Friday, February 20, 2009

TCOB: UNH 3 vs. BC 2 Final

Takin' Care of Business

Since no one took me up on my challenge to present their take of the weekend and the season to date, mine will follow here. I know, I'm the one who's supposed to be doing the writing and you the reading, right!? Too bad. I've got more giveaways coming up! But without further ado.

Any given weekend.

One of the great things about hockey, and maybe one of the most difficult to deal with as hockey fans, is that anything can happen once the puck is dropped on sixty minutes of hockey - or sixty plus minutes of hockey as the case may be. It's the combination of speed and toughness. Of finesse and strength. Drive and determination.

Sometimes a bit more inequity creeps into college hockey given the variety of schools in size, location and how valued hockey is at a particular school. You've got recruiting and the resultant team chemistry which can lead to a miracle on ice, just ask Herb Brooks and the 1980 US Olympic Hockey team.

Our Wildcats' season has been as any other season in college hockey, a constant battle. A battle that has left them battered at times and nearly beaten. But they refused to surrender. They have refused to let injury or loss beat them. And currently they are getting the best of a season that has been uncharitable to them to say the least.

Now, these factors will not disappear but I feel as if this team has turned a corner. That they welcome the battle. They've recommitted to the team's system yet have also rediscovered that individually they can all make a difference on any given night, any given weekend.

Bring on BC. Coming off of a tough Friday night in which they were handled by Lowell 6-0, the Eagles bounced back to a come-from-behind 4-4 tie on the Riverhawks' home ice. That tie granted both teams striking distance on the University of New Hampshire Men's Hockey Team for the fourth and final home ice slot for the Hockey East Tournament.

Additionally, these games are critical to not-so-distant NCAA Tournament hopes for which opportunities to secure crucial comparisons are dwindling. But I have to say, I like the way this team plays under pressure. It's on boys.

Time to take care of business.

Live Online Stream (w/ pre-game show at 6:30pm)

Official Site

Tale of the Tape

Go 'Cats!


Blogger UNHBulls said...

I have been busy as of late but here is my take on the season. I truly believe that UNH has yet to play a real complete game all year. I have been to many games this year and not one of them I have walked away feeling as though I saw great offense, defense, goaltending and special teams. I know it is very rare of any team to accomplish this all in one night, but I look at in this light: They are currently ranked 12th in the nation and have yet to reach their full potential. Sound familiar? Think BC just last season when they went on a tear in route to a National Championship. What better way to gain momentum into the tourney then to sweep the reigning National Champs! As you stated they have survived several injuries and key loses throughout the season, but they haven't quit yet. They just need to keep grinding away and maybe a lucky bounce here or there and they could easily be making noise come April in DC!
Go Cats!

Feb 20, 2009, 2:53:00 PM  

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