Monday, October 20, 2008


Happy Hockey Mondays are back Wildcat Nation.

Does Brian Foster have liquid nitrogen in his veins or what!?

The lone rubber biscuit that beat him yesterday evening came on a five-on-three powerplay, one of five in the game for the two teams, that the 'U', ESPN that is, couldn't even get on camera. He racked up thirty saves before dinner for the two-to-one Wildcat victory.

It was great to see the 'Cats on the tele again in the absence of the NHPTV broadcasts whose loss has been roundly condemned in the new poll here, with many harking for their return - we've really got to do something about this, Nation.

The line-up was back to what we expected, similar to the Wisconsin game, but with Danny Dries on the milk carton this week. I've heard rumors that he was seen at the game and of a broken wrist - though not the two in conjunction. If we don't see him this Friday then we know that something is up. Greg Manz stepped up to play on the Thompson&Thompson line.

Now it's time to get the ugly part out of the way. ONE SHOT!? IN THE ENTIRE SECOND PERIOD!? Are you kidding me!? Sure, Philly-V took it in all alone and roofed it on a sick shot over the Rollheiser kid's blocker - but one shot!? I know BU has a good defense and all this year... BUT ONE SHOT!? Sorry guys, but I hope Coach makes you pay for this one - uh! ONE SHOT!

I also didn't like the dump and chase, which I think was completely ineffective - that and the unease of some of the younger guys - settle down boys and play hard, you'll be fine.

Otherwise I think this team is really looking good right now and I was really appreciating the tough defense down low - made a huge difference and without it I doubt the result would have been the same. And though, obviously, there was a degree of shoddy reffing (I won't mention the tripping call against UNH for the BU player who fell completely alone tripping over his own skates), clean up the discipline problem and we're good to go.

Keep up the good work, guys!

Go 'Cats!


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