Monday, October 27, 2008


Chalk it up to a bad game...

Coach Marsh's birthday...

Or the Saints having our number right now...

... but it wasn't a pretty game for Wildcat Nation.

That said, I was fortunate enough to have some company in watching the first period of the game (before I had to leave to get to my own hockey game - we lost 3-2, bad bounce off the inside of my blocker on a jumpy puck from the side of the net squirted through in the closing minutes... anyhow) where was I, oh yes, I was fortunate to have some company at my favorite Irish pub, Cu Na Mara in Bristol, NH (you've got to try the chicken fingers with their whiskey-mustard dipping sauce and a basket of fries - throw in a Smithwicks ('Smith-icks') or another favorite choice Irish beverage and you're in business! Ahem! As I was saying, I was fortunate to enjoy the first period in the company of the parent of one of our very own UNH Men's Hockey players. Good conversation about the game and what-not that I was disappointed to have to cut short. Thanks for coming out!

As for recapping this game I think anyone could break this one down. Still heading to the box far too often. Not converting on the powerplay. And from what I saw just getting flat-out outworked. St. Lawrence played a disciplined and stingy trap defense with all five defenders (five defenders!? that's what it seemed like!) collapsing and they sent guys to the net in the offensive zone where our defense was weak for the first time this year. If there is one thing that I think our 'Cats absolutely needed to do in this game it was get bodies to the front of the net - I just didn't see it. The Saints surrendered the perimeter of their defensive zone but our 'Cats were shooting before anyone got to the net. Let's just write it all off to the first away game of the season that was on a small ice sheet on top of it all.

Next up, the third Hockey East game of the season, Northeastern - back on home ice.

Go 'Cats!


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