Saturday, February 16, 2008

Keep Battling

The battle wages on.

Our guys have got to keep fighting and what a campaign it is.

Who's huge?

Kevin Regan - warrior Wildcat goalie. Most career wins. Most career games. Most career saves. Will probably leave the University of New Hampshire having dominated every goalie statistic category.

52 saves last night, a huge game, that boosted Kevin into a tie for third in save percentage in all of Division I college hockey - out of first by just one one-thousandth, with a .929. His goals against average, which is really more of a goaltender plus his team stat, is a 2.23 - good enough for 17th in D-I college hockey. And after the shellacking of pucks received last night, Regan's saves per game average climbed to more than twenty-nine per game! Incredible.

Who else?

Wildcat defense. These guys just keep grinding away at their game, every game. They've gotten tougher and tougher and a beautiful Wildcat Blue and White gem has begun to emerge - keep grinding!

Matt Fornataro. I can't say enough about our Captain. Thirteenth in Division I scoring. Thirteenth in points per game. A true leader who bleeds Blue and White. A true leader who's leading the fight. We're with you all the way Captain.

Mike Radja. Seventeenth in D-I scoring. Edges our Captain in points per game 1.28 to 1.26 for twelfth in the Division. Always there when we need him. Never giving up. Never surrendering.

Really, the entire team. Go out there and fight for us. Go out there and give everything you've got and Wildcat Nation will love you.

Go 'Cats!


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