Friday, January 23, 2009

HIA: UNH 0 vs. BU 5 Final

First Period

Early pressure by BU and a lost looking UNH defense leads to a goal on the fourth BU shot, 38 seconds in.


Gryba goes for interference. UNH powerplay!

Not any ability to set up and a broken play, with the 5-on-5 restored, along the sideboards leads to a screened shot in front of Foster and a two-nothing BU lead.


15:06 in the first.

At 14:11 the shots read 5-0 BU and Bobby Butler goes to the box for hooking.

5-on-5, penalty killed.

4-on-4 after a scrum in front of Foster - BU is totally dominating play, shots are 8-3 in their favor, but Yip goes for hooking as UNH threatens, 4-on-3 powerplay.

BU netminder Millan looks very unsure but the BU defense is completely shutting the 'Cats out.

And it's no wonder. Our boys look like they've forgotten how to skate - just standing around on the powerplay.

Even strength 5-on-5 as Foster covers with 7:37 to go in a period which should haunt the 'Cats for some time to come as they're dominated by the Terriers.

3-0 off a BU rush and non-existent UNH defense.

4:44 to play in the first.

Obstruction holding call on Collins - 2:54 to play in the first.

The way they look in this game the begging that the Official Site has done for UNH to be shutout may just - oh what a move by James van Riemsdyk, ah, but he fails to score after once again turning around former USNTDP teammate, Kevin Shattenkirk.

UNH powerplay, or something like that, after Dries is tripped up making a move of his own.

End of the First

1:19 on the powerplay to start the second. Shots were 11-5 BU. If the Wildcats don't come out a different team this game is over.

In better news, our first The UNH Men's Hockey Blog CPR Gear T-shirt Giveaway winner, Megan B. of Durham writes
My CPR Gear t-shirt came in the mail today. Thanks! It's great and so comfortable! I look forward to keeping up with the blog as our 'Cats continue their season. Hopefully we'll see some great action against BU this weekend! Go 'Cats!!!! -Thanks again, Megan
Glad you like it, Megan! Sorry I can't provide for that 'great action against BU'.

Second Period

Same team - even-strength

We're 13:56 in with nothing happening though our guys are certainly trying - Butler draws the penalty moving to the front.

UNH powerplay.

All alone in front on the powerplay Collins is stoned by Millan and on the subsequent restart, hauled down in front this time for the :14 5-on-3.

Foster looks sharp on a one-timer snaring it with the glove on a broken play by BU off of what should have been an interference penalty - 1:30 to go on the powerplay.

11:23 in the second.

Another brilliant, five-hole save by Foster on another BU one-time coming from the slot and van Riemsdyk gets in behind the defense and has nothing the other way.

8:13 left in the second with a faceoff coming in the Wildcats' end.

5:00 with some loose up and down play, whistle seems to be put away as Moses is hit from behind face first a step from the boards.

Soft defense by Krates and Kessel allows BU to set up for their now patented one-timer from the top of the crease and the Wildcats continue to display their toothless maw.


UNH powerplay to close out the period with Butler pressing ineffectively.

BU comes one period closer to shutting up those talking up the 'Cats' non-shutout spree.

End of the Second.

Foster is under siege the shots stand at 25-14 bad guys.

I've got an AHLLive video of Jason Krog to take your mind off of this debacle.

Third Period

Yup, we get to suffer through one more. No comeback in sight.

Oh! Keving Kapstad absolutely drills BU's Joe Pereira above the Wildcat blueline.

But the trouble continues in the Wildcat end with another failed breakout and turnover.

15:23 to play.

A dangerous play by Pereira, slewfooting Dries at full speed coming through mid-ice, leads to a UNH powerplay at 14:03.

With Millan down and Dries in front on the net on the powerplay, Danny puts the puck on the top of the net with some help from the sticks in front.

Kessel breaks up a partial breakaway with an illegal stick play. BU scores on the powerplay.


8:57 in the shutout countdown.

DiGirolamo comes in far too late.

Greg Collins wrestles the far larger Colin Wilson to the ice after Wilson crosschecks him after the play! Go Greg!

Taking a while to sort this out - and here we go at 6:42, even strength.

van Riemsdyk makes both BU defensemen haul him down to preserve the shutout (it would be guaranteed if it was a UNH powerplay from here on out) - but only one of the BU d goes to the box.

4:34 to play, :40 on the powerplay

BU makes the Wildcats look like harmless kittens. Even-strength, 3:30 to play.

The resignation and futility on the part of the good guys is sad to watch.


T - :30 to shutout with BU pressing.



shut out.


I'm out Nation. Catch you tomorrow!



Home Ice Advantage? Hasn't meant a thing to these two teams in the past. BU remains the last Hockey East team with a winning record at the Whittemore Center. UNH is undefeated at BU's Agganis Arena. Home In Agganis?

But, our Wildcats have dominated recently by going unbeaten in the last five, winning the last four against the Terriers.

As any good futuristic movie will show, the good guys have the blue lasers.

It's UNH and BU on NESN's Friday Night College Hockey!

Live Online Stream

Tale of the Tape

Official Site

Go 'Cats!


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