Saturday, January 12, 2008

UNH Pulls One Out

Of their... ear!

Though our 'Cats played well, UMass was the better team for the vast majority of the game. They got to the puck, set up shop in the offensive zone and didn't give our 'Cats ANY good shots on net - Mike Radja's shot and subsequent goal being arguably the only quality shot on net for the Blue and White and that's a stretch.

The deciding factor and saving grace of the game was Kevin Regan. In killing off the ridiculous series of penalties handed-out by a testy Tim Benedetto the skaters did a decent job but in that situation you rely on your goaltender and luck - and Kevin Regan provided plenty. The two goals that he allowed can easily be attributed to the defensemen failing to clear away rebounds and being screened by them but as a goalie I know that you want to control those rebounds, absorb them, and make a good recovery tracking the puck. But if I were Kevin I wouldn't beat myself up over those two after taking the rest of the game into account. That first one being a failure to transition and control the puck, as I've pointed out recently, and then being screened.

Also, there's no taking away from the Wildcat goal scorers though. That is how you score goals. Puck on the net. And while they were all low percentage shots our skilled 'Cats made the most of them.

Biggest positive in the game for the 'Cats was that they showed up, played hard and never really quit even though the second period was pretty listless.

You can see video highlights on the title-linked Hockey East website.

And, hopefully we'll see an even better effort tonight!

Go 'Cats!


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