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TGGT: UNH 4 vs Maine 1 Final

The Going Gets Tougher

First Period

Early play is up and down the ice with our Wildcats playing fiercely and physically and DANNY DRIES SCORES!!!

1-0 'Cats just under two minutes in!

An absolute snipe of a shot over Maine goalie Dave Wilson's glove hand shoulder and the 'Cats have a whole bunch of jump!

Wildcat powerplay! As Krates is crosschecked (more of a hitting from behind).

James van Riemsdyk is not looking like himself.

Paul Thompson ALMOST had the second...

And now the 'Cats are 0-1 on the powerplay.

Stevie Moses makes it 2-0 with a nice wrist shot that absolutely sieved Wilson!

2-0 'Cats!

As Sislo is denied on a partial breakaway after stripping the puck from a Maine defenseman.

The 'Cats are on fire!

Borisenok made the sweet drop pass to set up the Moses goal! Dangerous!

Don't forget to turn your mic off on the feed Dan!

12:33 to go in the first.

DeSimone with some strong hustle!

van Riemsdyk just ineffective once more.

Quiet play for a minute before Paul Thompson takes the puck from a Maine d-man and walks in leaning on the remaining defender with his shot turned aside has he was brought to the ice.

They're calling it no shots on goal for Maine as the Wildcats are simply controlling play and dominating with their intensity.

Dries driving to the net and piled on in the crease!

Foster makes a near perfect save on a Maine 3-on-2!

7:35 to go in the First Period.

I miss the NHPTV Broadcasts.

Collins-LeBlanc-P.Thompson hemming Maine in for a bit with some nice three man fore-checking.


Maine is trying to duplicate the play that BU used successfully but the Wildcats seem to be counteracting it.

4:05 with play quieting down as adjustments are made.

Some 4-on-4 with Kapstad and O'Neil going - 3:37

Jamie Fritsch clearly punched in the face and forced to retaliate with no call coming from Bunyon or Shay. All Fritsch did was holding the Maine player's stick then a little shove when the Maine player threw himself on the ice with Fritsch holding the stick and they'll be even more generous than letting Maine get away with a vicious punch to the head - they give them the powerplay!

Collins tries to break with Fortney on the shorthand and forces Denis-Pepin to haul him down and the call comes at the last second.

And with the buzzer sounding mysterious forces continue to knock down Black Bears but with no penalty coming.

End of the First Period.

Dries scored 1:45 in from LeBlanc and P.Thompson.

Moses scored at 5:17 from Borisenok and Fritsch.

Brian Foster saw just 3 recorded shots.

Second Period

As the Wildcat powerplay commences, an inaccurate pass from JVR throws the play off-kilter. Trying to reset now but they're standing around too much to be effective.

Another gimme powerplay for Maine as those mysterious forces give an Academy Award to the best actor and Foster robs them on their first opportunity.

Screen shot score on the powerplay exactly what the referees wanted.

2-1 'Cats!

Butler gets called for the hook and another Maine powerplay.

van Riemsdyk from Sislo on the shorthand!!!

3-1 'Cats!

Excellent penaltykilling from Captain Collins!

Dries and Fortney put together a 2-on-1 shorthand opportunity but Fortney's shot is turned away and Dries crashes the net sending it off the pegs.

Watch out for JVR now! I have the feeling that that is all it will take to get him back in the groove.

Dries goes on another severely questionable call for contact to the head on the goaltender as he spun-o-rama. The fans are incensed! No call on Maine even after Dries was hooked on the spin and cross-checked to the ice.

Another Maine powerplay as their only hope is for the refs to keep them in this one.

A slow, SLOW whistle with Foster clearly covering the puck while being hacked at by a Maine player.

Dan and Pete are bemused by the antics.

Steve Moses goes flying around the Maine end and strips the puck for a moment on the penaltykill. How can you not like this kid!?

It's even-strength.

Paul Thompson going to the box for checking! Um, er, contact to the head roughing according to the refs which is hard not to do when your target folds like a lousy lawn chair.

Four straight Maine powerplays with the Wildcats leading. Hmmm...

van Riemsdyk rushing and knocked down in a little confrontation with Maine's Duffy and sure enough he goes with Duffy. No chance they'll let this game be played with the Wildcats at full-strength.

Maine is now 1-5 and UNH is 0-2.

7:14 to go in the Second Period.

Another 'Cat hauled down in from of Maine's Wilson with no call and all semblance of referee control and fairness are gone in the minds of the players.

4-on-4 as Fritsch goes after a scrum in front of Foster.

Maine is just dropping Wildcats with impunity and the Wildcats are looking over their shoulders for the refs every time they touch a Maine player.

