Saturday, November 18, 2006

UNH vs. Lowell - 11/18/2006

BRIAN FOSTER is in net for his first career start for our WILDCATS!
Vinnie Monaco

*Announcers dropped their moniter on the fans.

first period

Pollastrone Scores! First Shot!

1-0 UNH! [1:12, Pollastrone(5), {Smith(9)}]

5:30 to go, Smith is MIA - will update...

end of first

'Cats powerplay has been weak...

Defense has been good, Foster looks sharp but has seen little rubber...

Skating and intensity do not look good...

second period

2-0 UNH! [:48, Radja(9), {Flaishans(7),Micflikier(11)}]

3-0 UNH! [2:??, VINZ(1), {Flaishans(8),Rossman(1),}]

Smith IS back (think he has been since beginning of the period) - he looks fine...

end of second

Forgot to mention... I didn't see the fish after the first goal... hmmm?

Foster looks FANTASTIC!

I predicted Vinz's first collegiate goal for last night! Hey Shawn, you could have scored it last night to make my prediction look better - but close enough!

Still noticing a lack of intensity. It looks like they could skate circles around Lowell if they wanted to...

third period

4-0 UNH [11:52, Hemingway(2), {Radja(4), Micflikier(12)}]
- Radja loses the D and he and Hemi go in 2-on-0...

end of game

I didn't notice... were there fans at the game at all? I certainly couldn't hear any...

Hemingway looks like he's working on "bringing Hemi back"... I agree with Bob Norton he needs to get back to that post that he and his brother have worked so well...

THAT WAS SOME D! That's how you play D! From now on, that's how you play D!

Foster is For Real! Hey Brian! Looks like you could land an F-22 on those pads! Better watch out that some of the planes flying around Portsmouth don't mistake those pads for the runways at Pease! No really, keep up the good work

Smith was cut on the leg by a skate and recieved a "significant" number of stitches!




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