Thursday, December 04, 2008

Wildcat Hockey Weekend Preview

UNH/Lowell: Close-Out Sale.

If the Lowell Riverhawks think that they are going to encounter a battered Wildcat team they're going to be dead wrong as these two clubs finish their season series this weekend.

One of the main reasons for expecting a different outcome is Joe Charlebois taking up the reins. After a dismal minus-three performance in the round one loss to Lowell, Joe has a +2 rating over the last four games, including the six-to-eight loss to BC. Now, looking at his scoring record we know that Joe has never been a point producer. But, over this same span of just four games Charlebois has recorded seven assists. Good enough to equal his assist contribution - for all of last season! This is not someone seeing drastically more ice-time or necessarily line-pairing related. Although his more disciplined play lately has certainly improved his ice time! Go Joe.

Now if we can just get Jerry Pollastrone and Thomas Fortney a goal. Come one guys, get to it! And while we're at it, get Alan Thompson one too! Hey, if the guys could return the eight-spot on Lowell they would have as many goals in the last five games as were scored in the first ten. And I don't say this to knock the first ten - I want revenge and they CAN do it! I want the Riverhawks plucked, stuffed and basted with a puck in their mouth!

As I said previously, this team is putting out the effort. They have amassed an average of nearly thirty-five shots per game. But will we see them screen or drive to the net at all? Will we see them play strong in the defensive zone especially down low? Will we see the recent trend of disciplined play continue? Will we see better passing?

I think so. Time to take care of business guys. But I have one more question...

Who are we?


Who are we!?




Go 'Cats!


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