Thursday, January 31, 2008

Full Tilt

With just one game on the slate (for those who haven't upgraded to PDAs) for this weekend I am looking for a full tilt boogie Friday night.

With Peter LeBlanc out of the line-up following a Game Disqualification - for a flagrant punch to the face-mask of BU Terrier, Ryan Weston, who callously and cowardly sticked LeBlanc in a very sensitive place most likely because our 'Cats were on their way to a sweep of the Dogs which they executed beautifully - another Wildcat will get to skate as we visit our cousins to the north, the Catamounts of the University of Vermont.

Who will fill the void remains to be seen but what we do know is that there is a bevy of talent ready and willing to play and I hope whoever earns it takes full advantage of the opportunity.

Regardless, I expect a heroic effort on the part of our Wildcats in order to put the Catamounts to bed during this late, CSTV televised game that doesn't get underway until 8:00pm EDT. I would expect to see more of the fire and desire that our men have displayed lately that has become critical to their confidence and subsequent success. Hopefully we'll see more feet moving, especially on the powerplay and more bombs from the point during the man advantage as well - at least more passing through the seams. Control the puck, set up your shots, play smart and use your skills.

Show us what you've got guys!

Go 'Cats!


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