Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Answering Nature's Call

I believe that I have enough information to relieve any of the more speculatory rumors concerning the arrest of Mike Radja.

Numerous rumors have surfaced but the most credible has arisen from multiple sources and seems borne out by the facts.

As University of Denver blogger, dggoddard, had most strongly pointed to this story involves a stuck elevator in the building and at the time in question. By most accounts there were eight people who became trapped in that elevator for more than an hour and a half. During that time various reports assert that it became impossible for a few of the occupants to refrain from answering nature's call and their subsequent actions resulted in the arrest of T.J. Oshie and Mike Radja.

A call to the Grand Forks, North Dakota fire department (some mighty nice people by the sound) has provided that the GFFD did in fact respond to a stuck elevator at 100 North Third St. at the very time in question.

The speculative actions that took place are also said to have been caught on video tape and it would seem that Mr. Oshie and Mr. Radja were upright in taking responsibility for their actions. This will most likely become clear after the trial on Wednesday, January 16th.

All told, I believe this to be the most accurate synopsis of the events that took place, given the circumstantial evidence and cohesive recounting, but of course everyone will make up their own mind. I'll save any further comment of the situation for any details or facts released following their trial.


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