Saturday, February 07, 2009

TGGT2: UNH 0 vs Maine 1 Final

Well, the going got too tough tonight.

Obviously, sustaining the loss of Joe Charlebois, Jerry Pollastrone AND James van Riemsdyk, who it seems was a game time deletion, is asking a lot! Though you lose some games, tonight our Wildcats did a lot that allowed that to happen and I was one of the 8,811 in attendance, a last minute decision myself, to witness it.

First and foremost they absolutely, totally and completely failed to penetrate the Maine defense and this is no credit to the Maine defense though that was the best aspect of their game. Maine looked horrible and played completely undisciplined.

But the Wildcat lapses were severe with a second breakaway opportunity given to the Black Bears leading to the only goal of the game.

One of the worse moments for the 'Cats came when, late in the game, the jumbotron prompted the crowd to get loud and the UNH coaching staff had to wave their boys back from an attempted timeout in the midst of the cheer. I guess the guys weren't feeling the love we were sending them. Ouch.

And I can't go without rubbing a little salt in the wound of the 0-for-13 powerplay on the weekend. That's really gotta sting.

Time to file this one away and look forward to the next weekend.

Goodnight Nation!

Go 'Cats!


These guys know that tough enough is not a title you gain but a status you earn each and every time out.

It's round two at our home away from home, the Verizon Wireless Arena.

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Go 'Cats!


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