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Holiday Giving: UNH 9 - Holy Cross 4 Final

Game on.

First Period

Play is up and down the ice the 'Cats are putting together a break and now it's deep in the Holy Cross end then cleared to the Wildcat defensive zone and now an messed up icing call goes to a center ice face-off.

Some bouncy Crusader pressure leads to Foster's first save of the night.

UNH pinning the Crusaders to the boards before a breakout with the Collins-Fortney-Sislo line on the ice.

Fourth line on the ice, back in their own zone and broken up crossing the offensive blueline.

DeSimone circles in the Crusader's end of the ice and unleashes a backhand from the high slot saved by the sophomore Cross goaltender Adam Roy.


van Riemsdyk centers a pass to a cruising Pollastrone in front of the net from the right-wing corner and Jerry one-time snap shots it to the top of the net...

Pollastrone(2)[van Riemsdyk(14), Sislo(2)] 4:17

1-0 'Cats!

14:34 to play in the first.

Fortney find the loose puck in the low slot and bangs it home off of a Moses rebound!

Fortney(1)[Collins(3), Kapstad(8)] 5:35

2-0 'Cats!

14:15 in the first.

Some major hiccups in the webcast but otherwise I'm please with the feed.

Two of my guys get the goals I was talking about - now let's get Alan Thompson one!

A couple faceoffs in the Wildcat end but we're controlling the puck and trying to work it up ice but no success until JVR carries it through neutral - now some sustained pressure in the offensive end


Jerry Pollastrone walks off the boards and from the right-wing circle fires a wrist shot into the upper, glove side of Roy with van Riemsdyk camped to Roy's blocker side.

Pollastrone(3)[Kessel(3), Kapstad(9)] 8:09

3-0 'Cats!

11:12 to play in the first.

Halfway through the first and the 'Cats are obviously smelling blood as they are buzzing and putting a lot of pressure on Holy Cross.

Holy Cross timeout and now back to play.

Fortney looks like he was actually found by Collins for his goal through the traffic in front of HC's net.

Wildcat powerplay on a strict call for boarding.

A few chances and 32 seconds left - SCORE! - van Riemsdyk finds Sislo on the top of the crease and he makes no mistake. From the goal-line near where he found Pollastrone.

Sislo(8)[van Riemsdyk(15), Pollastrone(3)] 13:01

4-0 'Cats!

5:00 to play in the first more Wildcat pressure.

3:00 to play - up and down with a few saves for Foster.

Pete Webster (sorry) talking good Wildcat passing and I agree but a late period van Riemsdyk tripping call leads to a HC goal on a 4-on-3 powerplay

Sheahan[Znutas, Driscoll]

4-1 'Cats!

After one.

First Intermission

The first intermission features the UNH Football Team being applauded for their recently ended season. Great season guys! How about winning that Homecoming Game next year!?

Pete recaps that Kapstad has scored a point in each of his last five games!

The Fortney goal looks like it came from Moses from Collins and it seems the second Pollastrone goal came from Kapstad from Sislo from the call.

Second Period Underway

Getting lots of interference on the webcast now, missing some key moments. Disappointing.

16:44 of the second and not much going on.

Sheahan dekes out Krates or Charlebois and walks in on Foster - We're not worthy!

15:20 to play in the second.

Holy Cross getting some individual chances an very little in the way of up-ice play from our 'Cats. But the puck is being defensively controlled by those same 'Cats.


Pollastrone takes a hard shot but was flying up the ice before the end of his shift looking for the hat-trick.

Now some offensive pressure.

But more neutral play.

10:30 in the second.

Holy Cross buzzes and gets some bounces and their second goal of the night.

4-2 'Cats!

Soft play off of Foster's glove.

4-3 'Cats!

Oh, I was tempted to say there would be trouble if they didn't score early in the second...

7:45 to play in the second.

Another bounce for the Crusaders and Foster and the defense playing soft leaves the rebound to the guy in purple alone in front - tie game


UNH timeout. I guess I was right to be scared about this game for some time now.

6:25 to go in the middle period.

Matt DiGirolamo is given the nod to give a much needed kick in the pants to the team.

In another bit of ill-fated prescience I thought Matt should have gotten the start! Oh how I wish I was wrong.

UNH Powerplay.

1-for-2 on the powerplay

3:30 to play

52.2 seconds in the second period.

UNH controlling the puck but not getting the quality chances. Some great chances at the end of the period, a handful of chances but our 'Cats could not even get the puck on net.

End of one of the worst periods of UNH hockey I've ever seen.

Second Intermission

Some human bowling slingshot action. For whatever reason this stuff comes in as good as it gets!

Seems as if camera movement is an issue in the webcast.

Wow. I don't envy Pete Webster for having to recap THAT period.

Final Frame Action

15 seconds, van Riemsdyk to Sislo with JVR curling around the net to find Sislo streaking to the other side alone

5-4 'Cats!

Sislo(9)[van Riemsdyk(16)] :15

Some up and down hockey and some close chances but nothing to report.

14:43 to play.

The ice is SERIOUSLY tilted tonight.

Lots of interference right now but there's a Wildcat goal

Sislo! Hat-trick.

Sislo(10)[Krates(3), van Riemsdyk(17)] 7:14

6-4 'Cats!

van Riemsdyk on the powerplay!

van Riemsdyk(9)[Sislo(3), Pollastrone(4)] 8:36

7-4 'Cats!

10:00 to play

Holy Cross powerplay coming up.

James van Riemsdyk just tried a stick-juggle to go around a Holy Cross defender... didn't work - ridiculous.

6:51 left.

DiGirolamo makes a nice save on a screened shot but I'm having trouble seeing much of anything as there is frequent and significant sound and video interruption.

Dries throws it at a streaking Butler and it hits Roy and bounces in for the four goal lead

Dries(6)[LeBlanc(7)] 16:23

8-4 'Cats!

2:34 to play.

Sislo scores!!!! His fourth of the night.

Sislo(11)[Pollastrone(5)] 18:12

9-4 'Cats!

The ice is tilted like the Whit has been relocated to Tuckerman's Ravine! That's twelve goals scored at that end of the rink tonight.

There's a little bit of coal dust on our gift with the second period but thanks guys.

Happy Holidays Wildcat Nation!


Starting Line-Up:

Jerry Pollastrone!

James van Riemsdyk!

Mike Sislo!

Kevin Kapstad!

Blake Kessel!

In goal, Brian Foster!

Time to get the caps off for the singing of the National Anthem.

The guys are on the ice - so far so good for the viewing.

Pre-Game show is on.

And I'm breaking down and shelling out to see the game tonight - I'll write an on-going and post-game review.

Hopefully I'll be able to bring you what I see!

Tonight's Line-Up:

Brian Foster




Will the Wildcats give us a gift? Or are we getting coal? The consensus is that some of the fans have been naughty.

College Hockey News Tale of the Tape

Official Page

Foster Named Hockey East Co-Defensive Player of the Week

If you're going to the game give yourself plenty of time and be careful out there.

Go 'Cats!


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