Saturday, March 08, 2008

More Great Hockey

After watching our 'Cats play in their final regular season game this season why let the great hockey end there?

Tune into NBC's Game of the Week and see Ty Conklin's Pittsburgh Penguins, with the recently returned Sid The Kid, as they square off against the rights-holders of Wildcat Phil DeSimone, the Washington Capitals, featuring Alexander The Great.

It's going to be great hockey.

Will Ty get the start?

Will the two greatest stars of the game today light up the goaltenders?

Tune in about this time tomorrow, 12:30 EDT and don't forget to 'Spring Ahead' before you go to bed!

Support hockey on network television.

Penguins, Capitals. More great hockey on NBC.

Hockey Rules!

And be sure to check out this article about Garrett Stafford's recent appearance in the NHL.

Go 'Cats!


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