Friday, October 03, 2008

Season Preview Part V: Let's Get It Started

I'm always so pumped for a new season! And tomorrow, as if you haven't been keeping track, is the 2008-2009 exhibition game that will see the St. Francis Xavier X-Men - who handed the 2006-2007 squad a 3-2 loss - hosted by our 'Cats once more.

I've given my take on the upcoming season for the past four days so I just want to conclude my 2008-2009 Season Preview by saying that I really hope that this year's Wildcat Men's hockey team will bring excitement to, and form a real connection with, the fans throughout Wildcat Nation, throughout the entire season. When the fans send up a cheer I want to see a big hit or a great push in the offensive zone. When the game is over I want to see a heartfelt, coordinated salute to the crowd. More than that I just want to go out there and see 20 guys giving it their all in our alma mater's Blue and White. Let's make this a season to remember.

Go 'Cats!


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