Monday, October 26, 2009

Wildcat Hockey Monday

Well, well, well! I'm finally getting on the same page with the ongoing season - almost.

But it's all Wildcats all the time here and how about those Wildcats!?

More like Alleycats - rough, tough and reckless... and I like it!

This is Wildcat Hockey Monday!

The 2009-2010 Wildcats seem to be a team that hearkens back to Wildcat Teams of lore, piling on the offense, but with a brand new dynamic - mucking it up.

Dalton Speelman worked his way onto the first line this weekend with Bobby Butler and Peter LeBlanc and in the process got his first two collegiate goals with one simple philosophy - go to the net. Way to earn it, Dalton!

Mike Borisenok is well on his way to the upset in the Most Improved category or at least trying to prove that I was far too hasty in awarding it to Kevin McCarey. Setting a torrid pace to this point Mike has two multi-point games for a total a three goals and three assists in just five contests.

Blake Kessel. The dominating d-man will likely be looking forward to the trip home this weekend to Wisconsin where I'm betting he will pile up a couple more points on his team leading total of ten with just four games played. One starts to wonder, did we get Blake or his brother Phil!? One thing's for sure, Blake may just be looking to top his brother's 18 goal, 33 assist +22 season back in '05-06.

Brian Foster's numbers may have indicated some early struggles but between facing the number one ranked team in the country and a team in front of him that certainly puts the wild in Wildcats - things are only looking up for the solid netminder.

The Wildcats' play to date has been reckless, but it has paid off. They play with the abandon of a team with nothing to lose. They've been written off, put down and ignored - and they don't care. When they show up at the rink everything else goes away and there is only hockey. They want to win and they're willing to fight for it every night - with reckless abandonment.

Enjoy the new song from The Spill Canvas.(click the playlist to open in a new window and listen to the entire song)

Go 'Cats!


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