Monday, December 10, 2007

We're All Behind You, Captain *Senior CLASS Nominee*

Forget that I ever doubted the leadership of Matt Fornataro!

The title-linked Fosters article captures the salient words of our Captain, words that cannot be uttered by anyone less than the most valiant of leaders.

To Matt, my apologies for ever doubting you. Here's a quick note to Matt:

Matt! Don't be so hard on yourself man, what else can you do? The team's fitness seems beyond reproach and you're leading the team in scoring! But listen to you! Spoken like a true leader. And I think you're on the right path so let's hope the guys get behind you and follow. The only advice that I can offer if the guys won't get behind you is to check out a couple leadership books. They're invaluable in all walks of life and can really improve the leadership of anyone but those who are pure born leaders.

I'm with you Captain!

Keep your head up and your stick on the ice!

*And congratulations on your Lowe's Senior CLASS Award Nomination!!!

Go 'Cats!


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