Saturday, January 24, 2009

HIA2: UNH 1 vs. BU 2

First Period

Limited live-blogging tonight.

We're about three minutes in and BU is currently dictating play. But the 'Cats' defense is looking much more sound on home ice.

There's 6:54 to play in the first and the BU penalty parade continues. Third Wildcat powerplay.

It's 1-0 BU after one on a late BU powerplay goal. A Wildcat defensive breakdown allowed Kevin Shattenkirk to walk in like it was his job while another BU player came down the other side of the slot pulling the lone defender away in front while Shattenkirk slid it under Foster from within ten feet.

Second Period

13:00 to play in the second. Trading powerplays and neutral zone play in a heavily defensive game. Shots stand at 12-12. UNH 0-3 on the powerplay, BU 1-3.

7:56 left in the second as they continue this defensive slugfest. Shots tilting toward our 'Cats as they put on the pressure, 17-12.

Wildcats to close the second with the powerplay off of a Kevin Kapstad rush. They've just got to find another level. BU looks like they're playing hockey, UNH like they're passing time.

Third Period

One last chance to change their fortunes and prove they've got more in the tank.

15:07 to play - they don't want it. May as well pack it up.

The game drags on, 7:32 to play in this exercise in futility.

Sislo scores! Man is that one big, ugly fish! Actually, the puck kind of found its own way into the net - don't know if Sislo will get credit in the end. Looks like it went off of Strait's skate.

James van Riemsdyk! Off the defender's skate.


BU comes right back and scores.

1-2. Someone throw in the towel.

Don't look now, UNH powerplay with 5:59 to play.

Standing around on the powerplay and being thoroughly stoned by BU.

Sloppy passing, poor puck control - powerplay over. Officially, 0-for-6.


1:40 - I'm sure we'll see Foster out of the net soon.

Crowd is pumped.

BU 2-on-1 stopped 30 seconds to play.

Empty net.

3-1 with :15.3 to play.


Likely out for the night, Nation!

Catch you later!


Those playing up the Wildcat's streak without a shut-out, can now shut-up. As a sports fan you had to be cringing when the bragging started, practically begging for this shutout. And while you can't control how a team plays, it's not hard to hit a pinata when you let them at it with the blindfold removed.

Which is exactly what our Wildcats looked like out there last night. A pinata. Just hanging there, stock still, a threat to no one, with the Terriers like an overzealous five year old birthday partygoer.

Let's have none of that tonight. It's time to put a leash on this dog.

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Go 'Cats!


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