildcat players are notable but it's just going to be a list of the current pros, sorry guys.

Add yourself Wildcats (in case you didn't already know, that's you too fans!)!!!

Go 'Cats!


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