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I ♥ Wildcats!: UNH 4 @ PC 2 Final

First Period

From the audio call by Dan Parkhurst and Pete Webster.

And the rubber meets the ice!

Providence taking possession of the puck early with some broken chances but an offensive zone penalty will leave the Wildcats with the early powerplay.

UNH Powerplay!


Only weaker chances on the powerplay from outside and not creating the time and space to set up.

15:24 to go in the First.

The Wildcats are scrapping for some chances off of rebounds but the collapsing defense by Providence assures that they are low-percentage chances.

Paul Thompson driving to the net like he's supposed to but stopped by Beaudry.

And after DeSimone puts the puck on Beaudry who held on, another Providence penalty, this time for slashing.

UNH Powerplay!

And even-strength. 10:30 left in the first. No real chances.

7:30 to go in the opening period with play back and forth.

I just added the GameTracker link below.

The Blue and White set it up for a minute in the offensive end but could not generate a good chance before the puck came back the other way.

3:23 to play in the period.

SCORE!!!!!! Jerry Pollastrone! Seemingly out of nowhere after a rush by the top line with van Riemsdyk carrying then losing the puck. But a moment later he recovers the puck and feeds Pollastrone in front who slips it between Beaudry and the post.

Now van Riemsdyk goes for interference in the first penalty against a Wildcat all weekend to close out the first period.

1-0 'Cats!

And Providence is all over this penaltykill, spending the entire allotment in the Wildcats' zone.

End of the First

Phew! That was intense but our guys weathered the storm!

That last barrage by the Friars left them with a 10-7 shot advantage after one.

Sislo added as an assist to the lone first period goal.

Second Period

Right now Massachusetts, Merrimack and Lowell all have two goals and BC is the only team with a goal on the board on the losing side of the score.

Foster racking up saves early on in the second period.

UNH falling behind almost two-to-one in the shots column on the stat sheet.

Five minutes into the period and the Wildcats have yet to put a significant chance on net and Providence gets down the ice with PC's O'Connor collecting his own rebound to tie the game.


Providence controlling play now looking for their first lead on the weekend after seeming to have a firm grip on the Wildcats' tail since last night - the boys just can't shake these Friars.

Shots are 20-9 PC.

And now Moses goes for hooking which brings the dangerous shorthand crew of van Riemsdyk and Sislo to put the Friars back on their heels. But Providence's Matt Taoramina takes James van Riemsdyk to the box which is right where the Rhode Islanders would love to keep him.

It's even-strength and before James van Riemsdyk gets back out there I just want to say that it is beyond time the kid puts this team on his shoulders and lifts them up as far as he can. There's just no more time for this team to pretend that they're not looking for him to part the sea and lead them forward. If he's got it in him, the time is now.

9:30 to play as we pass the halfway point of the game where we started - tie game.

Moses! Again, out of nowhere, cuts off of the boards, moving the feet and lets the shot go as he throws it to the top shelf while moving across the slot in front.

2-1 'Cats!

I take back what I said about van Riemsdyk. Each one of these guys needs to do what they can to put the team on their shoulders, just like Stevie Moses just did!

5:32 to go in the period.

Kapstad and Fortney get the assist on Moses' goal.

Collins takes Taoramina down giving PC another man advantage.

van Riemsdyk sends Sislo in on the shorthand but he shoots it wide. Come on guys, it's got to be on!

Just one minute to play in the period.

The Wildcats have begun to close the gap in shots as the end of second stanza sounds ending the same as the first, Wildcat up by one.

End of the Second Period

Lowell leads by two after two, it's 4-2 Riverhawks. Massachusetts leads by a score of 3-0 but is not safe after league leader Northeastern came back from a two goal then a one goal deficit to win last night. Vermont has come back to take a 4-3 lead on the Merrimack Warriors. And Maine has managed to keep the potent BU offense quiet where it is 0-0 in Orono.

Third Period

SCORE!!! STEVIE MOSES! Gets on the rebound off of Thomas Fortney's shot!

3-1 'Cats!

PAUL THOMPSON!!! Rings the death knell for Alex Beaudry's night with a goal just 16 seconds later from Greg Collins!!!

4-1 'Cats!

We're just 3:36 into the third period.

Wildcats are hammering away as Greg Collins fires one that is deflected out of the rink!

15:25 to go.

Mazzolini gets one through traffic as Providence finds a little left.

4-2 'Cats!

Foster frustrating the frenzied Friars!

Approaching the 10:00 mark.

Dries goes to the box giving PC another powerplay, holding at 9:48.

It's even-strength.

Kessel's shot from the point goes in but the play is whistled dead thanks to a Danny Dries cross checking call that will send the Friars on their fifth powerplay of the game with 6:41 to play.

Matching penalties with 5:32 to play.

4:05 to go as they skate 4-on-4.

Full-Strength. 3:10 left.

The Friar Norton goes for taking a shot at van Riemsdyk hamstringing any decent chance for his team to mount any offense late in the game.

UNH Powerplay!

1:00 to play!

Providence gets the man back.

Empty net PC.

And the clock expires!

4-2 'Cats!

Brian Foster stops at least 31. Wildcats score 4 on 24 shots.

No powerplay goals in the game.

Stevie Moses makes the difference netting the go-ahead goal and the eventual game-winner.

Pete gets Moses to comment that Coach Umile really motivated the team to come out and play the second and third periods as two of the most important of the season to this point and indeed they needed the points and needed this win. Now they've got to build on it.

Nine Wildcats posted a point tonight with Moses the only one to get two per the scoresheet at this time though it may change as it's finalized.



Pollastrone - van Riemsdyk - Sislo
Collins - LeBlanc - P.Thompson
Dries - DeSimone - Butler
A. Thompson - Fortney - Moses

Kapstad - Kessel
Fritsch - Kipp
Krates - Campanale


I had no idea our Wildcats were related to the Friars but how else do you explain the sister-kissing going on last night?

Maybe they were just feeling a little amorous on the eve before St. Valentine's Day?

Providence proved very dangerous, scoring four very good goals on just twenty four chances and you've got to think that they'll close that seam in their defense tonight that our 'Cats exploited so effectively.

On the other hand those Wildcats can play a little more tightly defensively, watching the line changes, and being a little more aggressive on the defensive zone faceoffs.

Then throw in the smaller ice surface. It shores up some of UNH's defensive lapses but pressures them to make quicker passes in the offensive zone.

Whatever happens they've got to maintain the discipline that they exhibited last night - though a more tightly called game may have resulted in a shorthand situation or two for the Blue and White even so - and keep the offense clicking.


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Wildcats! Will you be my Valentine?


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