Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday, January 25th, 2008 vs BU

First Period

The start of the game sounds like the boys in Blue and White are playing well but not capitalizing on some very good early chances giving way to struggles in the defensive end as BU has had some very good chances too. 5 minutes in.

Almost 10 minutes in and the game has settled down considerably but a BU penalty will give our 'Cats the first powerplay of the night.

Nothing doing on the powerplay - two off the post sound like the best opportunities but they come up empty on the powerplay once again.

7:15 to play in the first.

Close call, as BU sneaks a loose puck through but the whistle had blown.

It's 3-1 Vermont over UMass just over 10 minutes into the first in that game. Minnesota-Duluth has a 1-0 over UMass Lowell with about 5 minutes to play in the first period of that contest.

4:48 to play here in the first.

Kapstad couldn't control the puck at the offensive blueline and Matt Fornataro takes an obstruction-hooking call on a Pete Macarthur rush.

Dan my man, you've got to lighten the tone and make it a little more crisp.

Regan makes a huge save and in the play we'll go down another man, 5-on-3 for BU.

A little Immigrant Song playing in Towse Rink. A-Ahhhh...AHHH!

Another big defensive play - 1 minute left on the second penalty.


And we'll just go right back on the shorthand after a BU player trips Kevin Regan but Fritsch picks up a penalty for high-sticking.

Period over with just under a minute of BU pp to start the second period - Umile having some words with referee Joe Andrews.

Intermission #1 - the only change in scores is 3-2 Vermont. I thought we were playing a disciplined first but the end of this period will erase that. Otherwise this game is just going to be another fight - it's going to be close and it's going to be dirty. The guys have got to grit it out and go to the net hard.

Second Period

Start of second - come on boys that crowd loves you, give them something!

Not that we ever like to see Maine in the lead but they have a one nothing lead over BC about 10 minutes into the first and if they take some points from BC it could give us some room to breathe at the top of the standings.

'Cats at full strength!


1-0 'Cats! Butler(7)[Switzer(9), Pollastrone(9)]

Switzer throws it on net after driving deep in the zone and Bobby Butler picks up his seventh at 2:12 of the second - poking it in as the puck slid through the crease.

Powerplay 'Cats at 15:32 of the second drawn by James vanRiemsdyk

Switzer scores!!! POWERPLAY GOAL!

2-0 'Cats! Switzer(5)[Radja(9), Fornataro(19)]

13 minutes to play in the second.

Vermont and UMass are back a zero as are Maine and BC making this and the Lowell game versus Minnesota-Duluth games with a lead as Providence and Northeastern are tied at the halfway point.

The fourth line getting a good chance with LeBlanc getting hauled down in front and then he was succeeded by DeSimone and Thompson who also got chances walking to the front of the BU net. 8:42 to play in the second.

5:33 to play in the second and Fritsch will get another high-sticking penalty I believe.

Score BU - tipped by Bryan Ewing - PP goal.

2-1 'Cats!

Providence takes a 1-0 lead over Northeastern on a shorthanded tally.

End of Second

Intermission #2 - Have to keep grinding and going HARD to the net. BU is not going away and we are going to have to be in their face all night. Need to come at them, wear them down and beat them. Adding two more including a powerplay goal, the Providence Friars take control over the Northeastern Huskies, 3-0!

Third Period

It's now 2-2 Maine,BC (nearing the halfway point) and 3-1 Providence over Northeastern (heading into the third).

Final twenty underway!

Some great chances in the first couple minutes - just keep chipping away guys! Keep all over them!

15:16 to play.

Regan holding strong against some BU chances.

You definitely call the game better as it goes on, Dan. Bravo.

A bit of back and forth now. And a broken play results in a tie goal with a no call as Craig Switzer was pushed into Kevin Regan.

2-2 with 9:47 to play.

Now 4-1 Providence and 3-2 BC.

Unfortunately it seems like more listless play by the 'Cats where they are sending a lot of pucks on net but are not creating and driving for real scoring chances.

4-3 Vermont and

KEVIN KAPSTAD - I'M TELLING YOU! The whole team needs to switch ends! His is the kind of play that the whole team needs!

An end to end rush by KEVIN KAPSTAD!!!

3-2 'Cats! Kapstad(3) 6:18

Joe Andrews tries to help the Terriers some more with a quick penalty on our 'Cats - Switzer for tripping at 14:01

Just about 5 minutes to play.

5-3 Vermont.


More help from Andrews for the Terriers - vanRiemsdyk for slashing with 3:35 as the BU diving team steps in to help what is supposed to be a hockey team.

5-1 Providence as they put the whip to the Huskies.

Full-Strength with 1:32 to go!

Fight for it boys!

Empty net.

Matt Fornataro from the Wildcat defensive zone!

4-2 'Cats! Fornataro(8) 19:17


Go 'Cats!

Lowell falls to Minnesota-Duluth with National Rankings at stake. Northeastern is defeated by a surging Providence Friars team who I predicted would be stronger than most this year. Umass drops it's fifth straight that started with two in a row to our 'Cats as Vermont edges them 5-4. Northeastern has only won one in it's last four, going 1-2-1.

In this game BU was 1-for-6 on the powerplay; our 'Cats, just 1-for-2. Yup, that's right, just TWO powerplays to BU's SIX!

Go 'Cats!

Tonight's Roster



The Blueline


In Net

Kevin Regan

Pre Pre-game

Just a couple options for catching tonight's 'Blue-Out the Whitt' as the Boston University Terriers come to town hoping to continue the backward match-up between our teams.

So, you can head to Durham (there may still be tickets but I would call first if you don't already have them), you can buy the webcast (not recommended) or you can tune in for the good ol' radio broadcast/webcast.

Links for all three can be found to the right.

I'll be back to add this blog to the list game observation options shortly before game time.

Go 'Cats!


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