Wednesday, January 16, 2008

INCH Is Flagrantly Offsides

Inside College Hockey has stepped so far offsides that it's clear that they are now nowhere near 'capturing the spirit of the thing'.

Why you ask?

They have essentially endorsed Nathan Gerbe as their top Hobey candidate.

To quote Inside College Hockey quoting a BC fan:
The Buzz: Gerbe jumps to the top of the Hobey Tracker because, in the words of a Boston College fan and frequent e-mailer to INCH, "He's a pimp."

Sure their opinion counts for nothing, but there is principle at stake here. Principle that is central to the Hobey Baker award. Principle that is utterly violated by a belief that Nathan Gerbe is deserving of the honor. Principle that Hobey Baker lived for and lived by that would be disgraced by the mere suggestion that Nathan Gerbe should be associated with his legacy.

If you have never seen Golden: The Hobey Baker Story, by New Hampshire Public Television, I highly recommend that you see it.

Gifted athlete, charismatic leader, the embodiment of excellence, character and sportsmanship. This was Hobey Baker, arguably the greatest amateur athlete who ever lived. Golden - The Hobey Baker Story is a stirring account of Baker's life, told through film clips, photographs, and interviews with Hobey's nephew, distinguished sports figures, and historians.

So where does Boston College forward Nathan Gerbe fall so horribly short of embodying these qualities? It is in the recent suspension that Mr. Gerbe received as a result of his lack of character and sportsmanship. A continuing problem that forced the hand of Hockey East Commissioner, Joe Bertagna, in handing down the aforementioned suspension.

And why am I getting involved?

To me, this is an issue regarding the entire college hockey community. We cannot have such lowbrow players being proffered for an accolade that is known as college hockey's most cherished award. Additionally, those familiar with the Hobey Baker story know that he spent a great amount of time growing up right here in New Hampshire attending St. Paul's school in Concord. And having seen Jason Krog earn the award so deservedly, I am loath to see this tarnish applied towards those who've fully embraced the tenants that Hobey himself epitomized.

I hope that you'll reconsider how you evaluate players for your Hobey Tracker, Inside College Hockey. For the sake of not just your own but the reputation of the entire college hockey community and the memory of Hobey Baker. And lest you think that they have ameliorated their transgression here is this week's Hobey Tracker, released yesterday.

Should you wish to vent your displeasure there is also this pathetic site. Feel free to vote against him in the page's poll!


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