Mike Sislo from James van Riemsdyk!!!

Sislo snipes it! Same spot as Dries but from a different angle!

4-1 'Cats!

The Wildcats are flat-out FLYING!!!

They're hitting.

They're shooting.

They're scoring.

1:02 to go in the Second Period.

They're intercepting pucks.

They're winning battles.

They're skating.

More penalties coming at the end of the period because of the poor officiating.

End of the Second Period.

Four different Wildcat scorers with special teams goals from

van Riemsdyk from Sislo and Fritsch on the shorthand at 5:07

and Sislo from van Riemsdyk and DeSimone actually on the even-strength just after 4-on-4 play at 16:04

Third Period

UNH Powerplay!

0-for-3 with little in the way of chances but with good intensity.

Chance for LeBlanc and Paul Thompson with LeBlanc taking the shot and rebound turned away.

13:57 to play.

The puck just being bandied back and forth now as the clock ticks down past the 13:00 mark.

van Riemsdyk collides with a Maine player awkwardly along the boards and goes off of the ice obviously with a lot of discomfort in his right arm.

9:19 to go!

van Riemsdyk is back out on the ice to give it a go.

8:26 left.

Stevie Moses turns on the afterburners out there in a nice display of speed.

Too many men on the ice for Maine. Hey, it's the only way they have a chance!

UNH Powerplay!

6:21 to play with the extra man for the next two minutes.

van Riemsdyk seems to be clearly favoring that arm leaving him with some odd hitches in his play. Hopefully van Riemsdyk's injury is shortlived. I don't know how much more this team can take and I really don't care to find out!

It's even strength and the clock has ticked down below the 3:00 mark.

Down to 1:35 with a bit of pushing and shoving leading to the 4-on-4.

Just seconds to go as Foster sees a few more shots to pad the stats.

Brief UNH powerplay to finish the game - token really.

4-1 'Cats!




Live Stream is coming on now, link below.

Tonight's roster to follow and there will be some changes. I think Danny Dries will be moved into Pollastrone's spot but we may be surprised.

The call by Dan Parkhurst and Pete Webster.

Collins - LeBlanc - P.Thompson
van Riemsdyk - DeSimone - Sislo
Dries - Fortney - Butler
A.Thompson - Borisenok - Moses

Kapstad - Beck
Fritsch - Campanale
Krates - Kessel

Brian Foster

So, we go back to the starting sophomore line of JVR-Desimone-Sislo, a very effective combination early in the year and hopefully what it will take to spark James van Riemsdyk back into production.


The Going Gets Tougher:

The home crowd wears white. Signs, towels and thundersticks abound - the din is amazing. It's dark. Spotlights weave around the ice. The crowd of more than six thousand, four hundred clap in unison to Dave Matthews' Band's, Two Step, nearly drowning out the music. You make out a climactic change in the tune and the crowd roars as the UNH flag streams out onto the ice, highlighted by the now fixated spotlights and the UNH Men's Hockey Team bursts into the rink.

This is the Whiteout at the Whitt. The opponent is Maine. Bitter rival. Captured by NESN for thousands more to see.

This is college hockey.

This is Wildcat Hockey.

Now for the tough part. Our Wildcats lose their second senior this season. First they lose Co-Captain, Joe Charlebois to academic ineligibility in January. Now to start February they are without senior, Jerry Pollastrone, who went hard into a corner and fell awkwardly after a collision with a Vermont player resulting in a dislocated shoulder.

The loss is staggering. But of all the Wildcat teams I've seen this one has perhaps the best ability to continue on in their quest toward the postseason. They're deep and I'm sure they're going to be looking to win all the more to prove themselves and honor these seniors.

The tough get going. Let's see if you're tough enough boys.

Enjoy the latest addition to my 2008-2009 UNH Mens Hockey Playlist, an oldie but goodie.

Live Online Stream

Tale of the Tape

Official Site

Wildcat Nation Sends Love To The Troops

Go 'Cats! Beat Maine!


Blogger UNHBulls said...

Great game, it was very nice to seem enthusiasm up and down the bench. My first Maine game definitely did not disappoint! I'm very happy to see JVR back in the scoring column and I think Steve Moses played a terrific game, he had several nice plays apart from his goal. The defense as a whole really stepped up and Foster has regained my confidence. I think DeSimone played really well with JVR/Sislo... Sislo, what can I say, he has been unbelievable for a while.

Here is a quick video I took of the teams coming onto the ice, I hope it captures the intensity of the crowd!

Feb 7, 2009, 12:01:00 AM  

Couldn't agree more! It was a great team effort.

Thanks for the vid! Now if we can just get some HD highlights on YouTube!

Feb 7, 2009, 9:14:00 AM  

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