Monday, March 24, 2008


Happy Playoff Hockey Monday, Wildcat Nation.

We have to be happy that this season continues after the disappointing Hockey East Semifinal loss.

There's so much that has been said about that game and so much more to say about it but I think that we have to put what happened last Friday night firmly in the back of our minds and focus on this Friday against the Notre Dame University Fighting Irish.

But let's take some key lessons from that game into this Friday's match-up.

*No undisciplined penalties. Self-explanatory, obvious, but it must be said.

*Stick with what works. Our guys know the system and can execute it to perfection - stick to it!

*Play strong down low and own the area around your own net. Again, goes without saying, but it is one of the biggest lessons driven home by last Friday's game.

*Lastly, have fun and go out there and give them hell for whatever remaining games you have in the Blue and White.

Wildcat Nation loves you and we're with you all the way! So, Go! Fight! Win!

Go 'Cats!


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