Sunday, January 18, 2009

Final CPR Gear T-Shirt Giveaway

With Megan's t-shirt in the mail it is time to award the second and final t-shirt of the The UNH Men's Hockey Blog CPR-Gear T-Shirt Giveaway to... The Other UNH Men's Hockey Blogger Guy.

OG stepped up and became a blogger himself even filling in for me at times. And while we haven't heard from him in a little while, I'm sure that he will be there in the future when I need him - well, unless, of course, his computer is broken down as it is now.

To thank him for his participation and obvious contribution to the blog he'll be receiving a CPR Gear Touchdown t-shirt. He wanted their Faceoff t-shirt for obvious reason but you work with what you've got!

So, I want to thank CPR Gear for the opportunity to host this giveaway and for the fantastic t-shirts that they provided. I'm sure that Megan and OG will be quite pleased with their t-shirts and hopefully they'll let us know what they think. That is what it is all about. Here at The UNH Men's Hockey Blog it is all about Wildcat Nation coming together because of our shared admiration and respect of the UNH Men's Hockey Program. I want to thank all of those out there who have stepped up to comment or email me - you're the ones who really keep this blog going. As The UNH Men's Hockey Blog proceeds through its third year of operation I hope that we'll see even more reader participation and more giveaways like this one!

Go 'Cats!


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