Thursday, April 02, 2009

Wildcat Stories Abound *MORE*

Mike Zhe, from Seacoast Online, offers up this great piece: UNH offers second opinion and word that Danny Dries may still have one of his nine lives left as a Wildcat: Umile: Dries may not be done at UNH.


I found another great article, this one from Foster's by Al Pike

Soooo close: Painful end to inspired playoff run for Wildcats

Be sure to share any new Wildcat stories with the rest of Wildcat Nation in the comments below.

Go 'Cats!


Blogger Alexandra Salmon said...

Who do you think will be the team's captain next year? You'd think it would be either Butler or LeBlanc. I think that while LeBlanc had a breakout year this season and certainly showed what he is capable of, Butler has produced consistently since getting to UNH and has continued to improve every year. Not to mention he seems to step up for the team when it matters most (just look at how many of his career goals are game-winners). Also, in interviews, it seems that his teammates have consistently spoken of their high opinions of him as a person as well as a hockey player, and their admiration of his character. (Not to say that they don't think these things about LeBlanc of course). I don't know, what do you think?

Apr 2, 2009, 6:52:00 PM  

Thanks for the comment, Alexandra.

I don't like commenting on the personalities on the team that I do not know personally - which is not too many these days, a point I'd like to remedy!

Ultimately the decision it is about what is best for the team.

I think any parsing of the choice, which is largely a team choice with the coaches making the final delegation of the individual honor, is a somewhat fruitless endeavor especially when we do not know the personalities nor what is said in the locker room.

I can tell you this, whoever gets it, it is well deserved and serves the will and purpose of the team.

The brave soul who takes the mantle gets the unenviable position of taking much of the responsibility when things go bad and often receives few accolades when they go right.

In any event we will know who the coaches have chosen in just over two weeks with the annual award dinner coming up on April 18th!

As for Butler and LeBlanc, from everything I've seen I could not say enough about their performance this past year. Both would seem fantastic choices for the position. Regardless, I'll try my best in my role as fan to support and cheer on the team that they do their best to put together.

Go 'Cats!

Apr 2, 2009, 7:34:00 PM  

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