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Top Cat: UNH 3 vs UVM 2 FINAL

First Period

Here comes the game as called by Dan Parkhurst and Pete Webster!

Our Wildcats are sporting their silver jerseys tonight!

Let's Go 'Cats!

Go! Fight! Win!

Starting with the line of Collins-Leblanc-P.Thompson.

Early action, 17:36, a bit start-and-halt with the two teams feeling each other out only bringing low-percentage shots breaking up any potential chances early.

Vermont the first to establish some possession in the offensive zone but no chances.

More pressure from Vermont as Pete notes that the stands have yet to fill up tonight with people still trickling in.

Twelve faceoffs, with the winnings split, in the first seven minutes of the game. Vermont out-shooting 3-1.

10:20 to go in the first.

At 9:00 to play in the period the shots are now noted at 4-4.

Some pressure by the 'Cats coming in waves as the period begins to wind down.

Vermont looking for some revenge-minded scoring, putting Wolfeboro native, Jay Anctil, in the line-up for his first game this season.

Shots are 10-10 with one minute left and Vermont having shown considerable chinks in their defense.

End of the First

Hopefully the guys will find confidence in the scoreless first and the chances they had and come out playing a bit more composed when they are getting chances as it seems many opportune plays were squandered by rushing it or just gripping the stick a little too tight.

Five former Wildcat Captains being honored tonight! Out on the ice right now. Including Steve O'Brien, Dan Enders and Preston Callander.

Second Period

Paul Thompson! From Leblanc!

1-0 'Cats!


With van Riemsdyk and Sislo driving off of the ensuing faceoff!

Alan Thompson, Thomas Fortney and Steve Moses pressing before stepping off the ice!

UNH Powerplay coming as the Wildcat pressure on the Catamounts mounts with line after line buzzing @ 3:48.

That Paul Thompson goal came just :49 in.

With the first powerplay expired Alan Thompson forces a Catamount to wrap him up and draws a second powerplay opportunity for our Wildcats.

The line of Collins - Leblanc - P.Thompson has accounted for half of the team's shots to this point of the game.

Now DeSimone goes on a poor play as the second powerplay expires. Wildcats on the penaltykill.

6:43 to go in the middle period as it flies by. Even-strength.

Shots remain even on the stat sheet, 14 apiece.

DeSimone commits the ultimate hockey sin adding to his earlier misdeed giving it to Vermont's Downing in the slot for a Catamount goal.


Keep the confidence boys!

Wildcats will take a powerplay after Vermont's behemouth, 252 pound Dan Lawson, throws Paul Thompson to the ice to just about close the period.

End of the Second

With one period to play we're right back where we started. Leave it all on the ice guys.

Third Period

Early play is quiet and dull, it's like starting the game all over. Neither team wants to make a mistake.

Paul Thompson surging again with 16:20 to play - really establishing himself as the heartbeat of this team when they need one most.

The question that must be on everyone's mind is where is James van Riemsdyk?

Alan Thompson goal!?

It's 2-1 'Cats!

The announcement gives the goal to Butler who Dan and Pete think was actually on the bench at the time. We'll see.

Alan made the play that created the goal for sure.

Vermont gets a 2-on-1 with Stalhberg in front.


Alan Thompson does get the goal! Congratulations man!

11:39 to play as the lead lasts just one minute and seventeen seconds.

The glaring statistic as the game wears on is the big goose egg in the powerplay column for our Wildcats leaving them just 1-for-20 in the last five games.

Krates goes in the box a much booed call for hitting from behind.

Pollastrone heading down the runway to the locker room.

DeSimone-Butler-Dries buzzing with the man back.

Leblanc getting a chance with 6:41 to go!

van Riemsdyk gets the puck from Dries and is fouled with 2:51 to play - Wildcat Powerplay! If there was a time to get one, this is it. Umile calling the timeout to rally the troops.

Don't let it go to 1-for-21!



3-2 'CATS!

Time of the goal, 17:58.

Empty net for the Catamounts.

Icing with :38 seconds to play, faceoff to the left of Foster. And the crowd roars with Vermont taking their timeout!

Time slowly ticking off with Vermont controlling play with the extra man and the last grain of sand falls...

3-2 'CATS!



Can you feel it now!?

I'm so psyched for Alan Thompson! My vote for First Star of the game! But you also have to hand it to fellow New Hampshire native Paul Thompson who seemed to play great tonight! Blake Kessel!? Please. He's awesome! Getting it done!


Tonight's Line-Up (some changes!)

Jerry Pollastrone - James van Riemsdyk - Mike Sislo
Greg Collins - Peter Leblanc - Paul Thompson (Good to see Paul back!)
Danny Dries - Phil DeSimone - Bobby Butler
Alan Thompson - Thomas Fortney - Steve Moses

Kevin Kapstad - Damon Kipp
Jamie Fritsch - Matt Campanale
Nick Krates - Blake Kessel

Brian Foster in net.

I'm pumped for the game tonight all of sudden. Anyone else feeling that electricity in the air?

Let's hope the planets are finally aligning for our 2008-2009 Wildcats.

Vermont holds a healthy four point lead for the third place slot which means a win tonight could go a long way if we want to assure home ice in March - the regular season concludes just four weeks from tonight!

Live Online Stream

Tale of the Tape

Official Site

Sophomore Snipers - by Melissa Parrelli (USCHO Arena Reporter)

Go 'Cats!


Blogger UNHBulls said...

Let me start off by saying I'm pumped for both Thompson's they played a great game! Foster looked much better (expect for the second goal...but in all fairness it was hard to see form the far student section end)... the team looked much more physical and energized tonight! I'm very excited that way they played, especially how they bounced back after Vermont tied it. Which is something I didn't see against BU last Saturday!

Great game, Great win! Go Cats!

Jan 30, 2009, 9:32:00 PM  
Blogger UNHBulls said...

Forgot to add Pollastrone may have saved the game with a great short handed play to keep the time running right before he was injured... hope he's alright. Jerry, Jerry!

Jan 30, 2009, 9:34:00 PM  

Thanks for commenting in Bulls!

I'm liking myself.

Speculation from Pete Webster is that he thinks it may be a dislocated shoulder but it is all speculation, no information at this time.

Definitely hope he is well but it is reassuring to have seen that this team has battled adversity well this season.

Jan 30, 2009, 9:42:00 PM  
Blogger HShoer said...

Definitely think Pollastrone's injury could be a dislocated shoulder as he dislocated it the season before last, i believe it was..and they did play a great game tonight! I'm glad A. Thompson finally got his goal!

Jan 30, 2009, 10:19:00 PM  
Blogger UNHBulls said...

You were right, dislocated shoulder... Get well soon Jerry, we need you!

Feb 6, 2009, 1:12:00 AM  

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