Friday, February 27, 2009

TOCT: UNH 4 - MC 3 Final

That Old College Try!

Just getting in late here tonight but I've been tuned into the radio call by Dan Parkhurst and Pete Webster...

It's 2-1 'Cats!

Second Period


Goals by Sislo to start at 4:20 of the First and then the answering goal by Collins just 32 seconds after the Warriors had tied the game at one.

First Wildcat Powerplay of the game.

Unable to open shooting lanes it doesn't sound as if the guys were able to get the puck on net with the extra-skater.

14:38 to play in the Second.

@ 11:50 Danny Dries goes for slashing.

and Greg Collins goes on a matching call just a little later

But they're back to full-strength.

8:36 to go in the middle period.

Seems as if McCarey is still in the line-up replacing the injured Stevie Moses.

A lot of neutral ice hockey right now with the play flowing back and forth with no real chances.

Before I forget I wanted to pass it along that I have it on good authority that WMUR will feature highlights from tonight's game on the eleven o'clock news!

4:29 to go in the Second.

Jerry Pollastrone just getting out of the box and less than a minute to go in the period and Jamie Fritsch picks up his first goal of the season!

3-1 'Cats!

Pete Webster calling Fritsch a goal scorer for his move and for putting the puck coolly into the top shelf!

Two down and one to go!

End of the Second

What I'm looking to hear in the next twenty minutes of play:

The 'Cats are going to have to come out and play a strong and complete third period to earn the two points. Let's hear it!

Third Period

16:33 to play and the pace of the game continues to remain elevated but with no real dangerous chances until now when Sislo walks into the slot but the opportunity is lost in the shuffle.

Paul Thompson steals the puck and feeds Greg Collins the puck but he is stopped by Merrimack's goaltender, Joe Cannata.

13:20 to go and play is turning a little chippy. Kapstad and Ricci go to the box. 4-on-4 hockey.

Tipped in by the Captain! Greg Collins tips Blake Kessel's hard shot who received the pass from Nick Krates for the goal!

4-1 'Cats!

Collins at the 12:56 mark of Third Period as another matched-pair goes to the box - big surprise, it's Dries for the 'Cats at 12:15.

11:20 to play. Shots are 24-21 in favor of the Blue and White.

Foster stops Merrimack's Barton with the blocker on a breakaway chance!

Wildcat Powerplay!

Just the second opportunity as LeBlanc is tripped up. 8:10 to play.

Still not setting up well on the powerplay and they go offside with about half of the powerplay gone.

Dries nearly goes for 5 minutes hitting from behind but awarded the two-minute minor with less than five minutes remaining and Merrimack scores.

4-2 'Cats!

4:29 to play.

Dries has three minor penalties in the game.

Shots stand at 27-25 UNH.

3:35 to go!

Merrimack net is empty with two minutes to play!

And they score!

4-3 'Cats!

1:46 to play. Merrimack timeout.

Play resumes and Cannata leaves the net once more.

Kapstad misplays the puck and the Wildcats escape another MC chance before the Warriors go offside and Cannata is back in his crease.

Gone once more...

about 30 seconds to play.


That will make you nervous! Other than getting close at the end a well played game!

To tomorrow night, Senior Night, in Durham, New Hampshire!


Let's get the links in here:

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Go 'Cats!


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