Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More on Typlitsky

Here is a little more about Tyson Typlitsky's move to Finland including the title-linked Tappara Tampere site's article if you know Finnish or are handy with a translator.

It appears that it is a trail basis and I have some rough translated excerpts thanks to my local source:
(Tyson) - (translation) They (Cardiff) paid my two years studies at a local university. It was
 impossible to say "No", because studying is important to me. Now I am excited to be fully concentrating on hockey again.

(Tyson) - (translation) Steve (Saviano) has told me a lot about the city and the team so I know I am coming to top organization in a nice town. I know too that the hockey is much faster and the level is much higher there than in England, but because I am good skater I expect to fit the local style.

I can't thank my Finnish source enough for these great updates on some of our favorite 'Cats that can be very difficult to keep tabs on overseas!

Go 'Cats!


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