Sunday, January 27, 2008

I Doubt They'll Publish It

I attempted to leave a comment on the Gerbe for Hobey blog but I doubt that they have the integrity to publish it considering the post that prompted my response.

Essentially they attempted to impugn the character of our very own Mike Radja who was arrested but has not yet had his day in court by proscribing him as guilty - I suppose they don't believe in the American value that you are innocent until proven guilty - in order to draw attention from the clear deficiencies of their proposed candidate for Hobey. I guess I shouldn't expect better from those who support someone as unsportsmanlike as Nathan Gerbe for the Hobey Baker Award.

So, I want to make clear for the college hockey community how the supporters of Nathan Gerbe for Hobey are twisting the truth to downplay his long record of unsportsmanlike behavior.

Those who support his bid for Hobey have tried to claim that he was suspended simply because of on-ice behavior, but this is not true. After having been spoken to by the commissioner of Hockey East about his unsportsmanlike behavior and issued a warning that a suspension would follow, Nathan blatantly ignored the warning and continued to business as usual. This is why he was suspended. Because he refused to heed the rules and those charged with enforcing them in our great game. Because a warning wasn't enough to encourage him to change what had become a horrible standard of play for him - a standard that any player at this level knows innately to be wrong. To those that say a player of his stature must play this way they have obviously not watched hockey long enough. There are a number of great players of similar stature that do not and have not resorted to the lowbrow, unsportsmanlike tactics as Nathan Gerbe has. The 'well he's short' defense will not fly. Nathan is an INCREDIBLY gifted, talented, hard working hockey player that is clearly at the top of his game. But the Hobey Baker Award is about more than just high playing ability - it is also about the utmost in sportsmanship that make on-ice behavior a pivotal supporting role in the nomination of those deserving and Nathan Gerbe clearly does not deserve it.

Maybe next year, Nate.

As to those would would attempt to discredit and smear others in order to attempt to elevate their undeserving candidate, don't you have some politics to help the Clintons with?


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