Monday, January 28, 2008

More On Chic Kelly *UPDATE = A UNH Link!*

Turns out that Chic also runs a foundation to assist others who have spinal injuries - I've title-linked his foundation's website.

The is also another article on the College Hockey News website.

I would again encourage those that read this to contact the NCAA (Catastrophic Athletics Injury Program) in order to aid in Chic's own medical needs where he is in need even as he assists others.

Way to go, Chic!

Come on 'Cats! Do something!

*I just received notice that I missed a connection between the University of New Hampshire and Chic Kelly. Kind of a 'x' number of degrees of separation, in this case just one.

Chic teaches at Malvern Preparatory School, of which UNH freshman defenseman, Matt Campanale, is an alum!

I'll try to find out if Matt ever had him as a teacher.

Thanks to my source!

I'm working on putting up a permanent link to Chic's foundation, Friends and Family of Chic Kelly. If you've never checked there are numerous links to a variety of sites throughout the entire right-hand sidebar.

Go 'Cats!


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